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Going to MARS is a good idea?

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Started: 11/15/2019 Category: Science
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IF we can able to build a small society in MARS we will have so many advantage in long run.

First life on earth is so fragile there are number of real scenarios exist which can wipe out life on earth. So having a mars colony will reduce that risk.
Second MARS could become a lunching platform to explore for more habitable planet and we don"t have to worry about over population if we manage to find a suitable planet
Third Mars colony comes with so much challenges which could help us to look for new technology and it will open up a new business industry (which is already on the way) this will help boom the economy in longer run.
Fourth By moving different planet we could one day able to meet a advanced civilization which could help our civilization to grow really fast.


1st id like to say thank you for the debate, An interesting topic will be discussed.
I personally don't think Mars is a good idea because there is no Need. It would cost billions maybe trillions of dollars just to send someone up there. Also its just not reasonable. People have died just trying to get to the moon, Because of that, Why would we try to go to mars.
People are bound to make mistakes, Because of this there will be death, Or a error in the engine. And nobody wants to die trying to get to mars. We have our own problems on earth to worry about. Also because people have never inhabited another planet, There no experience, Nothing grows on mars, Or the moon for that matter, Not natural resources. It seems illogical on many fronts. And above all, The weather is a lot different in mars than in america, And the oxygen, Heat levels, Its just dangerous and not worth it.
Debate Round No. 1


1st statement is a personal opinion which I respect, Now about the trillion dollar question, When Columbus sale across the Atlantic he was funded by the crown in Spain, Many voyage in the past like Marco polo take to find an alternative sea route to India is all was expansive. And in the end if you look at the long term benefits All those countries who invested money for such risky travels got paid of many times of their investment. They find new land, New business opportunity and lot more. So spending money on Mars is not that bad investment and of course we have to think in terms of not short term but long term.
Again going back to our Artic exploration or people who explore Australia or Africa, Many has lost their life even on earth in the name of exploration. Many ppl die in climbing mount Everest but that never stop the human sprit taking heavy risk for their exploration and there are thousands of ppl who gladly take this chance to go and explore. But compare to past we have computer simulations, We have advance technology on our side which can greatly reduce the risk but I totally agree that it is risky but when we cross the road there is a risk of an accident.
Again we have very powerful super computer which can simulate how an engine perform in hostile conditions. And we can reduce the human error with help of AI and computers. Remember we able to land on moon with a machine which has same processing capacity than a modern day calculator.
Yes, Earth has many issues, Problem etc but as spices we have to look beyond that as most of the technology we use now is developed by defense sector for fighting war now for eg/ Nuke power plant is powering up many hospitals, Many homes and radio isotope is used for cancer treatment but when it was developed it was not the first intention. So my point is by going to mars we will able to solve many issues here on earth, We can create new space industry, We can use the technology use in mars here on earth to take care of our nature. The battery technology or rover technology or automation or robotic or medical treatment. Plus all the research we can do in Mars will able to help ppl on earth with finding cure on disease or building more effective power source etc.
Mars has natural resource everything other than vacuum is a natural resource we just need to figure out its usage and able to develop techs to do it cheap.
Mars is a hostile place for life eventually we can make it habitable using terraforming the planet but that is a long term goal now it is all about going there and having a base outside Earth so if something happen here on Earth we will have a small hope or chance of survival.


Here is what is wrong with your argument (the basics of it). All the examples you use of new are in earth. You obviously can't name an example of people going on other planets and benefiting (physically) anything out of it. I actually don't have a problem with going to mars, But living, Colonizing there or producing anything there I think is wrong. The earth was made for living things. Its the only place in the universe that has living things on it. And its for a good reason. Other planet were not made for the living.
If there was a planet, Just one that is 100 percent compatible with humans beside earth, Than I would support you in colonizing, But there is no such planet. So I would especially not go to mars because its not naturally compatible. Here is a good concept, The majority of things unnatural have a consequence. Like cars, Chemicals (unnaturally of course, Food (diabetes) and other things. I'm solely talking physical (God is for another day). . . . You said a lot in your response which is good, But a lot of it was repetitive, Ranging from Columbus to other exploration things. But Mars is just not a good comparison with it, Because its not natural like the rest.
Another thing, Because we no so little about mars, It would not be wise to go there now, Especially in the next couple centuries.
Debate Round No. 2


