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God Is Real

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Started: 12/24/2019 Category: Religion
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Why God is Real

I. The Cosmological Argument

This argument is one of the best evidence for the existence of God. This argument is divided into three steps.

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause;

2. The universe began to exist;

3. Therefore, The universe has a cause

The first premise is quite simple. Everything that we see now has a cause. Something can come out of nothing. The Universe is an observable object you can see, Feel and even be apart of. The Universe is comprised of atoms like a horse or a book. These observable objects did not just pop out of nowhere. Now, This does not apply to God as he is supernatural in the Bible. Natural observable objects can come out of nowhere. Name one thing, It came from somewhere. It has to be God.

Next, The universe began to exist is a true statement. It had to start from somewhere. If the universe never began to exist then the prior events in the universe would be infinite. However, An infinite number of events can not happen. Infinity is a number that means forever or ongoing forever. But we can never get the “infinitieth” division of the universe if prior events always happened. That would be an actual infinite ac would be compared to something like numbers which is a stark contrast to events in the universe. There is an illustration of how the “infinitieth” division of events in the universe is impossible.

Hilbert first invites us to imagine an ordinary hotel with a finite number of rooms. Suppose, Furthermore, That all the rooms are full. If a new guest shows up at the desk asking for a room, The manager says, “Sorry, All the rooms are full, ” and that’s the end of the story.

But now, Says Hilbert, Let’s imagine a hotel with an infinite number of rooms and let’s suppose once again that all the rooms are full. This fact must be clearly appreciated. There is not a single vacancy throughout the entire infinite hotel; every room already has a flesh-and-blood person in it. Now suppose a new guest shows up at the front desk, Asking for a room. “No problem, ” says the manager. He moves the person who was staying in room #1 into room #2, The person who was staying in room #2 into room #3, The person who was staying in room #3 into room #4, And so on to infinity. As a result of these room changes, Room #1 now becomes vacant, And the new guest gratefully checks in. But before he arrived, All the rooms were already full!

It gets worse! Let’s now suppose, Hilbert says that an infinity of new guests shows up at the front desk, Asking for rooms. “No problem, No problem! ” says the manager. He moves the person who was staying in room #1 into room #2, The person who was staying in room #2 into room #4, The person who was staying in room #3 into room #6, Each time moving the person into the room number twice his own. Since any number multiplied by two is an even number, All the guests wind up in even-numbered rooms. As a result, All the odd-numbered rooms become vacant, And the infinity of new guests is easily accommodated. In fact, The manager could do this an infinite number of times and always accommodate infinitely more guests. And yet, Before they arrived, All the rooms were already full!

Hilbert’s Hotel is absurd. Since nothing hangs on the illustration involving a hotel, The argument can be generalized to show that the existence of an actually infinite number of things is absurd. The second premise is true.

This argument is summed up in three steps:

1. An actual infinite cannot exist.

2. An infinite temporal regress of events is an actual infinite.

3. Therefore an infinite temporal regress of events cannot exist.

One more piece of evidence for the second premise is that the expansion of the universe proves that the universe can not be infinitely present. An equation to represent this is time + space = expansion. Time=∞, Than expansion, Must =∞. If one variable of the equation is infinity, Then the end result has to be infinity. With infinite time stretching forever, The expansion must be stretching for infinite measures. However, We can observe the expansion of the universe and prove it is not infinite. There are limits to the expansion which would be impossible if the universe was infinite. We could not observe expansion because in a state of cosmic expansion throughout each history cannot be infinite in the past but must have a beginning.

Finally, If you put the two premises together, It is very obvious that God created the universe. The universe had to have a cause. However that cause had to also have a cause, Then it becomes an infinite loop of observable objects creating things. God is a supernatural being and a necessary being that needs to exist in order for a possible world to exist. Cosmological laws do not bend him and his spirit. He is the creator of the universe, The only explanation points towards it. {LINK}

II. The Teleological Argument

The world is full of great examples of how complicated and articulated it is. From Math, Science, And the Bible itself. The remarkable laws of nature can not be a coincidence. This argument is explained in three steps:

1. If God does not exist, The articulated design of the Earth is a coincidence

2. The articulatory way of the Earth and the laws of nature are not a coincidence.

3. Therefore, God exists

The first premise is easy to spot. There are plenty of examples of how articulated the world and even the universe is. First, It is remarkable how mathematics is such a useful tool in science. Mathematical structures run the physical world even though math is not physical. How can this be? Well complex mathematical ideas like imaginary numbers, Tensor calculus, And Hilbert space don’t have much to do with the physical world. Even if the physical world must be mathematical, That doesn’t explain why the particular complex math we use works in describing the physical world. ‘The great book of nature, ’ wrote Galileo, ‘is written in mathematical language. ’{LINK}

For example, Animals inherit three methods of symmetry in nature. Mathematics explains three ways of symmetry too. It lines up. The Fibonacci Sequence, A mathematical concept, Is seen in nature all over the place. The sequence can be translated into a spiral and reflects the spiral of sunflowers and even hurricanes. Then, The mathematical concept of fractals where the only way an infinite number can have a perimeter is seen all around nature. From tree and plant branches and leaves, Our neuron systems in our brains, And even our coastlines, Fractals are everywhere in nature like it’s a mathematical constant design of Earth. Last, Animals in nature are remarkably made to make mathematical shapes and symmetrical figures like spider cobwebs and animal hexagon bee hives. {LINK}

So to conclude this point, If mathematical concepts just based on numbers are built into nature, Math can’t explain it, We can’t explain the coincidence, The only answer is God making these laws and it not being a coincidence. Math is also present in the Bible, But that is a different topic.

