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Metal Is The Superior Music Genre!

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Started: 7/21/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Metal is the superior and best music genre in the world, and has always been ever since it was created.


As someone who is involved in almost every type of music aside from "metal" and "rap", I can easily say there is a reason. I'd say that metal is the worst form of music (unless you include rap, which shouldn't be considered music at all but for some reason is). The application of music theory is almost non-existent and it overall is just so unappealing. Not just the sound, but also the musicians themselves as most of them dress like they were possessed by Satan himself and give off a completely negative energy with both their speech and actions. I have never once heard any uplifting metal song that would make me and a majority of the sane population feel better.

Of course, none of this can factually prove that "metal" isn't the superior music genre, but also, nothing can confirm that it IS; this is a debate based on opinion alone. Though I'm not usually one to make assumptions, I will take my previous experiences with "metal" music listeners and say that I don't expect any respect to come from my opponent. But if any is given, that would be great!
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Posted by anti_ethnocentric 3 years ago
Jazz , bossa nova, classical , Blues , those genres have proven to have had made more impact in musical styles around the world than any of Heavy metals sub styles .
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
- Steve Vai, Tony McAlpine & Billy Sheehan - I'm The Hell Outta Here
That's phenom musicianship!!! Now what would happen if there would be vocals added to that song? Then it would be heavy metal. Should it be treated any less?

Now here's some phenom musicianship WITH vocals. And granted, the vocals are most assuredly NOT for everybody and for me in many ways ruins it. And all of these bands listed below are dominated not by men, but by women. What a fresh change of pace!
- Neoin
- Pokerface The Chessboard Killer
- Nemesis Living Dead People
- Burning Witches Black Widow (very very good twin guitar musicianship from Germany)
- IGNEA - Alga (clearly owes their entire lives to Nightwish)
- JINJER Pieces (vocal talent here tripping on a dime of regular "nice" singing into groveling growling. That's hard to do they are from Ukraine)
"" I Speak Astronomy
Well wow. What can I say. Its one of the very best videos I've ever seen. I just saw it for the first time just a few moments ago. I think its what every band should aspire to. Its got great SPFX. Tells a definitive story. Has a distinctive style all its own. It not the same "Oh look at me I'm so cool. I just made a video" crap. Just heard this band for the first time a few moments ago. Its rare to find a band that puts its foot forward and tries to do something that every other band doesn't do.

Well gtg please always tc and have fun... I won't sign my name because its the other person's debate. But he may be and I'd be willing to bet will be interested in at least a few of the vidies.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Btw, Igorrr is from France and Einsturzende Neibauten is from Germany.

Now a lot more on the normal side...
- Hawkwind Choose Your Masques
- Hawkwind Sonic Attack (another of my fav lp"s)
The very best at space rock. Will be together for 50 years in 2019.

Speaking of which, Judas Priest in which WERE my fav band way back when (NOT ANY MORE!!!) will be on tour with Deep Purple shortly! And this year in DP's 50th! So many congrats to them!

Also another thing about metal. Jazz by far is where the musicianship lies. Then its classical. And then yes you guessed it, it metal, especially heavy and or even death metal. Some of those licks are truly amazing. It takes time and does not happen overnight to get good and compose these songs. Here's a prime example.
- Cannibal Corpse The Scourge of Iron
Now in no way is this song satanic. This band has been around for 30 years! They love what they are doing and they love HORROR films in which their songs are about. And they are great musicians. AND I do know that two, though I am not sure of a third is married and has kids. And you should listen to these guys talk! They are phenomenally intelligent and smart. Though there's probably a 0% chance you will like their music.

- Nightwish The Greatest Show on Earth (wow what a stage show! and Floor Jensen can really belt it. Their music is really well composed They are from Finland and clearly classical trained)
- Nightwish Sagan (Its about Carl Sagan)

You know, many in metal WERE classically trained!

Here's one of the greatest songs of all time that can't be denied...
- Edgar Winter Frankenstein
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Lol sorry for taking the debate!

Okay, I understand where you're coming from given the view based on music.

I know I shouldn't be so quick to judge these people because of the music they make, but, as I mentioned before, I just feel this kind of vibe from them that sets off internal alarms. Some of the things they say and a few of their actions can be very questionable sometimes.
Of course, saying that they dress like Satan himself wasn't meant to be in the topic of religion, but now that we're here, let's get into it a little bit! No, they're not supposed to dress like God, but the way they present themself isn't the most admirable is all I'm saying. But after reading more of the old testament God doesn't seem like one of the most moral of beings, after all...
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
kids, and are probably the nicest people in the world that you would probably ---ever--- want to meet.

Now here's some music that is gone from this earth that is very hard on the ears. But you know what? Its so phenomenally original, it cannot be classified. And I'll take that anytime. I don't want to hear the same thing over and over. I want to hear something different for a change. Not always though. But I'm not normal!
- Melt Banana Chain Shot to Have Some Fun
- Melt Banana T for Tone
(perhaps heaviest metal metal bands of all time musically with pip squeak vocals. They've been together for 26 years and are from Japan)

- Igorrr Live Full Set
(clearly has one of the best drummers in the world Talking with 2 other friends of mine who also are music experts, they have no idea how to classify this band. Truly great stuff. Yes, since its impossible to classify, with all of its strangeness, this band is NOT in any way for everybody!)

- Einsturzende Neubauten Z.N.S.
- Einsturzende Neubauten live in Prague (if you do not like the first song FF to the next)
- Ebphilharmonie (genius concert and the setting = wow)
- Einsturzende Neubauten Headcleaner (my choice for the heaviest song ever recorded
(E.N. has been around since 1980 and has done 4 masterpieces in my willowed mind. They started off with extremely noisy and beautiful barren landscapes that were terrifying. They"ve since mellowed out considerably. They use shopping carts, sheet metal for drums, they even took a jet engine on tour with them for one of their tours. I got to see them live in either 92 or 93 I don"t remember. A new album is due out in Sept. I can't wait!
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@32doni32nido32 - Grrrrrrrr. Oh you bad person you. I was just about ready to accept this debate. Metal does have a lot going for it. Certainly a lot more than rap, country, hair metal which cannot be described in this category of metal, ANYTHING that has to do with the worst genre of all time = grunge, then there's disco, and you've got all these yeeky twerps like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift who have completely sold out among many others etc etc etc. Now metal isn't the only genre of music that breaks the rules of music theory. Nearly all bands in rock music do. Granted it started with Black Sabbath and the parallel 5th and octave and all they did was distort them and to a lot of people it sounded good and thus heavy metal was born to many and man was that idea alone so influential. Its why I'm such a miserable guitar player. That's pretty near all I could play. But that's the way my fingers could move. My compositions are a lot better. But personally, I think for the 70's metal, I think that Deep Purple did it one helluva lot better.
Deep Purple's Burn is a classic album and a classic song. And bands are now playing that song from across the world.
- Deep Purple Burn
They are also playing Highway Star
- Deep Purple Highway Star
- Black Mamba Highway Star

Also you mentioned "dress like they were possessed by Satan himself..." What are they supposed to dress like - god? And give off the worst possible negative attention? There's only something like 10 sentences in this wordy bible where this satan character even speaks. Like he's guilty of what exactly and how is he to defend himself? I get it he's automatically guilty because god who is completely immoral says so. Correct? And no a lot of heavy metal bands dress as they feel like it. They have long hair. Wow. Please don't judge when MANY of these people have families.
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