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Is Super-rich survivalism repugnant?

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Started: 7/2/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Can super-rich survivalists ever thrive without the working man?

I've created an infographic:

https://www. Loanable. Com/blog/survival-of-the-richest-how-the-worlds-financial-elite-are-preparing-for-armageddon

And I'd be interested to hear which of these, Strategies, If any, Could work in practice in the event of armageddon


I feel that the idea you have in mind is very narrow minded, And you don't really understand how lets say the CEO of a farming company works. How you have written your starting statement shows your standpoint. "Can super-rich survivalists ever thrive without the working man? " This implies a mentality that you believe the only "real" and acceptable work for a man in physical labor. You fail to realise that the CEO's of farming companies, Though they may not work in the fields like their employees, They do things like advertising, Working on the exportation of the crops, Making sure the places they are exporting to are stable and good for their money. Unless you speak of an armageddon where this is the last human alive, Then yes, This strategy will continue to exist as it has since the beginning of society.
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Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Eh, Just rich preppers. Though I suppose some people might think they ought be spending more effort to prevent a end of the world crisis. As for the working man, Still exists, Just in a different form then we're used to.
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