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Going vegetarian is the key to saving the Earth.

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Started: 10/4/2019 Category: Society
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1 hamburger = 100 showers (use of water); https://www. Simply-live-consciously. Com/english/food-environment/1-burger-3000-l-of-water/.
The Amazon forest was burnt down for cattle grazing lands(Amazon forest provides 20% of the Earths oxygen)
51% of greenhouse gases are emitted from the manufacturing of burger patties.

If this is the results of eating meat, Wouldn't it be a better Earth if we all went vegetarian?

All nutrients can be found from a plant-based diet.


I disagree with your contention.
The title just makes it too easy to slam this argument down. How can going vegetarian be "THE" key. That implies that there are no other solutions? What about exterminating humans altogether.
It is also vague. What exactly are you trying to save? The status quo, Not the earth? The planet has faced numerous global catastrophe's, Ice ages etc. Its still here, Alive and kicking. Once we have done our very best to destroy the current life on our planet, We will be of the first living beings to perish. All the small, The microbial, The bacterial life will just kick off on their evolutionary processes again and with in a few million years, Earth would have completely forgotten about us as a blimp in its history.
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