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Money Was the cause of our success but NOW is the cause of our destruction.

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Started: 11/30/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Today, I am very sure many of you who are reading this have seen a running factory with all the CO" being pumped out and you all think that this is the cause of pollution and when they know this why don't they stop? That is because today everyone cares about MONEY. Those factories are running because the government/ whomever owns that factory want to earn a profit and so in the greed of money they don't care about how much they pollute the environment because they know if they stop running those factories they won't earn money anymore. And this is not only those factory owners who care all the time about money, It's mainly US(not USA) who always talk about money. I am pretty sure whoever's reading this, If your parents run a business, They do it for a profit and I am confident that none of your parents own a NON profit company. Why? Because they want to earn money. Everyone is just so addicted to money that they feel that there is no life without money. That is where they are wrong. I also used to think like this until I had my phone and wallet confiscated one day and I had to survive outside without my phone or any cash. I am pretty sure you all must have given up that very moment as you all depend upon these two. Even I was about to give up but just grabbed my bicycle and went to random places and it felt good and I realized that I was just depending my life on money and gadgets that I did not realise there was a whole world out there which I could explore for free. It was like a now entertainment source I had just found. So my point is that today, Our world is just always dependant on all these facilities that we can't even live without them and the government also understands the consequences of some of them but does not do anything. On one hand we have Donald Trump, The current president of the United states of America, Who thinks that climate change is a hoax on the other, Countries still sell tobacco even when everyone including them know that tobacco is harmful for us and the environment but they still allow to sell tobacco. Why? Because of the money they earn form it. Oil is one of the resources that we depend largely on and those are natural resources we find on the ground but we know that we will run out of oil as it Is abundant and yet we extract all that oil from the ground because of the money they get from extracting the oil form the ground. We are destroying the environment just to get something we created for the comfort of our life. The resources which people rarely get in some countries we just toss them away in the garbage can. Why? Our parents or grandparents might be /have read the newspaper daily and the newspaper is printed on paper which comes from trees. We are cutting down trees so that we can print news of that day which we don't see again. And there is a replacement even for books, Kindle. Kindle is well renowned but people who can afford it don't use it. Because they think it is better to ruin the environment and get books at a cheaper price. And everyone who has been through proper education knows this and yet takes no further action. Why? Because the money they will lose in that is the first thing that pops in their mind.


Here are some basic rules of economics:

A business is trying to maximize profit.
A buyer is trying to maximize happiness.
For every item, There is a certain price range at which customers are willing to buy something. For example, You may buy a loaf of bread for $5 when going to the market. But, If you go and see that the price has become $15, You'd probably skip out on it (these numbers aren't meant to apply to all bread everywhere, This is an example of the price of something tripling and so you don't buy it anymore).

With these, We can now debate on money and the environment.

For any functional society, There needs to be a good economy, No matter what kind of society you have (as long as it has currency). If the economy is bad, Say good bye to happiness and innovations. When trying to find a better alternative to wasteful paper, There are many factors to consider. Can people just stop buying paperbacks? Well, No. . So as long as there's a market for them, They're going to be sold. Not only because companies are greedy for money, But also because there's a demand for the item. As long as there's a demand, Don't be surprised that there's a market for it. Perhaps blame the people wanting as much as the people selling.

Next, We need alternatives to whatever is being sold. For example, Cars take up gas or diesel, They run on fossil fuels. We can't do this forever, And electric cars are becoming more popular. However, Not everyone can afford one - so the market is still open and popular for gas cars. To replace gas cars entirely, You need to have a good replacement. Eventually, Gas powered cars WILL be phased out for electric ones, It's simply a matter of time. These pushes are made by those who see the benefits of the change. We pull out fossil fuels because they are a necessity, And to replace them is not an easy task to do. Even money aside, Without fuel whole countries would collapse.

So in the end, To ultimately have a functional society that can advance to the point where it does its best not to destroy the environment, It has to kinda destroy the environment. You have to spend money to make money, Right? Without the advancements fossil fuels allowed us to make, We wouldn't be able to have made the innovations that could lead us to electric. Eventually, The electricity needed to power these things will also be made without fossil fuels, Using solar, Wind, And nuclear energy. But this is still a good while away, And you can't expect whole countries to stop what they're doing because it's hurting the environment temporarily.

Changes like the ones your propose are slow, Because they aren't lead by the market. When the market operates with minimal interference, That's usually when it runs at it's best. And you may think the environment should take priority, But people's quality of life are a big factor too. Innovations end when citizens are struggling to make ends meet. So these changes must happen slowly so the market can adapt, And prices can be stable and relatively affordable.

The environment is everyone's concern, But if fixing the issue was as simple as changing to Kindle devices, It wouldn't be such a big topic of discussion. However, Sooner or later the change will come - by necessity if needed.
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Posted by billsands 2 years ago
i c that now wut u sed
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
I don't care about money. I never have. I never let the concept of money rule or ruin my life. I was born under a super rich multi millionaire several times over greedy daddy in which case I have nothing to do with all of my family anymore, And neither would you if they did what they did to me unto you. And for my Bar Mitzvah, My daddy invited all of his millionaire friends over, Naturally I didn't have too many of mine over, But wow what a complete and total turn-off. Now I live at the poverty level literally scraping for penny to penny. I'd rather be where I am now than to be under my daddy's shoes and have all the chunks of money in the world and be extra greedy. What a complete and total turnoff.
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