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Levelized mario games better than Competitive mario games

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Started: 4/20/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Rules of the game:

Levelized games are games that are usually singleplayer, Having platforming challenges as normal (ex: super mario bros. 3, New super luigi U).

Competitive mario games are that of usually multiplayer, Can have major parts of the game without anything to do with platforming (ex: Mario kart ds, Super mario party).

I am trying to prove why levelized games are better than competitive on the next round. Your job is to prove why competitive games are better.

Reasons must be stated with a game that can prove it, And an other type game without it.

12InchBeef and SickInTheHeadz cannot debate on this unless directed.

other things are not limited. Good luck!


This will be my acceptance round. I will let you make your first argument
Debate Round No. 1


Reason#1: Creativity

Example game: Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) plus its ds version (Super Mario 64 Ds, On Nintendo DS)

Mario 64 is a timeless game. Although some of the graphics are pretty baroque, But it is released on the generation of Ps1, And games nowadays cannot compare with it in terms of creativity (honestly no other mario games other than mario 3 is onto this stage).

Regular mario games usually feature multiple levels in one world, Which is okay, But mario 64 made it even more condensed: it features ONE level per world with different themes as well. Such as Bob-omb battlefield in which it is like an overworld but you battle a giant bomb in which he can walk and talk. And this creative enemy is made in mario 3, Which is also a levelized game.

Minibosses in Super mario 64 are fought in different ways. Mostly killing and defeating, But there is Koopa the quick and other monsters in which you can collect Power stars, Another creative way to possess energy chronologically within the specific level and it is a new concept introduced specifically through this game and used on on other game, Such as Super mario sunshine and Super mario Odyssey.

Super mario bros 2 is the first mario game in which you have 4 characters to play with, But that adds almost nothing consider the difference in that specific game is very subtle. In this game( 64 ds), However, Those characters are granted special effects, Each having a great deviation. Many new power-ups are introduced, Such as wing cap and vanish cap. The point is the power flower in which it actually does a lot for those characters. For Mario it is a P-balloon or a Wing cap; for luigi it is a vanish cap; for wario it is a metal cap; and for yoshi it is a fireflower. Also you can unlock characters at different parts of your journey.

Minigames are introduced in this game also. I mean competitive games ARE a group of minigames, But having both minigames and regular gameplay levels in 1 is still a benefit for the 64 ds. PLUS some of the competitive games are just an offspring of the minigames of the standard levelized games. For another way to say it, You can play as different in those competitive games, But that is basically not as good consider there are LEVELs on the relative side. More organized and less chaos and you don't want to break your N64.

Non-example: Mario party (Nintendo 64)

Seriously. This games sucks. This is just a relative example from the same time when N64 rules. I'm not going to put mario kart 8 deluxe on switch with a baroque game like mario 64.

I do appreciate the "creativity" in this game, But sorry, This is a competitive game, And while i am just putting the N64 controller playing mario 64 down to debate with you, Most of old Mario party 1's games are more like those games in which was done in a rush, By miyamoto wanting his employees simply do games quicker, And it did, Like this. Simply. You have to have coins for everything, And by that i mean you get more punishments than rewards, Like the lost levels.

i know that this game is old, But look. Bad games, But not this bad. Haven't you see anything that defy physics LIKE THESE? Sure doing bljs in the original mario 64 is fun, But some of the games just having glitches that ruin the game. And bad minigames? Well like coin block blitz, Mario bandstand and coin shower flower, Those are just boring and no fun at all. Like you cannot win as player 1 in some games. Some games are too short. I know that it is old, But i'm sure even Koopa the quick is more fun than Coin shower flower.

conclusion. Mario 64 and ds is better than mario party 1. And since it is released in the late 90s for both, So the quality for levelized games in the 90s is better than competitive ones.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
3 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 3 records.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Alright I understand now. I have my game in mind that I will use in my argument. I have round 1 acceptance, I want you to make your argument first
Posted by anc2006 3 years ago
no, All levelized games are story mode. Competitive ones aren't. Levelized games are into LEVELS (such as bomb battlefield or 4-2). Competitive games are something else that isn't levels in CHRONOLOGICAL order. The fact is one example SUper Mario party, Slaparazzi isn't necessarily in front of bumper brawl. Super mario 3dworld is a levelized 3d game.

You can open your first argument now, It is suggested but not 100% needed.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Is round 1 acceptance or do I go ahead and start my argument?

Just for clarification, When you say levelized games, Do you mean mario games that are 2D? And by competitive games do you mean mario games that are 3D?
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