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Is pettiness overemphasized?

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Started: 3/28/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe pettiness is very overemphasized. I'm not saying it's nonexistent, I'm saying that people assume certain people are petty and rude, When in reality, There actually very nice and fun to be around. I recently made the cheer team at my high school as a freshman, And one of my friends said to me "So are you going to be super petty and ignorant now? " This got me thinking; Why is it such a huge stereotype that all dancers and cheer leaders are petty? Some of us may be, But most of us are not. I believe that pettiness is very overemphasized, Especially with certain groups of people.


I make no blanket claim about cheerleaders.

I wouldn't say that it's overemphasized. Pettiness is a very undesirable and impractical trait. People who genuinely have this trait tend not to play well with others and they will likely only attract petty friends. This all comes down to our evolutionary disposition to fair play. Pettiness is functionally identical to a negative fair play reaction. The offended party will generally be jealous or bitter about something about their target.

While certain groups of people may receive stereotypes. The truth is that group mentality often leads to pettiness. Groups tend to play games with each other without realizing it and while these games seem normal within a group, An outsider looking in might think of it as rude. I try to avoid the word rude because it's a subjective word and doesn't add much to the argument.

The topic is a bit laser focused, So that's about all I can say on the subject.

Your floor.
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Posted by melcharaz 3 years ago
its a stereotype situation where the victims of pettiness often guard themselves against the potential of it. Many behaviors and cliques have aggravated the stereotypes in school. But i say, That we should assume nothing of anyone and let their actions determine what they are/think.
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