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I am a genius

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Started: 8/25/2019 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I genuinely think that I am a genius. I am very similar to most geniuses in a variety of ways, For example I am introverted and have very left wing views (there seems to be a political bell curve associated with intelligence, All the absolute greatest minds of history such as Tesla and Einstein are some variation of far-left socialist. There is a similar bell curve in relation to social behaviour, Most geniuses are introverted if not downright autistic). I am not good at math however, I am more of an outside the box thinking type of genius that sees the world in ways normal humans can't. My talents lie in writing-based artforms such as poetry and lyricism and in the way that I think philosophically and scientifically.


Hello CraneTechnique,

While this argument is pointless, It is still a good experiment and learning opportunity for me. First I see my very own traits in that description, I think we think a like if your argument is true. Even If those traits are true, You may not be a genius, But are for sure a unique person. While everyone is unique there are some more then others, Like having a Socrates mind set Which is something I have. I will add you to my friends list, But I came here to argue, So that is what I am going to do.

Intelligence has ambiguity in how you define it. I like to think it as 3 different possible groups. One, Your Biological nature, Memory, Learning ability, Things like that that are biological to your nature. Two, Is your potential, As in what you could be capable of accomplishing, Which is separate from whether you are willing to do it at all even if you could. Three, What you are willing to do, Your ability to "take hits" is my analogy.

In a nutshell, If you have the memory, The ability to understand complex things, And the willingness to pursue those things, That defines your potential. What you already know is also intellect, The knowledge you currently have. Traits like attention to detail and other little things like that make your potential greater is biological, Not wits, But what you have in store, What tools you have access too in your memory gives you an advantage. The ability to make money is not a sign of intelligence, I am not saying you think that.

Thinking proactively is another part of intelligence. Which is a trait one unlocks as they understand more about the universe. Making the right decision not because it feels good but because it is right and benefits you most in the long run.

As for geniuses in the past like Einstein, Smart people usually believe in what makes sense, What is testable, What can be proven. You don't necessarily have to be a math wizard or a left wing socialist. A trait of a genius is the willingness to say "I don't know" and then hold on to that as inspiration to find the answer, And a way to prove it right. What ever the theory. Don't just say it is god, Saying it is god ruins motivation, Shuts you down. That is why, No offense, Religious people get know where. If god is the reason for everything, What is the point of intellect. What is the point of thinking ahead and finding all the possibilities. What a priest tells you never helps you graduate. Believe in god is not helpful, As you can't interact with the knowledge because there is no logic. Logic is the explaining of things with known rules of the universe and humanity. God ruins that philosophy. Geniuses succeed because logic works, Not god.

Rival causes are things we should consider. If you are having trouble absorbing information, And we blame it on a learning disability, But then you notice you are actually skinny. It may be you are not fueling your body enough nutrition to fuel your brain functions. To unlock your full potential you must be the healthiest and happiest you can be.

To help stay happy, Imagine a future you would like to see your self in. A simple fantasy of saying hello to a nice person that turns out to be a valuable friend ship. You imagine sitting and eating dinner with your new friends and family, That brings joy to you. Then you think, I wish everyone could be as accepting and nice as these people. Then you wan't to make it so, So you take steps to make others happier and teach them good things. Or maybe anything like curing cancer and thinking "I wish it was possible" that should motivate you to pursue that desire, That passion, That new knowledge you wan't to give the world so you have a legacy to leave behind, Something everyone else thought impossible. Cure to cancer, Revolutionary new technology you might make, Or some new discovery in astrophysics, And so on.

These are all my words, No plagiarism, I swear it. Anyways, In conclusion, If you know you have,

1. The ability to understand comprehend, And remember complex topics and concepts
2. The willingness to work hard, And solve complex issues
3. The ability to make the right decisions that give maximum benefit for what you are doing
4. Enough knowledge to navigate life, Make the most of your time, Comprehend what is best of humanity in terms of political and non-political subjects, And to put your self on the path of discovering something new for humanity,

Then Yes, I would say you are a down right genius.

This argument can't really have a winner, I can't argue for or against your intelligence as I do not know you. It is like trying t argue about an issue I know nothing about. So if you do not have all of the above qualities, Whether or not you say you do, It is safe to say you are not a genius not matter what the vote is, But may still be relatively smarter than your peers. If you are just tossing this argument into the wind to see how someone might respond, Here you go. If you are not smart you have learned a lot, If you already objectively a genius then but can't argue for it, You may lose the argument, But are still a genius. So you can't really lose anything here other then a loss on your record, Yet gain a lot by getting all of this knowledge I have given you.

What is your thoughts on the true definition of intellect?
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