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Life And It's Meaning

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Started: 6/18/2019 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We are born, Knowing death is inevitable, Yet fighting every day looking for new ways to live, And still somehow it still feels like we're all trapped by invisible forces at play. So what is the solution to the paradox of life? I believe finding new boxes to escape might just be the answer.


I need to know somethings before we start.
What do you mean by fighting everyday looking for new ways to live? Like eating food or seeking shelter or fighting diseases?
What are boxes to escape? Like not thinking about the paradox of life by doing things that take your mind off of it?

I am not sure that everyone thinks that the inevitability of death is an issue. Can you guarantee that you won't get bored of life if you were able to live 1000 years? How would we be able to have children if no one dies and the population explodes?

I think we can assume that no one knows what the meaning of life is if there even is one. If we don't know this meaning because we havent been told what it is, Does it even matter if it exists?
Debate Round No. 1


Well to fill in a few blanks by fighting I mean every day people go through personal struggles just to stay alive and keep happy, The proverbial box is the small problems we come up with on a daily basis to distract ourselves from reality, And I do believe the inevitability of death is an issue, Simply due to the fact the society as a whole seems to get closer to it every day, Some even leaping head first so to speak, Even now with social justice on the rise everybody seems to be looking for a new cause to fight for, Perhaps because as you stated after awhile things start to get boring. And as history has shown when people start to fight humans die.


So you're saying that because we get closer to death, That it is an issue? I don't see what point you're making with the social justice and the causes to fight for. I'm guessing you're saying that everyone is trying to solve all the social issues we have as a whole. And I don't understand the point you make in your last sentence. I get what you're saying about the personal struggles just to stay alive and keep happy and that these are what distract us from 'reality' but what is that reality you're talking about? These problems are our in our reality. We have to feed ourselves, Keep somewhat healthy, Make some money, Stay somewhat social etc. To be like the average person. We have to produce something to stay in this world.

I am not sure that this is what you meant but I guess that finding escapes in different things like activities, Work, Games, Culture, Religion etc. Is what gives our life somewhat of a meaning and maybe that's enough. Maybe life doesn't have to have ONE meaning that is true for everyone and maybe it doesn't really matter why someone lives their life a certain way. I can't see if humans were 'made' to have any meaning what so ever or if having meaning is anything else but human construct. With that in mind, I believe that because we lack so much information about ourselves and the world that life could actually have any meaning anyone wants it to have and that that is enough and okay.
Debate Round No. 2


But shouldn't death itself be an issue avoiding it causes all other issues at least presently, I bring up social issues because people ask for rights to have an equal opportunity to live, But it is simply in the fight for life itself that lives are lost. So what would be a new way out of the box, Because just living doesn't seem to have worked for anybody and neither has dying for then you can't see what you have or haven't accomplished.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by AnnonEMoos 2 years ago
YouNeedToListenToMe i'm trying but im not hearing anything. Did you leave to?
Posted by Dr.Franklin 2 years ago
don't listen to omar
Posted by AnnonEMoos 2 years ago
omar2345 new to this site so i don't know if they have a like comment option but this seemed good enough
Posted by omar2345 2 years ago
More depressing stuff. I like it. Not really but well at least other people talk about what I feel.

I don't think the solution will come to us. We will die, Reproduce and complete the cycle of life and eventually become extinct. There are answers I don't think we can answer and this is such an answer of what we objectively ought to do with our lives.

Is and ought distinction found out by hume made sure of that if we are not lying to ourselves that is.
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