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Is markelle fultz a bust/

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Started: 5/11/2018 Category: Sports
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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YES he is a bust but u know what imma let my oppenent go first to hear this sh**


Listen, Markelle has not yet become a great player, does that make him a bust? Of course not. The man has been in the NBA for one season! A season, I might add, in which he was injured for all but 5 ish weeks of. I do not claim that he is a great player, but he has the potential to fix his form and become great. We simply cannot judge him yet.
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Posted by WillBCool 4 years ago
I saw your previous debate with the incompetent person before your current foe. Automatically assumed it was the incompetent one, sorry. I believe that he won't be an NBA legend but he will be a worse version of Jason Kidd. I might be biased as a 76ers fan though.
Posted by WillBCool 4 years ago
Actually, I already saw and commented on that debate, if you are interested in debating that subject with a competent foe just say the world.
Posted by Nd2400 4 years ago
Here a debate you two might be interested in.

It was actually a good debate. At least i think so.. Tell me what you guys think.... And if you wanna vote on it please do so...
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