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God exists

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Started: 2/20/2020 Category: Religion
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Life required an intelligent creator to come into existence.


Well which god? And then why only one god? Why not thousands, Millions, Billions, Quadrillions of gods? Or the very best bet is why not no god(s)? After all no god is and or was needed and or was required to have created the known universe and or life in which nobody can prove as of yet either way. And then naturally since nobody has ever proven any god from any religion in the entire existence of the human race, Naturally the B. O. P. Would be for you to prove that any god exists. AND since this is true, Since you are making the claim, You would be required to test, Demonstrate that your god(s) exists, And then assert that your god exists and then declare that your god exists in which case YOU cannot do. Then once that's done you would be required to submit your findings to at least one scientific community from around the world that would have nothing to do with theism (after all cannot be biased in any possible way) so that they will not laugh you right out of their building(s) and of course give you a passing grade. Then if all of those steps have been exercised and conveyed, Then its possible through argumentative and rather a stale review that a god "might" possibly exist. Um nope. Why? Because no god has properly been defined. How can a god properly be defined if there is no evidence for any god? Especially under any rulership? Of course, That would only possibly be true if any god from any religion would demonstrate its existence and stop playing an idiotic game of hide-n-go-seek and thus turn believability into reality while still answering the question "why believe? " But of course, YOU'D have to follow the rules as set before you by the long since dead rulebooks, In which in no possible way can you that were written by idiots who sane people no longer pay little if any attention to and have moved on with their proper lives because no true god would ever be stupid enough, Not ever, Not for any reason to use text, Namely your bible/ quran/ book of mormon/ Maya codexes or whatever, As a form of communication, The absolute worst form of communication TO A GOD(s) for any religion when this god, If true, Can simply talk to all of man and let him know what is expected of it because a BOOK is NOT evidence, Nor is FAITH evidence. A true god would ultimately know this. This god if a true god would show up in person. Harmonious, Beautiful, Peaceful. No hate. No evil in which it ultimately shows especially through the christian bible/ torah and the quran. This supposed god if true would also eliminate all suffering from everyone and everything, Especially among children, So that there would be no horrific intense pain. Certainly not what the s--t bible or what the quran represents. You might want to read it sometime. Nah.

You mention life. Really? Who says a "god"/ "creator" MUST have had to have created life? Well you can X out a "god" because all that is required to do is google "what is needed to create life? " and the answer pops up "Requirements for Life. Life as we know it requires biogenic elements, A source of energy, Liquid water, And a suitable, Reasonably stable environment for evolution to take place" Granted, "liquid water" is no longer a requirement as a place like Titan, Saturn's moon has lakes of liquid methane, So POOF, Life could easily exist there. Man hasn't even scratched the surface of an atom as compared to the big bang as far as places where life can possibly exist.

"Assume that we have no answer. Then the answer is "I don"t know". The answer isn"t "I can"t think of anything better, Therefore a god did it. ""Matt Dillahunty He's right.
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Posted by missmedic 1 year ago
scientist and mathematician prove negatives all the time
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
"The Contender argues using a illogical construct:"
A god is illogical from any religion. Especially one of hate. Especially one that hates and murders babies, Children and pregnant mothers (abortions) such as what is the storybook character unproven god of print only.
"One cannot prove anything by its negation, "
Well golllyyyyyyy nobody has ever proved a god. Not too bright.
"Imagine two rooms sharing one wall with a closed door in that wall. "
If you were in that room with another person and were to agree with exactly what you were to say, Think, Breathe and dream, You would still manage to find fault with that person.
"Darkness is the absence of light, Not the substance of nothing. "
It is known that there are supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies. Some of them are 40 billion times the mass of the sun. There are an estimated 125 billion galaxies in the known universe. Some say there are trillions of galaxies in the known universe. Regardless, There have not been 125 billion humans ---ever--- in the entire existence of planet earth. Now what are black holes? Nothingness? Nope, Not at all. Without black holes you and I would not be here as they control galaxies and their shapes and sizes. They also have an intense superpower and can warp time. In other words, Your unproven storybook character god of print only cares more, By far, And it's not even a close call for black holes that it does for man. Have a nice day!
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
The Contender argues using a illogical construct: proof of the non-existence of God by using proof of a negative idea. One cannot prove anything by its negation, Because proof of a negative is, Itself, Impossible to make. The argument of a negative is expressed well in the following logic problem:
Imagine two rooms sharing one wall with a closed door in that wall. One room is fully illuminated, And the other is completely dark. Now, Open the door. Which room's condition will invade the other? The light room will always send photons, The least common denominator of light, Into the dark room. The dark room casn send nothing into the light room because there are no least common denominators of darkness. Darkness is the absence of light, Not the substance of nothing.
Posted by Crypt_19 1 year ago
"they had PSYCHOTIC OLD TIBAL MALES desperate for power and control. . . And invented a GOD to get
it! "

