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L or Kira who wins. Death Note

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Started: 6/9/2019 Category: TV
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hey Myself Debate0ts

Here I want to debate on
Who wins in death note at last
Is it Kira, Or L or the Law

Which one is the right at last.

My pro atleast intro himself at much such like I did.


Hello i am Kerraid16 and i am happy to debate you on this topic.

I have been a fan of Death Note for a while know and i am confident in my knowledge of the manga and anime, Though i am unclear on your stance of who you believe is superior Light or L, As i may or may not agree depending on your answer.

I am looking forward to your response
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for Ur curtsy to debate on this topic

I m little bit late to post. But I m fine like this.

L or Kira who wins at last?

So here I supposed that Kira wins.
I thinks Kira wins at last.

On topic I take Kira side to defend that he wins over L.

My side is taken. So u have L side to argue. Is it fine with u. Or not.
If so

Then let's continue. . .

My points on Kira wins that are. .

Kira methods r ruthless and demonic but, But it stills works.
At the end we get the blood shed because of him. That's keep us entertaining to see the serie.

Kiras sacrifices r lot and a lot heart whelming and eye lashing that one's agains he wins over eye attachments to the series.
Again he wins.

His love affection affairs in series r enjoyed by people that, How he make use of his girlfriend's and dispose of them.
Which is a true irony evil which suits the characters of his type.
And once in these science he wins.

And at last the death of Kira is hearth felt, Even his death is game winning and satisfied all the methods and tricks he uses.

For My be loved rival
Plz continue Ur counter on L side that how he wins


No worries about the late response, I'm doing it too which would make me a hypocrite if i got upset over it, So no worries.

No since you have taken Kira's side and while i do believe that he has many points going in this favour, I would still like to argue over L being the true winner of Death Note's story, Not Kira.

L won in the end. While Kira killed L, In an brilliant way, L was no slouch, He figured out Lights identity and left so many clues and tools behind for the rest of the investigation team, Mello and Near for them to use to catch Light.

Examples being:

1. Figuring out the region of Japan Kira lived in, And the fact he is a Japanese student based on his killing times, And also proved Kira couldn't kill anyone he wanted to and showed the public he had limits.
2. L managed to zero in on Light despite that, Even if he couldn't prove Light as the killer. Mostly due to the fact he wasn't trusted as much as Kira or should i say Lights father was.
3. Deduced that there were two Kira's and that they had met each other and were working together.
4. L was going to test the notebook with death row prisoners to see if the 13 day rule was true, Which would blow apart the big piece of evidence keeping Kira safe

And there are many more things i could bring up and will do later. Also lets remember all the advantages Light had, A book that can kill people instantly, A women who large amounts of money with the power to learn anyone's true name and tell it to Kira. Kira also had two literally Gods helping with his plans, That bare in mind were bullet proof, Could phase through walls and fly, L had resources too but he has a lot more limited and still manged to get ahead of Kira.

And to address my earlier point, Kira won the battle but L won the war through Near, Near who believes in the same morale principles as L and follows his ideology, Beat Kira, Using clues left by L, The money L left him that Near used to escape Kira's followers from killing him, And exposed how Kira isn't as powerful as he thought he was. Light did kill L, He did defeat L, But L research, His will, His ideology was all given and used by Near, To beat Kira, Showing that in the end L won with a bit of help even in death.

And addressing the points about Kira making the show more interesting, I agree but it's not like L is lacking in intrigue. He has a great theme, Provides comedy with his eating of sweets, Makes several interesting moves that the audience love, Such as his use of Lind L Tailor, It's also because of him that we get the Kira task force and get to see the development of other great characters like Matsuda. He is law abiding, But willing to break rules when necessary, Showing he is more complex than a simple 'good guy'.

That's all i have to say for now, Thanks for the interesting debate thus far, And i am looking forward to hearing your results
Debate Round No. 2


U give me very hard counter to bare.
Well I m impressed a little that my opponent conserved such detail information on the series.
As such even I also not have these kind of perspective to think in L's way.

But by the way I m still stick to my side, Kira side.
If not then the debate we r argues not worth for thought interigrety.

