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Its time to put down ALL guns and believe in peace! No one needs a gun. Not ever. Not for any reason

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Started: 2/17/2020 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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* There can be no worldwide peace with guns and weapons of superior firepower in it.

* Guns have absolutely no use except to maim, Kill, Cause pain, Splatter guts, And cause horrific grief.

* It is time to do the right and the correct and only thing to do which is to put guns down forever. This includes ---everybody--- all at once, For ---everybody--- to put down their guns and take a step back and believe in peace and not violence and hate in which ALL guns are.

* Guns are NOT weapons of peace. So prove that guns ARE weapons of peace especially when they, Like the AK47 are created for only ONE PURPOSE - to kill people.

* Guns are weapons of hate, Violence, Bloodshed, War, Pain, Destruction, Murder, Grief, Horror, Suffering etc.

* There is nothing good about guns. Nothing.

Give 3 examples in each of the 5 rounds why a gun is needed. AND EXPLAIN to---the---letter why a gun is needed?

Be Clear, Concise, And accurate.

* No one under the age of 20 will be allowed to accept this debate. Why? These are ADULT issues. For those in your teens, You do not have the ability in any possible way to grasp the damage, The psychological terror of what guns are UNLESS (let me repeat) UNLESS you've experienced first hand what guns have done unto you or can do in which case you would take the Pro side especially if you've seen guts spilled out from your best friend or a loved one.
Btw, Don't be stupid and pretend you are someone you are not. People who lie, Cheat and steal are very easily found out. Not a good idea.

* Oh and btw, Do not be an atom as compared to the big bang and use an old, Outdated CDC completely debunked in several different ways CDC report on guns because this would only show how utterly stupid, Unintelligent, Uneducated you are and what you have also done is in no proper way done any research whatsoever. So you will have automatically forfeited this debate.

Dsjpk5 is disqualified from the voting procedures as he tries to pretend he's god and thus change the voting structure of who wins and loses here on DDO.


Hello backwardseden. I will be arguing in favor of us retaining possession of firearms. Yes I am below the age of 20, But many people above the age of 20 have not experienced the "terror' of guns either, So here I am.

Yes, Guns are used in ways that you have described, But they are more than that. Guns are used more for self defense, Especially in the civilian populace. Even if we all put down our guns, People would still find a way to get guns illegally. Also, Violence would still go on, Per reality. My family owns guns. Have we ever tried to use them to bring terror to others? Never, Nor have we ever considered it. We appreciate and respect the power of guns, And recognize the fact that these are both saviors and destroyers. It all depends on the person behind the gun.

Guns have a purpose beyond to "maim" and cause "horrific grief. " For one, Self defense. I am NOT taking my chances in hand to hand combat against a knife. I'm pulling out a gun. Secondly, Many people use it as a way to put food on that table i. E. Hunting. Bows and arrows are not as realiable nore ahve the same kill power, And traps don't always work/animals may not go in them.

Your turn. May the best win
Debate Round No. 1


"Guns are used more for self defense" Um no guns are NOT in any possible way used "MORE" for self defense. It's not even a close call. This is why I truly HATE debating totally moronic teeny boppers like you, And I am thus not going to here, Who have no absolutely no clue as to what the f--k they are squawking about because in no possible way have they done their research AT ALL and instead have to make up excuses and or flat out lie for something in which they clearly know nothing about.
AND you even support Donald outhouse manure spread toilet rabid rabbi stool pigeon rump sticky rump roast that he has for his cabbage batbrain, Easily, Without question, The worst president of all time, Who supports guns and war, Thus supports innocent deaths, Which obviously means that thing that sits in the big white barn, Supports YOUR death for absolutely no reason because it will do nothing about guns. Well, There's nothing it can offer of legitimate triumph because once again YOU have done absolutely no research AND you guess.
I truly have no time for pure guesswork. WE---ARE---DONE. Bye.


Wow. Name-calling. So original. I am so insulted ahhh. Your insults SOMEHOW make me less credible. This is a debate site not a place for insecure people like you to rant to whoever on the internet.

