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JoJo part 5 is the best

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Started: 2/2/2020 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rules of this debate:

1: no trolling, No convincingperson
2: You must choose another part to counter in order to give example. Because I am saying part 5 is the best, You must give me a complete part that is better than part 5.
3: no swearing in any form except for quotes.
4: No fandom comments or non-canon changes. Everything here is canon. No Jorge Joestar.
5: Go away if you are a partskipper.


Hello, I will be making a stand (no pun intended) against part 5 of JoJo. While I do think that part 5 was very good, I think that in many ways, It falls short of part 3 if you're making me pick one part in particular. I have yet to finish part 7, However, From what I have read I also prefer this part to part 5. Some ways I think that part 5 is inferior to part 3 and part 7: main villain, Battles, And entire main cast.

When I've talked about this before with friends, One thing we always talk about is that last point, The main cast. Jotaro vs Giorno: I prefer Jotaro because his personality is more interesting to me and the sheer coolness of his stand is far above Gold Experience. The best thing about Giorno is the fact that he is a blend between Dio and Jonathan, But he lacks in personality of his own. Kakyoin vs Bucciarati: This is the closest one in my opinion, But I'd say Kakyoin is a little bit more interesting. I've compared the JoJos and the JoBros, So now I'll just compare the rest of them, As there isn't really a good way to match them up. Including or excluding Iggy and Trish doesn't really change the result. Again, I'd say that part 3 wins this one. In part 5, I'd say that Fugo is carrying hard for his team, But Joseph alone is more than enough to compensate for that. Polnareff is far more entertaining than the rest of part 5's main cast. I will admit that Avdol is the weak link, But he is just as good as Narancia.

This isn't really a comprehensive list of every reason why I like part 3 more than part 5, But it's a good way to state my opinion while giving some good talking points. The characters to me make the biggest difference, But if you've got something else that makes part 5 better, That's good too.
Debate Round No. 1


Subjectivity is the key, Though I have an idea of arguing all 3 of the points against part 3.

Main cast: More backstory.
Every single character got its own backstory in part 5 that fully defines the character and how they act together. In part 3, What is Jotaro's backstory? Avdol? There is none. The MAIN CHARACTER LACKING ONE. IDK how Jotaro even got in this situation, And without a cause things will be less clear.
Other than Joseph which has a "backstory" that is worth a few hours, Every single one of them in part 3 or part 5 has a backstory that is less than 10 minutes.
Lemme try part 3.
Jotaro: None
Joseph: Entire Battle tendency
Avdol: a very vague one, Which is not even trying, Consider the use of it is to show how Dio's flesh bud works.
Kakyoin: Just, Does that count as a backstory as well? Ok. It is barely the cause of why he got a stand or why he is here.
Polnareff: 1 year apart, Pretty nice.

The skewedness of this comparison is absurd. Having the main character No cause at all how he got his stand or why he wanted to go(it is just he is strong, His grandpa proposed of this first, And he just went), Or who his character is. You might argue he doesn't need a backstory, But Jotaro's existence alone in the first few episodes are confusing because there is no causes at all why he is like this.

Meanwhile, All of the part 5's cast has plenty of backstories that can explain every of the characters very clearly.
All of the flashback clips explain how they entered the gang and how they got the stand, And what caused them to be here. How did avdol get his stand, Explain from the anime. How did polnareff exist. Explain. What is Jotaro like when he is 15, Tell me more than the one cameo at the first episode before he is revealed in the jail.

Villain: More personality, Like really.

Now let Diavolo compare to DIO.
Diavolo is the mysterious boss that Giorno and Trish had connected about ago. Giorno knows pretty much a lot from him compared to Jotaro of DIO. Giorno went as far as to serve the villain before discovering that Diavolo is the bad guy. Jotaro about DIO? Have stands, Has a single picture? The plot changes more. Went from serving the boss to defeating the boss in a few days, While part 3 is just following s single goal with a lack of feeling of defeat anyways.

Their final fights are different, And part 5 is better in my opinion.
Jotaro's stand being too similar to DIO's could evolve monotony, Where they just Zawarudo and Ora and Muda for days and nothing got solved. Their fights have too many "but-if"'s that after 3 episodes of twists and turns it just feels boring when they fight back and then AH at the last clip. DIO was so OP towards other stand users that they are useless towards the all.

Compare it with part 5's sophisticated fight, Where the hero' and villain's fight style and ability was different, Vastly different almost to an opposite. We want diversity. In fact Giorno did not just BS out a skill: he stabbed himself with the arrow, And he is granted an even more OP ability. This act out of desperation was acceptable, Against that Jotaro just CAN stop time for some reason. The Polnareff death was very important, Where it reveals Diavolo, And Chariot Requiem just make King Crimson starting to erase time, And make Bruno sacrifice himself for the greater good. This is not like where Avdol and Iggy just dying out of nowhere.