I highly disagree with this statement, As what do they gain out of it? People have less incentive to commit murder or rape? Doesn't sound like power or control to me merely an ordered society.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 1 year ago
"GOD" exists? Absolutely. . . . G for GENIUS. . . . . . O for OF. . . . . . D for DECEPTION. . .

GOD = the human GENIUS OF DECEPTION to invent a PUPPET SUPER BEING that has no physical presence,
is NEVER available to guide his human creation, And there are so many of them. . Which GOD is GOD?

NONE. . . All are Comic Book garbage of an early age. . . They did not have BATMAN, SUPERMAN, The AVENGERS
+++ they had PSYCHOTIC OLD TIBAL MALES desperate for power and control. . . And invented a GOD to get

GOD is a human fabricated HOAX. . . . Until ONE just ONE! Actually makes itself visible to all HUMANITY
YOU can FLUSH GOD down a TOILET and FORGET. . . Like a TV show that has become boring. . Just change
the chanel. . .
Posted by missmedic 1 year ago
Gods, As perfect beings, Need nothing. They have no deficits. Praying is pointless because God knows everything and if God is perfectly good and just, Then our prayers asking it to help others are pointless: God will help those that deserve it without or without our persuasive attempts. Praying is for ourselves and is essentially a self-help psychology disguised as religious behaviour. Also as God is everywhere it doesn't need us to go to specific places to do specific things: religious buildings are also purely a facet of human relations, Not divine requirement. Intelligent humans realized this long ago - Aristodemus and Socrates in the 4th century BCE discuss that the idea of the divine is "too exalted to need worship". The reason we do so are social. God can tell us anything we need to know, And if there are things we need to know, A perfectly good-god would tell us directly. Therefore evangelism is pointless, Merely a social exercise that feeds the ego of the evangelists. God doesn't need prophets such as Jesus, Muhammad, Or magical tricks such as the Resurrection, To tell the world what it wants the world to know. If it is good for us to know something, God would tell everyone instantly and clearly, Not via 3rd-party magical tricks and public relations stunts. God, As all-powerful and the facilitator of our personalities and consciousness, Does not need the operation of "souls" in order to preserve us after death. All these things can only be believed in by those who don't understand that God(s), If they exist, Are perfect beings. If you strip away all the nonsense from god-belief, The result is called deism, Which is the belief in God but without religion. Deism is the most sensible form of god-belief. We should reject all worship of the gods because as perfect beings they were in need of nothing. The idea of God is pretty much incompatible with all religious dogma and practice.
Posted by missmedic 1 year ago
If pro is right and life requires an intelligent creator then it could never be the christian god.
The christian god has to many descriptive failings, Contradictions and limiting attributes to be any kind of creator god.
To believe God created this world is to go against the character of an immutable God, Because that means he changed his mind from being the sole being of existence to many beings of existence.
If god is immutable, He never changes, Then how can he change his mind and create.
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