Next, One of the obvious complex designs we see in the universe is the fine-tuning of our solar system. The universe is designed in a way for us to live to make it hard to be a coincidence. For example, The ratio of electron to proton mass is 1:1836. If the number was any larger or smaller, Molecules could not form and the universe would not exist. It is incredibly lucky that the mass of protons and electrons could form molecules in the universe. Or simply, God exists. In fact, Almost everything we see in the universe points to the existence of God:

1. Carbon and oxygen nuclei have finely tuned energy levels.

2. Electromagnetic and gravitational forces are finely tuned, So the right kind of star can be stable.

3. Our sun is the right color. If it was redder or bluer, The photosynthetic response would be weaker.

4. Our sun is also the right mass. If it was larger, Its brightness would change too quickly and there would be too much high energy radiation. If it was smaller, The range of planetary distances able to support life would be too narrow; the right distance would be so close to the star that tidal forces would disrupt the planet’s rotational period. UV radiation would also be inadequate for photosynthesis.

5. The earth’s distance from the sun is crucial for a stable water cycle. Too far away, And most water would freeze; too close and most water would boil.

6. The earth’s gravity, Axial tilt, Rotation period, Magnetic field, Crust thickness, Oxygen/nitrogen ratio, Carbon dioxide, Water vapor, And ozone levels are just right.

Last, Remarkably the sun is 400 times larger than the moon and 400 times farther away from the moon. So the moon and the sun appear almost the exact same in the sky of Earth. This is why solar and lunar eclipses exist. To conclude, The very precise measurements of what makes life compatible and what makes the universe exists are remarkably close, Precise and consistent. Is this really a coincidence? No, There is no fundamental way to explain this, Except that a supernatural being fine-tuned the universe. {LINK}

For the second premise, There is no way that these exceptional patterns in our universe and Earth can be coincidences. Simply because there is no way to explain these things. Every single one of these life-tuning facts in the universe is built for us. No atheist or scientist can really explain these phenomenons. Not one explanation was found. However, God has an answer in the Bible and it is true. And then third, This proves God is real. Another irrefutable piece of evidence that proves God is real.

III. The Ontological Argument

The third argument for God, A philosophical argument, Is the Ontological Argument first written up by Saint Anselm in the 11th Century. It follows like this:

1. It is possible that a maximally great being exists.

2. If it is possible that a maximally great being exists, Then a maximally great exists in some possible world.

3. If a maximally great exists in some possible world, Then it exists in every possible world.

4. If a maximally great being exists in every possible world, Then it exists in the actual world.

5. If a maximally great exists in the actual world, Then a maximally great being exists.

6. Therefore, A maximally great being exists.

This argument is very simple and true. If an MGB(Maximally Great Being) could exist, Then an MGB would have to exist because it is maximally great. The MGB here is God. Let’s go through this argument with each premise.

First, It is certainly possible that an MGB could exist. An MGB would have to be all-knowing, All-powerful and morally perfect. However, Only a maximally great being could exist instead of a maximally great pizza for example because it is an object and objects have no intrinsic value to rank it whether it is great or not. With a being who has a soul and a state of mind, We can conclude that it is maximally great. It is the greatest being ever. Next, If it is possible that an MGB exists then it has to be in a possible world. A possible world meaning any other world that includes different things that are logically coherent. A unicorn or a leprechaun exists in a possible world because it could exist. However, A Married Bachelor or a circle does not have pi as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

We know an MGB could exist and is logically coherent, Then it has to exist in every possible world. To illustrate this, Let’s say we have 100 possible worlds. It is better to be in 56 of those 100 possible worlds than 14. It is better to be in more possible worlds than not. So, A maximally great being would have to maximally great in the fact that it exists in every possible world. Now, If God existed in every possible world, It would logically follow that God, An MGB, Would exist in the actual world. Finally, If God existed in the actual world, It would exist now. God exists.

God is then defined as a necessary being then. In Philosophy, There are 3 different types of beings:



GOD is a JOKE. . . A human fabricated COMIC BOOK BOZO. . . A no show jackass that never existed except in the imagination of
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VAMPIRE that acts like one!

GOD is a JOKE. . . Just like YOU. . . . FOOL. . . .
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Posted by 1leroy 2 years ago
If you see a picture you assume designer, When you see a truck you assume designer, When you see a deer you see a designer.
Posted by Dr.Franklin 2 years ago
copy and paste duh
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
Frankie baby doesn't get that its conversation completely falls apart when it doesn't mention "which god". And no god is required to do any of the things that Frankie baby boys candlelit dinner granny farts arguments, In which he cannot explain, Because it is in no possible way smort, Sorry, Smart enough to, Burn tire treads on his good ole rubber ducky bottom. Now that he and I are grand friends and truly hate Donald rubber cement glued to his a$$ broiled s--t for food Trump because it has so much in common with his false god Trump, Easily the worst president of all time, He can take a snooze on his pecker while it sprouts a funeral for his garden of eden for where his scrotum soda will become defunct along with his pastie bra and twirlie bird copter that he has on top of his beanie to help him think between 1 and -1. That's what gives his gingerbreed a hardoff.
Posted by Dr.Franklin 2 years ago
Posted by Dr.Franklin 2 years ago
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