I use the example of Earth because during that time the land or place we went was like mars. Let me explain when we went Everest we didn"t had modern equipment or any clue what we were doing same with most of the journeys or exploration we made all that time we had no idea where we are actually going, What we find and our equipment was always inferior. Compare to that we know a lot of Mars we know the atmosphere, We know the terrain, We know a lot more than let say Christopher Columbus knows about America (he thought he reach India). Basically we are doing similar thing but yes there are technical challenges for that but the human spirit, Passion and result is going to be same as in the past.
We human as species doesn"t exist if we haven"t fought the nature, Let me explain this point, Nature is a hostile place for humans we got disease, Natural calamities etc but every day we are fighting nature for our survival. We are covering our babies with cloths we are providing them vaccine, Medicine etc and we make sure even the weak one survive. So the argument that Earth is built for humans or life is not 100% right as we know if we don"t protect our self from the cold or heat we die. Nature is not like a entity who consciously choose something. If we look at our past single cell organs existed on earth for millions of years before that there was no life either. So my point is Mars nature is different than earth and we will use our brain to overcome what nature throws at us same like here on Earth. Now no one is talking about force colonization and I personally don"t think it won"t happen for a long time. But ppl will move to Mars maybe in 100yrs or so once it become safe and economical we humans tend to migrate. We have found few planets which can support life but the problem is we cannot get there with our current technology and space travel is like small baby steps we need to figure out lot of stuff and Mars mission will be so crucial for our future space exploration. (its just a baby step) Just give you a small idea Alpha Centauri our closet planet system is 4. 3 light years away.
Even if I take your argument we go there at later point we still have to figure out lot of stuff to go there and after moon landing we simply stop going to space mainly because we didn"t find any need for it but because we don"t know the future where what will happen when AI become conscious or an unknown disease wipe out humans or life or a world war 3 with nukes this all are extinction level threat which happened in the past at the time of Dinosaurs many species has been wiped out before. So we should have a back plan which could have given us a small ray of hope. I know that means if that happen we may not save all the people or life but a small spark is enough so that we could ignite life again at some were else.


Where is there life besides earth, You will probably say ' there is, Just have found it yet" if that is the case The I will say when we do, Ill completely change my Point. Obviously the earth is not perfect, But its definitely inhabitable. What different between inhabiting Mars is nature. We as humans need nature to survive. Rivers, Oceans, Animals, Good weather. But unlike earth, We have to ONLY fight against nature on mars, We cannot use it for our own benefit because of the lack of it.

What you clearly believe is that humans "happened" to be on earth where is "happened" to be perfectly livable, Which "happened" to be the only place life exist in the universe. That argument, Is bad because of the gaps it leans towards chance to much, No purpose only chance, Only intelligent design could keep this on its axis perfectly, Or have people with the brains to overcome challenges. So in this case, I simply believe Mars is another problem for another day, Because 1, Humans still have plenty of natural resources, 2 people are thriving now more than they have in the past 20 centuries and now we want to leave. Just simply not a valid argument if you do not ask me.

The issue is not merely getting space object to mars, Its also actually LIVING THERE. Humans will never be able to inhabit a planet (including mars) unless we have technology. Which means it will mean living there will be purely an unnatural experience, Because were can even use nature for our own benefit, Because it will kill us almost instantly.

Mars has the largest dust storms in the solar system
Mars Carbon dioxide in the is is nearly completely depleted of oxygen, And purely carbon dioxide by about 95 percent
The air there is toxic, Winter degrees get to nearly minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit on average
Minus 80 degrees on on normal Fahrenheit
The the warmest place on mars is too hot averaging 140 degrees on the equator

And that is the nicer planet scientist can find. That means 100 percent living in suits, Isolated buildings, Extremely limited supply of natural resources. Nearly 0 oxygen, Which means shipped from earth. None in their right mind would go there safely, Let alone colonization.

I enjoyed this debate, I hope You have a blessed career and A blessed Life.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mecha72 2 years ago
I am inclined to believe both of you howver I am inclnde to belive in the con more resons for my decision are that what would you acomplish by building a mars coloney next to othing because on mars its a barren wastland with little to no recources and how about if the following scenario occurred a crop failed it would be over and everyone would starve to death because a single trip to mars takes 8 months dwell on that 8 months lastly thank you for a most intriguing debate and have a good day
Posted by richarddaniel 2 years ago
Humans formed 200, 000 yrs ago we started farming around 10BC or first kingdoms around 6000BC so basically in less than 10, 000yrs we reached here and we are planning to go to mars with in next 10yrs. The development or growth rate is going really fast. For eg/ it took years for humans to reach from post mail to telephone probably 100s of years we use post mail but then telephone to mobile was so fast it all happened in last 20-30yrs so the way we use technology and the way humans" innovation is happening is so fast so if we survive without any major issue for another 100yrs what we are using now look so ancient and it will feel like how we see ancient Egypt. So in 1000yrs we might not even imagine where humans will be if manage to sustain our progress in 100, 000yrs we might have supercomputers which will be small like our atoms. So If we survive another 1000yrs we will able to move from our milky way galaxy to other galaxy or in 100, 000yrs we might be moving from one multidimensional being. So in 3billion if earth and mars get collided maybe our future generation might use their technology to prevent it and might use that technology to preserve our galaxy as we do it like in Museum so maybe future generation can come and visit earth.
Posted by IsaiahWood 2 years ago
don't believe everything you here. . . . Expecially from the scientific community
Posted by RandomStudent123 2 years ago
In 3 billion years, Earth is going to collide into mars with the moon sandwiched in between. Where to next captain?
https://www. Dailymail. Co. Uk/sciencetech/article-1192274/Earth-collide-Mars-wobble-solar-system. Html
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