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Middle schoolers should not date

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Started: 2/7/2017 Category: News
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Middle Schoolers should not date. Agree if you disagree. Agree if you Agree.


I believe that middle schoolers should be able to date as it is a testing grounds and a time where things in the body both physically and emotionally as well as in a hormonal way. The very notion that middle schoolers should not date is absurd, while all people develop at different stages it is important for those who Devlop more quickly to have the opportunity to "text the waters" and understand limits and self-control while experimenting with new things.
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Posted by Debating_Horse 4 years ago
Never dated when I was in middle school. Story: I was also mocked and harassed for not having a girlfriend. I didn't care what those douchebags said about me, it was them who never received honors for great academic work, and girls still gave me a glance and smiles, and it was the douchebags who always asked me for help when the time came that they needed help with class assignments. It was funny to humiliate them by saying very loud "Why not ask your girlfriends to help you?" They all looked at each other, one tried to assault me, but was punished, I felt good, I wasn't even given an detention for my statement, but my friends protected me while on my journey, and in return I gave them help. From that point on that is how it was, never went to a dance, just stayed home to either play video games, or to go play basketball at a friend's house. Funny that the girls never even made an attempt to invite to a dance either, many of them being very attractive too, but yeah I don't think dating in middle school is something that needs to be practiced in this level of school, maybe high school but not middle.

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