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Is Lord of The Rings better than Game of Thrones? (TV only)

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Started: 5/17/2017 Category: TV
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Debating Period
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First of all, I wanna say that ive never read any of the books about any of the 2 universes. I prefer just prefer AGOT. Firstly, i think that the story has more different characters with more differences between them. In that way, i think that you can relate more to them. Also, the story doesnt focus only on 1 side of the oponents (the good guys). Everything becomes predictable the more you watch LOTR. (Im going to go more in-depth with my arguments in round 2)


I'll start with saying that I have never seen of read GOT, so of course this is biased. I do realize it has a large following and will do my best to show that LOTR is in fact better. I may not be able to change your mind, but I sure can try. I will refrain from using the books, or else this would be a landslide victory. LOTR is a classic trilogy that will remain a ground breaker in cinematic history. Yes, it had great CGI and an amazing soundtrack, but what really hit hard was the story and characters. There may not be as diverse a cast as GOT, but what we did get were amazing characters that you got to know throughout each movie. For three years, you follow this innocent Hobbit, who you can empathize with at some degree, who is thrust into adventure with a cast of characters that all have an interesting story behind them. The bond between them may not be great in FOTR, but TTT really builds up their connections, and then you get a wonderful payoff, both emotionally and thematically, that really ties it together.

The story is also a classic that has been replicated for decades. Even G.R.R. Martin was inspired by Tolkien. The world is so fleshed out with languages, maps, history, and the classic good and evil that is the backbone of any good story. These days are plagued by movies trying to make the bad guys good. Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy are great examples. Downright bad people are made to be people to look up to in these films. Those are just two though in the vast array of making villains good. LOTR is an escape from that world, giving you good vs evil with a good amount of twists and turns.

Is LOTR perfect? Not the movies, but they are, in my opinion, significantly better than GOT.
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Posted by SuperSith89 5 years ago
What50, while I agree Gollum is great, he isn't what I refer to. I'm talking about making the bad guys role models. Making Rocket Raccoon (a foul mouthed, murderer, and thief) a person who you want to root for if what I'm saying. I think making bad guys look good is fine, as in making them really fleshed out, but not you wanting them to succeed.
Posted by What50 5 years ago
Nothing wrong making the bad guys look good. They just have to do it good. In Lord of The Rings Smeagol is a great villain in LOTR. He is a morally gray character in my opinion.
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