This is on top of that Part 5 teaches about civics of Italy.


Obvious spoiler warning for parts 3-6

I know that subjectivity is key, Which plays into my next point. Part 5 really is better than part 3, But only in some ways. In other ways, Part 3 is better. To say that part 5 is better really only means that you value the better things about part 5 more than you do about the ones in part 3. They both have strengths and weaknesses just like any other part.

More Backstory:
I agree, Most of the cast has more backstory, But you overplay this quite a bit. "IDK how Jotaro even got in this situation" - I'm not sure what you mean, Because it was fully explained how Jotaro was in the situation which he was. Has it been a while since you read/watched this part? Kakyoin in particular, Even though his backstory is brief, It actually made sense and they brought it back at the end in a way that was pretty well executed and showed character growth.

"Having the main character No cause at all how he got his stand or why he wanted to go(it is just he is strong, His grandpa proposed of this first, And he just went), Or who his character is" - To me this just seems like you weren't paying attention to part 3. For anyone reading, You can skip this paragraph if you payed attention to part 3 and know why my opponent is incorrect. . We know exactly all of the things you are claiming we don't know. Jotaro got his stand from "the Joestar curse" which was when DIO pierced himself with the stand arrow, However, He had Jonathan's body at the time, Causing Jotaro, Joseph, And Holy to awaken stands. Family's sould are closely bonded in tje JoJo verse, As seen when Enya gets the same wounds as J. Geil, And when Weather gets a stand at the same time Pucci does. That leads to my next point, Jotaro went to Egypt to defeat DIO and break the Joestar curse to save Holy from her own stand, Because she wasn't strong enough to control it and she would have died. All of this was explained in episode 1 of stardust crusaders, So I'm not sure why you are confused.

Honestly, The backstory of part 3's characters is not as detailed and not at all spelled out, But it's all there. Avdol is a natural born stand user and fortune teller from Cairo who had an encounter with DIO. Later, He somehow met Joseph who also knew about DIO through his spirit photos and now they're buddies. If by "How did Polnareff exist" you mean how did he get his stand, He awoke it after training for years with a sword to avenge his sister. People can awaken stands if they are really, Really good at something like chef Tonio or Aya Tsuji from part 4.

Giorno always knew that the mafia was bad. Go figure. He only joined so that he could become the leader and take out the boss. Jotaro and Joseph both know more than what you claim about DIO. They both know that he has taken Jonathan's body, Which matters to Joseph after all he learned about Jonathan in Part 2. They also know that he is a vampire, And basically everything that the audience knows. "The plot changes more. Went from serving the boss to defeating the boss in a few days, While part 3 is just following s single goal with a lack of feeling of defeat anyways. " - Having a goal is not a bad thing for the story. A lack of defeat in part 3 is something I completely disagree with. Avdol, Kakyoin, And Iggy all died. Kakyoin's death was the saddest to me, But I honestly really liked the way both of the others were handled. The best death in part 5 was easily Abbacchio, And I must say it was done very well. The others were comparable to part 3 or even less impactful.

The final part of part 3 really wasn't just a punch and time stop filled action sequence. Each combatant came up with different and unique tactics mid fight that sometimes had nothing to do with their stands. Magnets, Knives, Road roller, And car escapes to name a few were all super memorable and awesome ways to fight. The mind games that the tow characters play with each other combined with the coolness and power of their stands make it one of the best fights in JoJo. The characters' awesome personalities and the fact that this fight has been built up since part 1 are a big part in what makes this fight great too. Part 5's final fight was good too, But I can't honestly say that it compares to Jotaro vs DIO.

I already explained why I didn't see part 3's final fight as a stupid punch fest. Part 3's final fight wouldn't be the same without Jotaro stepping into "DIO's World", It showed how he was the only one capable of competing with DIO and emphasized their power and the importance of the fight. Jotaro's time stop was foreshadowed throughout the anime and he may have just been doing it unconsciously like he did for the first time he met DIO. This was very clear in the OVA. It's easy to see when you consider how the D'Arby brother's stands are super similar and when Jotaro seemingly stopped time vs N'Doul. Speaking of N'Doul and D'Arby, If we are talking general fights of part 3 vs part 5, These fights are some of the best in all of JoJo too. I could write a lot about each individual fight in part 3, But really, I'd say a lot of part 5 fights compare pretty well, But part 3 is just a bit ahead because of the more interesting characters of part 3.

This on top of the fact that part 3 teaches about milfs.
Debate Round No. 2


You've convinced me.


Oh cool. It's good to hear that instead of someone refusing to admit a misunderstanding or play devil's advocate. Good debate.
Debate Round No. 3


This debate has ended. No more to see.
Debate Round No. 4
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