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Money shouldn't exist

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Started: 8/11/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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How much money you have has nothing to do with merit or with knowing how resources should be used, It is simply a matter of convincing those who already have it to give it to you. Money is obtained through nepotism, Mass appeal, Or serving the elite, Not through merit.


While money and the economy can seem like a big issue at first, If you look deeper into it (and not even that much deeper) you can see why it is good.

With money, We have the ability to trade easily. Humans need to trade for societies to grow because without trade nobody would be able to work properly because they wouldn't be able to get the food they need or the workers they need. Money allowed us to trade easier because we didn't have to go looking for what the other trader wanted, You could just have what the trader needed: money. That is the reason that money is so important for society. It allows workers to work and traders to trade. Without money, Society would collapse in on itself very fast as workers would not have motivation to work and traders couldn't trade due to there being a lack of people having what they want.

In other words, Society cannot viably function without money.
Debate Round No. 1


You aren't really wrong in a way, But there will come a time when money is no longer relevant and when I say it shouldn't exist I am saying that the end game should be it not existing. The future will be very different from how things are now, There will be less jobs because of automation yet paradoxically our capacity to produce will go way up. This means that without socialism we will have a future where vast abundance is technically feasible but where few get to enjoy it because there will be no employment like there is now. Money is not ultimately ideal because it isn't scientific and influences how we use resources in an illogical way, Which there will be less and less room for the more technologically advanced we become because the way we run society will have to become increasingly technical as opposed to a system which requires no scientific literacy from it's controlling entities. If you aren't in favour of money ultimately being fazed out of society then you are in favour of humanity ultimately going extinct because we will have type 1 level technology that can equally destroy the entire planet as it can produce abundance and we will still have scientifically illiterate fucktards like Trump who only care about profit and a socially constructed unscientific monetary economy running things for the benefit of the ultra rich while shitting on the environment.


That's farther into the future. Most jobs will stay as human or mostly human jobs in the near future, You're looking past our life span for it to be effective. I also thought this was a debate about how money shouldn't exist right now, Not how it shouldn't exist in the future. You see, If we take out money right now, That won't really help us prepare for the future and it'll only mess up our current economy and cause an economic and technological collapse.

We'll still have human jobs in the future, Even at the point that you're mentioning, So money won't be completely useless.

And maybe AI jobs aren't that good for the reason you mentioned. It's just as likely that there won't be an AI economy in the future as there is a chance that there will be one for the reason you mentioned.

That's what I thought this debate was about, But I'll continue the debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Money is an immutable reality of the world we are living in, Theoretically we could have made it this far without money or capitalism ever existing but that's just not the reality of it. So yes, Even now money shouldn't exist but it does and despite socialism being the ideal money still has it's uses and is necessary for human society as it currently stands. This is not because money is a good thing generally, But because it needs to be gradually phased out rather than simply done away with in order for society not to collapse, Since society is essentially built on money.
Automation is inevitable and so is AI, If you think we shouldn't make full use of these technologies just because it is bad for the made up economy then I rest my case. Without money this technology would simply be freeing people from boring repetitive jobs so they can pursue better things, But in the monetary system it "takes money to make money" and what will happen is that not only will non-privileged people have no jobs but they will have no opportunity to be their own boss and be an entrepreneur which requires money to do.


Read my first argument. Society COULD NOT, I repeat, COULD NOT, Exist without money. We wouldn't be able to trade, Have jobs, Etc.

"Automation is inevitable and so is AI, If you think we shouldn't make full use of these technologies because it is bad for the made up economy then I rest my case"
I never said that. Of course automation and AI are good, It's just that they're coming farther into the future and I don't think we should implement socialism yet because it will mess up our current economy. It'll be fine in the future, However.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CraneTechnique 2 years ago
Communist countries don't exist. Communism in and of itself has no monetary system or state but it only exists theoretically, What you call "communism" is actually the earliest stage of Marxian Socialism the goal of which is to ultimately culminate in communism but it has never gotten anywhere close historically.
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
Even if then, Communist contries have currency.
Posted by Brendo 2 years ago
This is just communism vs capitalism
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