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Started: 2/6/2020 Category: Economics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Homework is an assignment that you do after school. Some people say homework is a good practice, And other people say homework is a waste of time.

Do you know that 56/100 of student get stressed out by homework!

homework can rob your time, Your fun, And your social time. According to "is homework necessary" it says that homework is a waste of time. Other people might say homework can make you smart, But you can watch YouTube and you can learn and be smart. If there is a much funnier way to learn why not use the funnier way to learn?

Homework can take away sleeping time https://www. 1dental. Com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Students-Sleeping-Habits-Pie-Chart-1. Jpg

Said it said 67/100 of student only sleep for 5-7H/N. 53/100 of them say they did not get enough sleep. And 61/100 of them say that homework stops them from sleeping. Other people might say you don"t need to sleep too much, But 5-7H/N is way too less. So that why homework is bad for you.

homework is stressful my evidence is https://qph. Fs. Quoracdn. Net/main-qimg-826231fa52a98028c5957e65823c5aaf. Webp

It said most stress comes from homework that is a lot of stress, Homework can be the reason that some kids don"t like coming to school. Also is your time, Your work, And your pencil, The teacher has no control over it.


1. Homework teaches your child responsibility at an early age, So that he/she grows up to be a responsible human being

2. You're right about homework not being fun. However, Great things come at a cost. One cannot expect to become good at anything without putting in the hours toward their craft. Whether it is in regards to becoming a doctor and saving lives one day, One must put in the hours of studying their way to excellence. Or, If one chooses to pursue the path in words/becoming an author they must put in the hours dedicated to, You guessed it, Writing. . .

3. You talk about homework as this "one thing" that robs everyone of their valuable time as if it wouldn't be wasted on something else such as the internet or social media. Apart from the point, This debate isn't about the internet or social media or technology, But about homework being nonefficient and that there are other ways, "funner" ways to learn such as watching videos on youtube (which requires an uploader i. E. , Someone who is willing to put in the hours into their craft for the Sole Purpose of helping people who think homework is nonefficient. Therefore, First, Before anything else, One must somehow change the school curriculum completely by taking away old school methods of learning i. E. , Homework for something entirely the opposite -> watching videos.

4. The question is, Why not apply both the visuals and written aspects of learning so that everyone benefits?

5. Lastly, I believe by doing homework, It allows one to learn new skills and from learning those skills they are able to learn another and so on.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by luanism 1 year ago
I forgot to include into the last part of point #3 is that it would be very difficult/impossible to change the entire learning curriculum and substitute it for something entirely the opposite of what it already is such as YouTube Only or No Homework At All - only fun & games, Or watch movies all day like in the movie Super Bad.
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