I will acknowledge the fact that yes, Guns are not used in self-defense as much as for malevolent intentions. Listen here though. According to the National Victimization Survey, Three-fourths of victims, When using guns in self-defense, Used them to respond to violent crimes. The other fourth used it for things such as theft, Burglary, Or motor vehicle theft. 931, 000 crimes were committed using guns, And 83, 000 were countered by self-defense guns. That means that 9% of gun crimes were countered by people using guns for self-defense. 83, 000 lives were saved by legal guns. Sure you can say "What about the other 848, 000 lives, But more would be dead WITHOUT guns for self-defense. People will always find ways to get guns illegally. Taking away legal guns makes it that much harder to defend against gun crimes.

Let's try to keep ourselves from insulting? I haven't done anything to you, Let's keep things civil as ALL debates should be
Debate Round No. 2


Wow. You know what sparky? Guess what? I read what you printed for RD2. Which means that for RD1 you didn't know what the f--k you were talking about. And for RD2 you provided absolutely no links for anything to be verified. Why Of course, Naturally. What can one imbecile, Such as yourself expect? You REALLY expect me to be civil? This is why I HATE debating with teeny boppers like you is because YOU GOD DAMNED EDUMACATION LEVELS and PREPAREDNESS are so pathetically low, Like a supernova burning a tree stump. If you cannot come on in here, And or anywhere else even talking to your genuine friends and loved ones because if you don't they WILL GO bye bye in nanoseconds, Prepared for the simplest of things, Then why bother wasting my or anyone's precious and valued time in which case is far far far more and ---always--- will be more important than yours because it is YOU are the one that accepted the debate. Not the other way around. So you'd better know what you are squawking about in order to prove it wrong and or even carry on with the simplest of conversations in which case you clearly are totally unable to. Got it? And if you don't, Tough luck.
Now you give me one god, And it better be good, Damned reason why I should continue with this debate?

Now you think of all the super fatal flaws of that whatever idiocy that you presented by the numbers factor alone.
In order for this debate to continue you WILL post in the next RD so that each question requires some kind of response in order for this debate to continue.
Oh and btw, A small helpful hint: I know that you know that in no possible way do you have all of the information in your brain, Nor can you look them up properly, To the questions just listed below to answer them correctly because you already went out on a limb incorrectly with that motherload of bile. So a small suggestion DO NOT B. S. ME. So if you do not know, You can save face by saying "I don't know" which is something you cannot say for your idiotic pathetic neanderthal christ religion in which you have absolutely no evidence for the truth of any kind, Especially it's lead characters of god and christ's existence. And yet you support guns. Really? Guns are all about war and destruction in which they were invented for. Your unproven god and christ are "supposed" to be about peace and love. But if you read your bible, In which case you clearly haven't, It's not, And they are not about that at all.
1. Who wrote the report?
2. How many were involved in composing the report?
3. Where did the report come from? - the exact link. If you cannot post it, Don't even bother with RD3.
4. Pay attention to the exact numbers and discover how stupid it is. Now only how stupid, But how impossible.
5. When was the report posted/ created?
6. Over time, How long was the report gathered?
7. How many people were interviewed to get this information especially the numbers you presented in RD2? If you cannot come up with this information, Do not even bother with RD3.
8. How was these interviews conducted? In other words, How were the interviews of the mass information collected? Was it through the phone, Computer, Door to door. . . How was it collected?
9. Then once that was done how was all of this information put together and formulated?

Again, ALL answers require an answer. If you do not know, Then you say "I don't know". If you B. S. Me and I will know = a very bad idea.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TopNotch101 1 year ago
I'm very sorry for missing my round for this debate, I was dealing with some personal stuff over the weekend and didn't have the time to construct a good rebuttal. My apologies
Posted by TopNotch101 1 year ago
No dip I've debated him before
Posted by Saltc 1 year ago
lol he's mad
Posted by TopNotch101 1 year ago
You ever heard of Nixon?
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
@mall - Mmmm. Not quite because there's the inner-city gun violence that takes place here in this country with the deaths and injuries of so so so many, And it's also so needless, That does not take place in any other developed country on earth. So it would be a peace treaty here in this country first and foremost, Then other countries also. But first that f--king piece of s--t in the big white barn who is as useless as a battery acid pie to the face Donald rump t**ty milk toiletries stud muffin wig Trump, Easily the worst president of all time, It's an absolute requirement for it to leave office.
Posted by mall 1 year ago
So the debate is actually about it being possible for a world wide peace treaty.
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