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Israeli/Arab Conflict Rap Battle

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Started: 6/7/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This will be a rap battle in which each debater argues from the PoV of one of the players in this conflict. I will be arguing for the Arab side, while my opponent will be arguing for the Israeli side.

Judges are to take into account both aesthetics and the merit of any points raised when making their decisions.

First round is for acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


A land without a people for a people without a land
A wartorn, weary nation sought a home in barren sand.
They made the desert bloom
Peace denied by Khartoum,
Assailed on all fronts; threats always loom.
A brave little nation, caught against the sea,
Fighting for a people fleeing inhumanity
At least that's how the story goes:
Noble spirits versus implacable foes.
The joyous homecoming of a people cast aside
Beating back an inhuman, hostile tide.

But willful blindness can hide so many facts:
When the Jews were without a home, how did my people act?
Jerusalem in ruin, it's people expelled.
Umar marvelled at the ruin he beheld.
He called this city's people to its freshly broken gates
throwing them open, he invited these expatriates
for the first time in centuries to walk their city's ways,
denied to them for generations, for their refusal to obey.

Ever a safe haven for the abused,
Our empires have nurtured the oppressed, the diffused.
It was on our shores that Judaism flourished
Even as, in Europe, it struggled, malnourished
So in our darkest hour, how were we repaid?
Our people are expelled, our, leaders betrayed.
Western powers who divided Arab land
Drew an all too hasty line in the sand.
A Jewish state was founded, out of their 'charity'
Which meant the exile of our people for their majority.

They war is portrayed as offensive,
Our aims as expansive.
But war is never avoided,
just postponed to our disadvantage.
In our fight to have an oppressor disbanded,
We are cast as assailants of a heritage.

This narrative is prevalent,
Omnipresent, yet fraudulent.
The land was not without a people:
The explanation's oversimple.


I'd like to thank Skep, so throw your hands up to say yep, to this debate master,
He's breaking it down, cuz he aint no clown, let's get this debate rollin' but faster.
My man sets the stage, for this battle we wage, with the typical narrative tale,
My people fleeing, your people being, good luck, we will see who will prevail.

Either narrative extreme, is just a false dream, no truth from one or the others,
Neither the emply land, nor the welcoming hand, as though we were welcome like brothers.
Yes it was preffered, to the outright deterred, but it was far from anything sufficient,
Take what you allow, to survive and just bow, anyone wants something a bit less deficient.

Let me be clear, for any confusion I fear, you are correct about the nature of then,
But you can't expect, with all due respect, for us just to worry about the inevitable when.
Europe has significant guilt, but it is not uniquely built, for opression knows no nation,
It should be apparent, as it never is errant, to seek out and find ones salvation.

Again I realize, since it's needless to theorize, this factual notion of how it once was,
But it wasn't all great, and let's keep that straight, but does it matter? Yes it does.
Freedom of self-determination, of non-discrimination, should be everyones dream,
Free to improve ones station, to build a new foundation, however unlikely it may seem.

The world is flawed, often built on silent lies and overt fraud, but it is where we are,
Controlled by the corrupt, truth tranished as abrupt, so can salvation really be going too far?
Not where we belong? Don't get me wrong, but this is how you presented this for viewing,
I know it's not nice, but the world just rolls the dice, and we know when it is worth pursuing.

A world divided by whoever inevitably will, fight against it and still, this is how this will be,
Everyone given their piece, but only I should cease, since I'm just unlucky enough to be me?
You can take your ideals, your uniquely oppressive appeals, apply them to everyone remaining,
Because I am not fooled, to being the last one who is ruled, while you insist that I keep abstaining.

Poor choices are made, by countries who have certainly betrayed, but I am not the one you envision,
An opportunity for safety, still not built then too hasty, how could I possibly regret my decision?
No longer a victim, by this simple dictum, declared by a world of guilt that finally understands,
Yes there are those lost, but this is no unique cost, unless you lement your perpetuated demands.

Obfuscate to perpetuate, complicate just to propagate, the status quo will just remain,
Don't hesitate to decimate, relegate to segregate, If that is your agenda to maintain.
Elevate hate just to detonate, celebrate why you devestate, should I be conceding?
Dedicate to renovate, educate and regulate, because it wont be succeeding.

An established country stolen and taken, that is just as mistaken, as any narrative lie,
My people just rolling through, like it's the thing to do, and lies lacking an explanation for why.
I don't mean to strawman the story, I'm not in this for the glory, just to set the record straight,
Coexistance is no illusion, unless you maintain your delusion, but know that it's already too late.

Yes I agree, for we can all see, the simple falsehood of that basic and wrong explanation,
It's oversimple you are right, it ignores two sides of the plight, in the building of a nation,
But that can't ever absolve, or give any answer to solve, what is the past, present, and future of we,
No it wasn't void of people here, that much is clear, but neither is it yours, from the river to the sea.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent's finesse deserves applause,
but the ultimate justification is flawed:
Why is he in the right when he displaces
in a world filled with uprooted races?

By what criteria is the permissibility weighed?
When the conflict arises, who receives aid?
The aggressors, or the defenders in every case?
If so, then any borders can be erased.

So, where does the right arise?
Is this land just a tournament prize?
And, if it's an adornment for the strong,
Then there's no question of right or wrong.

History does not justify this occupation,
There's nothing at the root, no ultimate causation.
When the naked truth is that might makes right,
Why debase and dismiss our fight?

So long as our people remain barred from their lands
as we are faced with bigotted reprimands,
so long this state is based on ethnic majority,
there will never be peace, healing, and amity.

