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Is Polictical Correctness Good or Bad?

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Started: 3/29/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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PC - Political Correctness
Political Correctness has split America apart and limited are freedom of speech. Society is telling us what to say and what to do. Let's say I wanted to say something a group of people would find offensive but I do not care what happens, I would be hated on from everyone who believes in PC. I would like for everyone to be equal, Not to be treated differently in any way, This means making sure someone doesn't get offended by my opinion, Is protecting them because they feel offended by it. If I felt offended by something I wouldn't want someone to defend me and attack the person who indirectly hurt the offended person. It is not society's job to protect you when someone says something you don't like, It's your own.


I will counter this argument by stating that freedom of speech protects individuals from your speech being limited by the government by way of laws. Free speech does not protect an individual from criticism. Society telling us what to say and what to do isn"t a law or hard and fast rule suggesting that you physically cannot say certain things, It is more of a guideline suggesting what types of content society may find inflammatory.

A person"s ability to criticize someone on a public forum is itself a manifestation of free speech. In order for everyone to be equal as you say, The people offended by a post must be just as empowered to voice their opinions as the author of the original content was empowered to write it. Any author of "offensive" content shouldn"t be protected from criticism, Regardless of who would or would not find it offensive.
Debate Round No. 1


What I'm trying to say is that society shouldn't try to create their own rules for what people can say. I can get hated down upon just because of something I said just because it's against the rules of PC. PC causes hate toward certain groups of people just because they aren't a minority. Just because I'm a straight white male, I'm hated on and not listened to. While a black woman could be praised for saying the same thing. It's like reverse racism. Isn't PC supposed to prevent inequality? Not shift the blame onto the non-minority?
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