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Is cheer a sport? Not highschool-allstar cheer.

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Started: 10/24/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes, All-star cheer is a sport. Do you know how many people think it's not a sport, Well they don't know what Allstar even is? All-Star cheerleading is a competition sport that involves boys and girls performing a 2 minute and 30-second routine composed of tumbling, Stunting, Pyramids, Dance, And cheer segments. It's fast. An example of a routine is https://youtu. Be/9wm_-F7ABJc. You also have to be on time. You continue a lot and must be sharper. It's not like high school cheer when you yell, There is no team. You also have to lift people in the sky without having people fall. No pom-poms either.


Sport definition----an activity where a person, Either alone or with agreed-upon cooperation from others, Use what is known as hand to eye coordination and muscle memory to enact upon a wholly independent external force in such a way, Utilizing one's body or a tool that's an extension of the body, That the independent external force is propelled towards a predetermined "goal" or objective.

If a person were to take a baseball, Walk into the middle of a street, Throw the baseball as far as they could down the street without a particular "target" as an objective one would not be involved in a "sport". However, They would be involved in building strength in particular muscles that are applicable to the sport of baseball and/or other activities.
Contrast that to the same scenario with the addition of a garbage can laying on its side at the end of the street. If a person was then with forethought attempting to throw the ball into the can they would then be participating in an aspect of the sport baseball. (Trash can in this instance takes place of an individual known as "catcher at homeplate")

If pro rejects my definition of what is a "sport" I must disqualify myself.
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