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Men can wear women's clothing

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Started: 2/22/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Gender Equality. Those two words encompass a huge number of issues. Equal pay, equality in the workplace, and what brings us here today, clothing. Women nowadays wear jeans, khakis, t-shirts, suits, and other clothing once considered "men's clothing". So why can't men wear women's clothing? Some men find it more comfortable. Please respond competently.


While I do agree that gender equality is an important principle to ensure the social liberty and well being of both sexes, I do not believe that clothing is an important or even practical issue necessary for furthering this course of fairness between men and women.
When you're out in public, it's normal to look at the people within your vicinity, as it helps to satisfy your curiosity and makes you more observant of your surroundings. The first thing that you'd look, generally, is their clothing. Now, women's clothing is very distinctive from men's. Usually, female clothing items have features and details designed by artists who are inspired with the idea of elegance, glamour, and beauty. This notion that these designers have stem from the structure of feminine mentality. The reason why MOST women like wearing make up, spending hours creating the perfect outfit, and going to the mall on a monthly basis is because they care a lot about appearances and self esteem. It doesn't stop at clothing though. There are also other features that separate women from men. From body composition to body movement, these stereotypes, though most of the time true, make it easy for one to distinguish between the sexes. I am aware that there are male individuals who also care about how they look. I , myself, like to put on some gel whenever the occasion arises. But compared to women, the amount of effort that guys put into their appearance is very little. This claim that I'm presenting can be greatly reflected in men's clothing. For the most part, the range of clothing trends specifically marketed to males is quite narrow. If you count the number of styles available for guys and set them next to the number of styles for girls, you would see a very big disparity. So, to the topic in question. Should men wear girly clothes. You haven't really made your point specific, if you mind me saying. Are you saying that our society and culture should accept men who wear female clothing? Because if that's the case, that's not really an issue of equality, but more of an issue of individuality. If a guy wants to wear female clothing, then that's good for him. He can do what he wants. He might catch a few weird looks, but he won't be arrested or beaten. Crossdressing is not illegal and if you wear clothing that contradicts the guidelines that your sex is made to follow, you would be in as much danger as members of the LGBT community, which BTW has gained acceptance in many states for the past seven decades. Women can wear men clothing because females are easier to appropriate interests and styles of the opposite sex, both temporarily and permanently. In regards to clothing, women are not exactly taking their husbands' or boyfriends' clothing out their wardrobes and wearing it in public. What happens is that companies and designers take the style of men and modify it so that it can suit women practically and fashionably. The result is deemed logical and socially allowed because these articles of clothing have been minutely changed and adapted for women. If you try this with guys, your "new fashion trend" would last no more than a minute. To illustrate, let's say you wanted leggings to be a part of a men's fashion. So you increase the measurements and maybe add some masculine color and images like a skull or something. There wouldn't be any guy that would want to buy it. It's just not masculine, even if you try to slightly change it. Try to change the leggings completely and you wouldn't have leggings anymore, but something that guys would find suitable for their self image and cultural image. Leggings emphasize the features of the womanly figure. That is one of its main purposes, to make women physically attractive. Guys wouldn't want to wear leggings because it doesn't help in their pursuit to make them physically attractive; they'd rather get a muscle shirt of dry fit shirt. So that is the permanent view on females taking male characteristics. Temporary would be a girl liking action figures at a young age and then losing interest when she grows up. Now, have you ever seen a boy playing with a Barbie doll properly (not tampering and breaking it) ever in his life? No. I made this too long. Perhaps I should save the rest of my points for the next round. :)
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