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Jesus exists

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Started: 1/30/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Well, Jesus exists. You may call him a brainless lunatic, But even if christianity is false, It doesn't stop him being existent. You don't call Donald Trump nonexistent because he exists through proof. Even if he is a bad president.


Yes, Jesus did exist once and he may be long gone but his path will forever guide the world in the direction of right and save u from doing wrongs and following his path will always help a person in understanding the life and way to spend your time on earth peacefully and purposefully. His path will always guide show direction to a lost person. So, Neither is he brainless nor lunatic. If he would have been alive he would stop the people from doing wrong to others and would have shown them the direction to peace and love.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Jesus's dead body was preserved still to this day. As that humans cannot destroy matter, Even if Jesus was burned to ashes, His ashes still build up to "Jesus".

2. There are still people called Jesus, Even in non-christian countries.

Can you refute ANY of these 2 points? You have to refute BOTH to win.


My friend, These are two different points and both of them have nothing to do with the argument.

1. For your first point. I would say that people do believe that Jesus' body is buried in a tomb in Jerusalem. Which dates back to 1700 years old. Even if its a mortal remains of Jesus. It does not prove the existence of immortal Jesus.

2. For your second point. I would say that people do name themselves Gandhi in order to remember that great man that once lived and in order to propagate their ideas and many of friends have names Mohammed and ram and this only shows their faith in god nothing more than that.

And in order for you get back on a meaningful argument, I would like you to remind that argument was about whether Jesus exists and by Jesus, A sane person will always think of the Bible Jesus.
Jesus died long before you were born Child.
Debate Round No. 2


1. What do you define as "Jesus"? I have stated that everything is pretty much immortal, Since NOTHING, Ever, Has destroyed matter on planet earth, Let alone the holy corpse. If my great-grandfather's ashes exists, That means he technically still exists in this world, Just not as a living organism anymore. You could say that a wind turbine is recycled from a tin can, And yes, This specific part of wind turbine SPECIFICALLY made from the remains from a can of a good ol' mountain dew could eventually compose mountain dew again. So if you collect everything that has sputtered out from Jesus, And organize it in the shapes of a human, It is Jesus. It doesn't mean it is impossible. Just too worthless to collect every cell sputtered into the air then recompose it.

2. A sane person would think that Jesus is the being in the Bible. Great. Did I ever say in a sane person's perspective? No I said in ANY perspective. If you can prove that there are absolutely NO one named Jesus, Then you win.

Does Einstein's brain exist? Yes, In jars. In jars, Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, Consider you can put it back as a brain. Your logic is as if I broke a porcelain cup into 3 shards, None of them can be the cup. Yes, None of them may be the cup, But the original cup still exists through these 3 shards. And Jesus may not be the old Jesus of the Bible, But he still exist as a husk with some dead cells floating in the thin air.


My friend the logic u stated of the almighty existence is a little bit distorted.

1) I believe the human body is a biological machine and if u remove parts of a machine or If the machine parts are destroyed u may say that the machine exists but the machine does not work anymore. So it's of no use or u may say for a person that he is dead which means he does not exist anymore.

2) Jesus' dead cell maybe they're in the atmosphere so do you are great grandfather's ashes but sadly you cannot communicate with you are great grandfather anymore and he cannot live like a human anymore which means he does not exist anymore nor do Jesus.

2) Secondly, Biology doesn't work like scrap metal. They are completely two different things. Recycled metal can be used to make you are mountain dew can but a dead cell cannot be recycled like a metal.

4) Finally, I would say that the topic of debate was whether Jesus exists or not. But my Friend u debated on the topic whether a guy named Jesus exists or not and whether Jesus' dead cell exists or not and whether Jesus once existed or not.

Finally to conclude I would say my opponent interpreted and used the topic in different senses.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 2 years ago

Jesus exists as a person. Is he god? I don't think so. But saying it doesn't exist is like saying we don't eat stuff.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 2 years ago
NOW. . . . . . . . For the TRUTH. . . . . . . . Of the JESUS hoax. . . . . . . .

HELLO. . . . Are YOU awake? NO. . . You are NOT. . . IF. . . . YOU. . . Have JESUS flowing between YOUR EARS in any way other then some absurd COMIC BOOK PUPPET TOY.

Sadly all the so called JESUS BELIEVERS are small and weak minded humans who have been HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED into slavery of clever CHURCH CULT CON ARTISTS. . .

