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Naruto Vs Goku Vs Saitama Vs Superman Vs Luffy

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Started: 9/26/2017 Category: TV
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ok the first one to go down would be luffy he is super weak compared to all of them even though i love him he has to go second would be naruto he is very strong he even beat madara and kaguya but superman goku and saitama could beat both of them easily next would be goku he is very strong compared to all of them but saitama can beat everyone with one punch and superman only uses half of his strength he only uses a part of it. and the next one would be superman and the winner would be saitama

Explain in more details when you're writing please


What up brother how you feeling?
You haven't really gave a specific topic to debate here their would be multiple positions and It would get messy.

I still have an argument though!

Saitama wins only bc he is a gag character and in his anime he gained planet busting feats by only doing 100 push ups, 100sit ups, 100 squats, and a 3km run for a few years. His main appeal is that he can defeat anyone no matter what period. Now Kid Goku was training by dodging lighting and fighting armies of robots and soldiers as a child. Naruto can beat Luffy, Luffy can beat no one here and Goku can beat everyone except Saitama, while superman can beat everyone excluding Goku and Saitama. Here are the rankings I shouldn't have to cite info but I probably will.


Forfeit for me please kid.
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Posted by TheGamingSenpai 4 years ago
im new to this site so yeah sorry
Posted by What50 4 years ago
Ben 10 would beat all of them.
Posted by ShyreWolf 4 years ago
Please explain how this is a debate. Is Con supposed to argue that it's the other way around?
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