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Get people under 18 ride motorcycle?

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Started: 8/15/2018 Category: Cars
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Many children die cause they ride motorcycle. So we won't get them ride motorcycle


So what you are saying is that people shouldn"t be allowed to ride motorcycels because it is dangerous.

Motorcycle riders are more likely to be injured in a crash, That it why it is required by law to wear approved helmets and other safety clothing. It is possible to lower the risk of injuries from a vehicle crash if the laws may be slightly stricter but banning the use of them for anyone under 18 would not solve the problem.

Mopeds are classified as motorcycles; the top speed is usually 50kph (30mph) so there isn"t any risk of a high speed crash. Dirt bikes are also classified as motorcycles. Does this mean we should ban motorcross tracks for anyone under 18?
Debate Round No. 1


However, There isn't confirmation that you could should the motorcycle. According to statistics, There are many deaths from motorcycles every year. And even if you can ride a motorcycle. But to ride it, You need to buy it. It makes it difficult for parents to buy it for you. The gas and maintenance costs. Especially if everyone is driving a motorbike, It will increase the number of vehicles, Make both air and noise pollutions. Most importantly, Many children who drive a lot of motorcycles will have a group and many group have do the bad things. Would you say that you have never heard of them before?


Motorcycle fatalities relate to 15% of all vehicle related fatalities in the United States every year. We both know that any fatalities are bad, But we should not ban the use of motorcycles.

In my very few years of riding, All close calls I have had are due to another vehicle at fault. If we actually taught car drivers how to drive safely then that would reduce the number of both motorcycle and car accidents.

"Many children who drive a lot of motorcycles will have a group and many group have do the bad things. "

So your reason for banning youths from riding motorcycles is because of bikie gangs. The motorcycle in this gang isn"t the deciding factor in any of the "bad things" the group will do. If the group wanted to do these bad things, They are going to do it wether or not they had access to a motorcycle.
Debate Round No. 2


Beyond Accident Risk The combination of doing bad things. There is one that we shouldn't let children under 18 years to ride a motorcycle. It's respect and sympathy for parents. I do not know what kind of motorcycle that you have. The store itself or ask the parents buy money. It would be due to family and family righteousness, But what happens if you think someone should be the one to regret? You are the only one who has to feel guilty until the day that them die, And ask themself why do I do that?


"It's respect and sympathy for parents. " That is one reason young people should not own a motorcycle? What about the people who bought their motorcycle with their own money? Changing the rules would remove their choices.

Allowing people under 18 to at least have access to a moped would allow them transportation to and from school, Work, Or any other activities such as a sporting event. They would not have to rely on their parents which would give them a sence of independence.

What I understood from your last sentences was that the parents would feel guilty if their son/daughter was to crash on their motorcycle. This argument is valid for any vehicle; even pedestrians are at risk of fatal injuries.

It is all about allowing the users an opportunity, Not to ruin it for others because of a minority.

(Good luck in your school debate. I hope any statements I have made help you in any way)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Hikar 3 years ago
This topic started because my teacher wanted us to debate this topic and I was the opposition. I've got this debate going on bc I need some strange ideas from where I think. And how should I respond if proposer asks me in this debate? And I thank you form my heart for helping me out this time. I know it's not a good way to do but I really want some help to find out of this predicament. So if you have anything to recommend me, Please introduce me.
Posted by Brendo 3 years ago
Just wanted to clarify that I am out on a camping trip so I am sorry if I take a long time to post a new argument.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

You sound like a caveman. . . XD
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