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Mario Kart should implement an Itemless Online Multiplayer mode

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Started: 2/12/2020 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Voting Period
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Mario kart is a racing game. Like Forza horizon, GT5, Which they have itemless racing, Mario kart does not, Unless you are playing alone or by another person locally, In which they have to be done in the settings. There should be a multiplayer without items because there is already time trials and versus.


That takes away the fun away from the game. That would also make the game just a cartoony Forza. And no one would play it. As if they wanted a serious racing game, They'd play something else.
Debate Round No. 1


1. I said implement, Not replace. You could obviously keep the old items mode. As per me, I hate how blue shells just fly over my head every once per race, And I also hate when the person one place lower than me got triple red shells and I drop from 4th to 11th. I had skills to literally win most of the matches as I got a 2 star rank on my wii, When most of the racers got none; yet my VR is so low it is lower than the default VR level because the players just throw blue shells at me every race. Well if others like it they can keep it, But an itemless multiplayer is one of the most basic things a racing game should have, Yet mario kart just omitted it completely.

2. Well forza does better when it comes to itemless racing, But that is no reason that mario kart should not have it. Many players would like an itemless racing mode. Itemless racing mode is the most effective way to practice skill instead of just depend on the god of RNG to get a good item. If I get a coin at 11th place then I am screwed. Without it, Mario kart would basically just turn into a pit of chaos where the skills are not valued.

3. There should be grand prixes where a player can join, That is based on real skill and where there is no blue shells damaging you, And there is no broken OP items, And you can't complain after you lost because you are technically responsible for every mistake you made. Mario kart is not that competitive, And no, The tracks are fantastic, And I am broke, And mario kart lacks something that every other good racing game has.


Ah I see. I get your point. Your blue shell argument just sounds like you're annoyed about getting them constantly. And without power-ups, Someone falling off the map and tumbling down to 13th, Means that they're screwed. Even if they have skill. And plus it's quite easy to avoid a blue shell. Just go back to 2nd, And let someone fly past, Completely unaware. Works like a charm. A lot of people don't play Mario Kart for skill, They play it for fun.
Debate Round No. 2


1. There are a lot of people that play mario kart for pure skill. Check out Troywd98, Nmeade, Mankalor and Ellietendo. These people may not like blue shells and blue shells cannot be omitted during online races. Thank to this feature by nintendo many wiimotes were thrown and many televisions were smashed. There are many people that would rather want itemless mode, And there is no reason nintendo should omit it as within the modern switch era it is more than capable of storing the data for an itemless online option.

2. Let's keep going on the blue shell topic. Yeah I have been in many instances where I was far ahead enough to not pass on the blue shell onto the 2nd place, But not far ahead enough to defend my place as 1st(plus, Even if I know how to shroom' it out, I rarely get any mushrooms in this instance). That is just an example. Just this item would cause a lot of unfairness. Since it is impossible for nintendo to just remove an item, I think it is at least rational to include on without those at all as getting a shock and a bullet bill requires no skill at all because you can easily get them in 12th.


Whilst many people play it for skill, The majority of people just play it for harmless fun. You have anger issues if you smash a TV or throwing a Wii Remote over a game of Mario Kart. It's just a game. No need to throw your toys out the pram. That's no fault of Nintendo. That's you with your anger problems. Plus all the power ups in Mario Kart constitute unfair. Everyone gets it, Not just 1st place. Plus a Bullet Bill is unlikely to get you to the top 5. It gets you to 6th at most. And that's generous. Also a Shock doesn't do much, As if you're 12th, You're usually miles behind everyone else.

I don't play Mario Kart a lot, But thanks for the interesting and awesome debate! It's been fun!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
How nihilist do you want to be?
Posted by MyacronymissimplyCEE 1 year ago
Persons involving entertainment via systems much over 16-Bit, Are not fully human themselves and should be exterminated. No, I'm not kidding. BTW, If you know of any good cheats for "Asteroids", I'm all ears.
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