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Joseph is the best jojo

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Started: 10/29/2019 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Joseph achievements:

Defeated some gay aztec gods at age 18
Escaped death and got married at age 19
Is a master of hamon and stand(the stand is literally so buffed that its instinct can play video games)

Almost defeated Dio
got revived(his instinct is so quick that one stare of dio's corpse he knew he can prank as dio)
lived longer than most jojo's

Grandfather and grandson extremely successful



Joseph Joestar may be great, But he isn't the best. Every feat he has, Another JoJo has done better.

-Jotaro Kujo escaped death by pretending to be dead(STOPPING HIS HEART)
-Jotaro Kujo also killed DIO, Not just almost
-Jonathan knew how to use hamon before he conciously learned, So all he needed was about a day's worth training.
-Jotaro also was technically revived, Since his heart was stopped while he was busy about to kill DIO while Joseph was dead
-Every JoJo is successful except George(which is Joseph's dad), That argument is trash

Living long doesn't mean he was doing good or useful things all that time, And being useless in shows in equivalent to not existing.
Getting married at 19 is an immature decision to make, Demonstrating Joseph's extreme lack of maturity, Something even 15 year old Giorno could grasp.

Try again next time, Pal.
Debate Round No. 1


"-Jotaro Kujo escaped death by pretending to be dead(STOPPING HIS HEART)"

Jotaro barely did. If he died then his stand would disappear but we see Star Platinum's hand is in a continuous motion from when he laid down to when he woke up, Indicating he isn't dead.

Joseph on the other hand, Escaped death 2 times. Once at age 19, Once at age 69.

"-Jotaro Kujo also killed DIO, Not just almost"

Dio is just a very successful human being. Joseph defeated Kars and his pillar men, A race in which are stronger than humanity, W/o any stand.

Dio is just a little boy when Kars is really in his glory.

"-Jonathan knew how to use hamon before he conciously learned, So all he needed was about a day's worth training. "

Joseph is both a master of hamon and stand.


1. If we're being technical, Joseph never actually died at 19 either, And at age 69 he really died and was revived, Meaning he couldn't escape it. Wording is key in this situation.

2. While DIO may not be as powerful, Kars was a being of similar thought. He believed he was ultimate, Even when he wasn't, And that led to his downfall. Both situations are very similar IMO, So I won't really press further.

3. Johnny Joestar is a master of his Hamon counterpart, Spin, While also being a Stand user who can generate infinite energy, Something Joseph's stand couldn't possibly match even when fully mastered.

After doing a bit of research on your past debates, I realize I should have prepared more.
Debate Round No. 2


Let me do an analysis.

Bosses defeated: young Dio(human)
Hamon: yes
Stand: none

Bosses defeated: Kars(literally superhuman, Like by a lot)
Hamon: yes
Stand: mid-high tier(hermit purple)
(note, Joseph is already 69 years old when he got killed by dio, Much later than the golden age for a normal human being)

Bosses defeated: Old Dio(little superhuman)
Hamon: no
Stand: high tier

Bosses defeated: Diavolo(human)
Hamon: no
Stand: very high tier

Bosses defeated: President Funny Valentine(human)
Hamon: yes?
Stand: Mid-High tier

Note that Joseph experienced the following the others don't:

Having the strongest multi-purpose non-humanoid stand(it can literally play video games, To being a grappling hook)(can express hamon within stand)

Defeat a non-human(superhuman) villian(kars was literally the strongest)

Hold almost as much potential 50-60 years later


In conclusion: I don't think Joseph Joestar is the best because as you have demonstrated for me, There definitely are JoJos that do what he does better. Just because Kars was theoretically the most powerful means nothing. There are JoJos who have actually Killed Villains in his tier, And not just trapping them. Joseph won against Kars by sheer luck, Which was even stated by the narrator and Joseph himself. Joseph couldn't have beaten DIO in his golden age either, Since the DIO we're talking about is able to stop time, Whereas Joseph during his golden age didn't even know he had a stand. I also noticed that you don't know about the official statement that all Hamon users have Purple Hermit, Which means that Jonathan also had it. Honestly, Joseph had a decent personality and was pretty zany, But was definitely not the best JoJo.
Debate Round No. 3
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