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Is the digital world a dangerous world?

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Started: 11/3/2019 Category: Technology
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is the digital world a dangerous world or not for society and nature?


I believe that the digital world is dangerous because of all the online bullying, And the trends, Like the blue whale challange, And the momo challenge, Thst purposefully try to harm innocent children, Who are more vulnerable, And teens, Who are suffering, And want a distraction from that. Also, Posts make some teens, Feel bad about themselves, Like their physical appearance, And their body image.
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Posted by lisarussel06 2 years ago
Well, Digital world has certainly simplified our lives. But, If it will be misused, It can be disastrous. So we should use it moderately.
Posted by Brendo 2 years ago
It can be dangerous if used the wrong way.
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