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Judging and shaming are great for realizing your negative traits

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Started: 4/15/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Judging and shaming of others are great ways for people to realize they have faults, Since nobody is perfect and everyone has flaws and problems and room for improvement. Therefore judging and shaming of someone is a good trait to have as it opens the eyes of the individual being judged or shamed and makes them realize that they need improvements and or change. As that crushed velvet, The stretched out ears, The blue hair or the ugly face you have is not ok in public and you are a freak. Just because mom says you are great, The general public might not think so, Therefore by being judged and shamed you can realize you need improvements and or change somewhere.

Therefore judging and shaming are excellent traits to possess and use on others to make them aware they stand out like a sore thumb in public, Otherwise they would not be judged or shamed and would just blend in with the rest of society instead of looking like a freak.


I will be arguing that constructive criticism is good for a person, NOT SHAMING.

First of all, Criticism helps to give us a new perspective and opens our eyes to things we may have overlooked or never considered. Whether it's a peer review of your work or a performance review, Constructive criticism and feedback can help you grow by shedding light and giving you the opportunity for improvement. Just remember, It's important that you don't take criticism so personally, It's meant to help you learn and grow and is not an attack on your skills or character.

Shaming is a ATTACK on the character.

Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent on taking this debate.

I was agreeing with everything you said until the final slanderous comment at the end showing that you judge and shame people as well proving my point by insulting your debating opponent.

Everybody in the world judges, Employers, Police officers, Teachers on and on. First impression are huge because they institute a level of judgement against an individual. Now people can judge you and have negative feedback towards you in their manner and behavior but unless they speak out how will you know that they have a problem with you. It's best to let people know when judging them as they then become aware of what the issue is. Now I'm not saying that a person needs to change because of judgements or shaming, But it lets a person know what they are being shamed or judged about and then it's up to that person to decide whether they want or need to take action. Constructive criticism can be hurtful but can also help a person grow.

Shaming is a form of letting a person know they are a shame to society either by their actions or appearance. If you pick your nose and look like a freak, I believe shaming someone for it will let them know they are a weirdo at least and give them a chance to improve.

As for insults and profanity that just shows the true character of a person and a low education level by the amount of profanity used as the person can not express themselves creatively so they resort to profanity as a way to vent frustration.



well you did call people freaks in your first argument and you claim that fortnite os for HDHD and losers and as well as people who don't play sports. Your an @ss

Why should we hurt ones confidence? Constructive criticism helps people. Shaming tears down people.

Criticism is especially beneficial at work because it shows that your managers and peers care about you and want to see you succeed. Receiving feedback, Whether it's positive or negative, Is a good thing because it just goes to show that your peers are invested in your future and they want to help you learn. Rather than letting you fail and replacing you, These people feel that you're the right person for the job and they want you on their team. With a little bit of guidance, You will be an even better fit for your position and learn a thing or two along the way. In an environment where people are able to share feedback and constructive criticism, Everyone is a winner. Creating a transparent, Collaborative atmosphere at work gives us all the opportunities to become better workers and people. With feedback and input from our peers and managers we are able to learn and expand our horizons while creating trusting relationships with others. Most importantly, An open environment like this allows us to be proactive and share our input without putting people's personal feelings in jeopardy.

Debate Round No. 2


Constructive shaming that's what I call it. Beside look at you the hypocrite kid who says shaming is all bad but yet he is badmouthing on here. Hey go back to math class Grade 9 geek. Talk to me when you have something intelligent to say.

By the way the chess club called they said you left your glasses behind nerd. You can't play sports because you are a wimp, Did they write the diary of a wimpy kid based on your life BHahahahaha

You couldn't catch a football or a baseball unless it hit you on the side of your large head.

I don't need to use profanity trying to sound all cool, NERD!


shaming has a negative connotation and a nad definiton

shaming-(of a person, Action, Or situation) make (someone) feel ashamed.

I have proved that constructive criticism is healthy for one individual.

Thanks for the debate F@ggot

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Club 3 years ago
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
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Posted by Dr.Franklin 3 years ago
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