Peace can be accomplished through the destruction of a regime,
which relies on ethnic identity as a central theme.

Destruction of a people is not a goal.
We seek the shattering of that people's control.
We fight for an equal share of determination,
in what ought to be a unified nation.


I'd like to thank my opponent, a competent proponent, so let's keep this moving,
He's making his case, on the nature of this place, but I'm uncertain what he is proving,
Is it that I am bad, maybe that I should feel sad, that the world is fine with removing,
Perhaps I should lament, that his will is unbent, in a realization that it wont be improving.

One isn't simply right, whenever they win a fight, they have just simply won,
You can continue to ignore, that situation for more, but then it will never be done.
Am I intended to refrain, because you want me to abstain, should I turn now and run?
In a world that's unfair, it will always be there, for a perfect solution, there always is none.

To believe your dichotomy, I would need a lobotomy, it's not simply aggressor versus defender,
Conflict can always create, all the excuses needed for hate, and be the catalyst for the situation to render,
There was no state, that was forced to abate, no country uprooted, replaced with a pretender,
But that's what you see, when you are looking at me, and you philosophically will ask for surrender.

The sovereign defines the border, and it's like any other order, determined by the appropriate side,
But you'd have us believe, in any way that one can deceive, that nature should be the one to decide.
Any group can create that illusion, that it has a reasonable delusion, even if is just foolish pride,
But that's not reality, and in that there's no morality, and this is the nonsense that I have defied.

And yet you invoke history, within that there is no mystery, you have no possible ground,
Throughout all of existence, it has forever maintained persistence, in claims that are sound.
Ownership is historically defined in victory, not by something contradictory, and so it's been bound.
But you'd like to conceive, something else to believe, that second place is whom should be crowned.

So don't invoke the past, as something that we should contrast, since it will always favor my position,
Unless you want to uproot, every other place of former dispute, though perhaps that is in fact your real mission.
But it is ironic to be clear, because every other place you hold dear, would certainly then need new partition.
Though I understand, this is just you showing your hand, Its just your particular hypocrisy - the Jewish edition.

I dismiss your fight because it just isn't right, I should take flight because I might feel your bite?
I should consider your plight because I withhold the light? Restore your sight or endure the long night.
At the risk of a slight, I mock your position in delight, your claim is greater because I might be more white?
Sit tight with the shite you are always forthright to incite, and I'll continue to mock that which will always be trite.

You are only barred as long as that simple fact you discard, you will never celebrate the day we are defeated,
Our will is unbending, it's establishment unending, it's foolish that this could ever need to be repeated.
The instigators are pathetic, to those you subjugate I'm sympathetic, as they are the ones who are cheated.
The issue has been settled, regardless of who here has meddled, the establishment has already been completed.

Your demands are a nonstarter, so find a better way to be a martyr, because I will not concede to my demise,
The reprimands are reasonable, to demands that are unfeasible, because I will not die for anyone that tries.
I'll concede to many mistakes, this is true of all life and death stakes, so there are plenty of reasons to chastise.
But to sacrifice any and every women, child or man, within your perpetuated refugee plan, is clearly unwise.

No one is seeking your destruction, there's no basis for that deduction, do you think that's something I couldn't achieve?
The world says so hyperbolic, regardless of how false and vitriolic, it's not something anyone reasonable could really believe.
You have your equal determination, you have chosen endless battle as vocation, and that is why you will always grieve.
You can choose to be productive, but will lose this plan to be destructive, regardless of whom you've been able to deceive.

For fifty years you have lost, and that is the ultimate cost, of this plan that only ends with the lack of my nation,
Subjugate to perpetuate, infuriate while you propagate, the means to an end that only leads to all your frustration.
You can tend to genuine need, while the innocent are ignored while they plead, cast to poverty and starvation.
But 1 percent is too much, and so it will continue as such, no peace and no future for you that has declared this damnation.
Debate Round No. 3


Skepsikyma forfeited this round.


That concludes the debate, with this particular fate, in such a way it has ended.
I hope a time will be realized, in a world idealized, where all hostility is suspended,
I hope you enjoyed this rap, now I'll go take a nap, and hope no one was offended.
Have a nice day, I've got nothing left to say, aside from all arguments extended.

I'd like to thank my opponent, and everyone who read this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by SamStevens 6 years ago
These are some sick beats that I could tip toe to when I walk down the street but I can't since I tripped on my feet since I did not eat my meat because I choked on a Max's downbeat as he commanded skep's prickly heat until skep's prickly heat was forced to take a back seat because it realized that it was incomplete; word.
Posted by Yassine 6 years ago
- NICE! Skep made better points, & airmax better verses.
Posted by AngelofDeath 6 years ago
this is much lol'ing
Posted by Skepsikyma 6 years ago
Thanks Max, and sorry about the last round. A storm knocked my power out, and I couldn't finish it.
Posted by tejretics 6 years ago
@Diqiucun - you could add it to your favorites.
Posted by Diqiucun_Cunmin 6 years ago
What Annie said. Commenting to receive email notifications on the debate.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 6 years ago
Oh baby this gun be good
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by whiteflame 6 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Pro's raps and argument were overly simplistic, painting a picture of the conflict as being very black and white. Con managed to show, both through better rapping and argumentation, that the conflict is the result of far more complexity and the situation not so stark as Pro stated. Most importantly, he managed to show why that means I should side with him, which pulled me over to his side.
Vote Placed by 1Historygenius 6 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: I liked Con's raps better. Seemed more concise to me.

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