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Is Dumbledore from Harry Potter better than Gandalf from Lord of the Rings?

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Started: 5/6/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
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Dumbledore is better


Better at what?
Debate Round No. 1


Dumbledore is a better wizard, A better man. If the two fought, Dumbledore would win.



Pro gives a very concise and subjective appraisal of the situation, That completely lacks evidence.

I would suggest that Middle Earth wizardry is far more powerful and aggressive.
I think that Dumbledore would be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the challenges that Middle Earth would present.
5 minutes battling Nazgul or Balrog and Dumbledore would be a goner.
Unceasing hours on the back of Shadowfax and then into battle with Orcan armies, Hand to hand fighting.
Traipsing about in mountain blizzards with only a thin hooded cowl and sandals for protection.
And all that pipe smoking would be no good for Dumbledore's health either.
For sure; Dumbledore just wouldn't be able to cope.

Let's face it:
Hogwarts would be like a holiday camp in comparison. An opportunity for Gandalf to put his feet up and take it easy for a while.
Debate Round No. 2


If Gandalf and Dumbledore fought, Dumbledore would win. Dumbledore is not only the master of the elder wand, But he also is Death, As mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Gandalf is impressive, But he never faces the threat of another wizard who is better that him, Because he faces creatures. Hogwarts may seem like a little camp out compared to middle earth, But Hogwarts is not where the main action is until the ending of the harry potter series. Voldemort is a bigger threat than anything middle earth has to offer. Voldemort can't be killed unless first, You find out about his secret with horcruxes, Second, You find them each, And third you find a way to get rid of them all. To add some more pressure, While doing this, Dumbledore was under the threat that Voldemort would come back, And attempt to take over the world. Dumbledore is constantly dealing with threats. He watches over Hogwarts, Harry, Himself, Tries to find horcruxes, And is also making a brilliant plan to kill Voldemort. Face it Gandalf can't do that.


Actually; when you strip it all back to comparative plots, Both sets of tales have an extremely similar formats. As do most supernatural fantasy stories.

Good versus Evil.
Dumbledore and Gandalf.
Voldemort and Sauron. (Though Gandalf also had Saruman to contend with as well)
Horcruxes and Rings.
Harry and Frodo. (And their close friends)

It's not just that Gandalf has to be a proficient wizard. At the same time he also has to find the energy to be a proficient swordsman and horseman. He must also have the courage to regularly battle supernatural beasts and vast armies.
I just think that Dumbledore would be totally out of his depth in Middle Earth.

But let's also be respectful of honest wizardry.
Dumbledore and Gandalf would never consider coming to blows would they?
It would go against all their principles of righteousness. They would surely stand together in the fight against evil.

Hail Gandalf and Hail Dumbledore! Wizards of honour.
Debate Round No. 3
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