HUMANS use their JESUS PUPPET TOY as a SCAPEGOAT TOOL to commit MURDER and DESTRUCTION of the OPEN MIND. . . The purpose of contaminating the masses with the JESUS HOAX is simple POWER and
CONTROL. . . . The POWER and CONTROL to incite FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE in his name is legendary. . . Just review a fraction of the ATROCITIES committed by Roman Catholic CHURCH psychopaths
who use JESUS to force their dumbed down slave servants to do all the filthy dirty work of WAR-MURDER-TORTURE-IMPRISONMENT-BEATINGS-BURNINGS-+++ to many more to list. . .

JESUS? The same story told by other civilizations long before this BOZO popped out of some illiterate
VIRGIN JEW TRIBE GIRL 2000 years ago. . . The JEWS and ROME of JESUS TIME colluded to get rid of him
in a spectacle. . . ROME will eventually spin the JESUS hoax into a NEW GOD puppet toy. . And the JEWS
will continue with their GOD and their MOSES Comic book garbage story. .

only to end up getting beat up and nailed to a cross to ROT! What a JOKE. . . . Oh POOR Boy wonder JESUS. . . Whose body like YOURS is a WORTHLESS expendable piece of garbage. . The Comic Book trash BIBLE says so. . . . . . He glady rid himself of his WORTHLESS BODY after CRUCIFIXION. . . Like. . He just got up and walked away! HAhahaha. . . This is the stuff of childrens cartoon comedy. . . . UTTER BS TRASH! For CERTIFIED FOOLS. .

JESUS? Just another human fabricated Comic Book PUPPET CLOWN TOY. . .
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Deduction on a premise?
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@Ricky_verma - "Which dates back to 1700 years old. " Really? According to which village idiot tinsel town moron that exists in the land of ooze, Oh sorry, Oz? "It does not prove the existence of immortal Jesus. " Very good. So why'd you open your yap?
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Jesus does not exist. February does not exist. Anc2006 does not exist. Letters do exist. But then again they are only pixels and thoughts that exists. And again. They are something else. . .
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
So if the hispanic guy called Jesus exists, Then the opposite side ain't got any reasons to not agree. I didn't say Jesus of the Bible. I just said Jesus.
Posted by 1000lifetimes 2 years ago
Knew a spanish guy named "Jesus" from way back. He pronounced it like "hey zeus" though
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
In order to prove your point, You have to prove:

1: Humans destroyed matter, And Jesus's corpse was destroyed instead of disintegrated.

2: There is no one called Jesus on earth.
Posted by WisdomOfAges 2 years ago
JESUS is a COMIC BOOK PUPPET CLOWN TOY. . . And the LYING CON ARTIST parasites who vomit his name
use the JESUS HOAX as a TOOL for power and control over others to SERVE THEM. . . Not some PUPPET
GHOST of a GOD hoax. . = JESUS!

HOW SAD that humans surrender their MINDS and LIVES to serve clever HUMANS who themselves use
their JESUS PUPPET TOY as a SCAPEGOAT TOOL to hypnotize and brainwash weak minded humans into slavery and servitude of a HUMAN not some puppet clown toy. . . A human that prances around in some absurd Halloween Glory Gown costume and plays GOD in the name of his/her GOD hoax. . . = JESUS. .

JESUS the ILLUSION is a human fabrication. . . He / IT? Is planted between the ears of stupid humans who are NOT CAPABLE of thinking and reasoning for themselves. . . . OBEY SHEEPLE SLAVES. . . Pray. . . Pray your
pathetic LIFE AWAY. . . So when YOU DROP DEAD you can be with the billions of other brainwashed fools
in some kind of JESUS DISNEYLAND!

Gee what will the HUMANS do to each other when they reveal their TRUTH. . . . I. E. Jehovah's Witnesses,
Latter Day MORONS, Baptist BOZOS, Methodist MORONS, +++ so many absurd spins of the JESUS PUPPET TOY by all of the psychotic CHURCH CLOWNS. . . What will boy clown PUPPET JESUS say to all of
these mentally deranged humans who invented all of these DOGMAS and CHURCHES in his name!

JESUS? Will look upon his flock of LYING CON ARTISTS and VAPORIZE them for abusing his simple message. . . And turning him into a pathetic PUPPET CLOWN GHOST of a GOD! Disgusting
Posted by canis 2 years ago
Maybe you should change it to existed. .
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