U present Near in Ur argues that near surpass Kira in the end with help of L.
But with here the last movement of series where Kira caught of his evil deeds. It's totally cause of his own mistake.

He just over react on the situations by just saying ( I win ).
If he stays silent at that moment that I sure that he not fall for nears trap.

But, Like we see he's character which is always clam at every death scene of his close one even knowing that the cause for their death is his doing.
He stay clam and behave like he done nothing at all.

But as we see he just over react at last episode and caught in nears trap.

And for near which surpass Kira with help of L and Mello.

But near suspect Light because of L. It's beat odd here, Even though he been suspecting the light as Kira. He unable to trap him with all that knowledge he gain from L investigation. Near couldn't make any statergy against light.
Near just make it to trap Light due to Mello action.

And consider her together here near plus L wouldn't enough to caught Kira. It's all Mello contribution in his investigation.

Beside it's simplified that Kira vs (L, Near, Mello)

And last near is only one living live to pass judgement.
The near, Mello r here is same in intelligent which adds up with L.

And here Kira alone at last episodes in series. Which make it not fare fight.
Kira wins over L and Mello.

It's still defeated my near. L and Mello r just contribution to near final trap over Kira.

L some time make sweet movement in series
Like fighting between L and Light

But Kira has epic movements too
Like. Potato chips killing

His sister scarfice

His girlfriend cold blood killing with Mello.

And his own father death

Which believe at last that Kira wins in all science.

And last but least L lost with Light in tennis match.

And here the rest is assured to u.
U make a good decent counter for my argues.
I hope it so. U have a good memories of revival of information rather than mine.


Well now the end is here. I've enjoyed this debate and i return the sentiment, As you have also posted interesting arguments to my points and in typical debate fashion i shall respond.

Yes Kira lost due to his own faults at the end, However i feel like that was the point, Kira's ideology gave him the win in the short run but due to his attitude and the Death Note, He went crazy and made a very big mistake that got him killed. Showing that while Kira got the short term victory, Near using L methods and ideology won in the end.

Well Near did trap Kira, He set up the meeting at the end of the series, A meeting which Kira couldn't get out of without confirming that Light was Kira and getting himself caught, He also predicted Mikami moves and made it so he got himself a fake Death Note, Saving his life along with everyone else's.

Also Kira got emotional not, Examples being:

1. Lind L Tailor calling him out on Tv he freaked out then killed him out of anger.
2. When L went up to Kira and told him that he was L at Lights school, Which caused him to have a mental breakdown
3. When L died Kira had a mental freak out at his grave and began to scream at the top of his lungs

Meanwhile, L always thinks rationally and while he can act childish, He never goes on temper tantrums like Kira does at times, Showing L is more mature and a stable human than Kira.

Also yes while Near had help, That was my point using L's help Near and by extension L won, As near was essentially L 2. 0, With the same morals and attitude, Mello helped but he also followed L's ideology and morals, Just to a lesser extent. At the end near even says that on his own he can't be better than L, But with help from Mello and L he can surpass L and Kira. Plus while Near needed Mello's help it's not impossible to assume that if given more time Near could've made a plan to beat Kira.

Also Light wasn't alone at the end, He had Mikami, Who did a lot of killing for Kira and helped him with his Shigami eyes, And he had Kiyomi Takada helping Kira gain support in the public eyes, And got all the SPK members named and helped Mikami kill most of them and reduce Nears forces.

And i can't think of any more good L moments off the top of my head, Expect fro when he reveals to Kira he is L and it nearly causes him to have a panic attack, Or when he uses his material arts skills to defend himself from Light

That is all i have to say on this topic and i'm running out of words. So to all reading i hoped you enjoyed this fun little debate on anime and manga. And to my opponent if he/she sees this when thank you for the challenge
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debate0ts 2 years ago

U made a decent debate bro.
It's likely rare that both the argues satisfactory for debate to end
I would like to thanks u to debate with me

And see u soon no next some awesome topic to debate
So be my guest for that time plz
Posted by Debate0ts 2 years ago
U get it right

Posted by Debate0ts 2 years ago
U get it right

Posted by Debate0ts 2 years ago
U get it right

Posted by unicorngod 2 years ago
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