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Is mayonnaise an instrument?

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Started: 11/18/2019 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Mayonnaise is an instrument


Mayo is not an instrument.

My opening argument will be that mayo is not meant for playing as an instrument. It will be sh*t too at making sound consider most sound is absorbed.

Can mayo still make music? Yeah, If u are desperate. But keep in mind it is not an actual instrument. Non-instruments like buckets and even toothbrushes can produce organised sound, But it is designed to be eaten as its invention, Not to be played.

If I use my Algebra textbook to sleep, Am I using as a pillow? Yes. Can It be used as one? Yes. Is it though? Nope. If those millenials plays mayonnaise, Can it be used as one? Yes. Is it one? No. Algebra textbooks are meant to carry knowledge, Not meant to be pressured physically by a student's head.

The playing of Mayo, As its reaction is described as an innovation instead of utter skill. No historical arguments state that it is an instrument, Nor is it revived. It is just made instrument and that is all.
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Well, When you squirt it from the container it makes a funny noise :|


It makes a funny noise, And that is it.

Alarm clocks also make alarming noises, But who the hell use alarm clocks for their college normal-uncreative-classical-composing recital?

It should be noted that everything can make the organised sound we call music. It depend on the user, Not whatever the theoretical probability is. Banging on the window can make sick beats, As well as clicking pens can make calming beats.

But an instrument is something adapted to make musical sounds. Mayo, At this time, Is only coincidentally used for music, And while, Still remain unchanged of the fact Mayo is produced to be eaten.

You may ask, A carrot recorder is an instrument. Well yes. It can be eaten, Yes. It is an instrument, Yes. It is specifically engineered to make sound.
Mayo on the other hand, Is not. Its production method remains unchanged: to be eaten. If you make a Mayo Didgeridoo, Then it is for playing, Obviously. But saying mayo is an instrument is like saying Earth is an instrument. Earth is to be lived on, Not to make sound, Even though the thing made of its lithosphere is to make sound.
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