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Naruto is a good show

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Started: 11/16/2018 Category: Entertainment
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This is a debate about whether or not Naruto is a good show. Follow up on another debate. This is going to my arguments which hopefully Pro sufficiently argues against them. What I deem sufficient is facts not opinion. When I states facts. I simply what Pro to show opposing evidence that clearly states why the fact is wrong. No opinions. Try to list examples why these points are not the case. If you sufficiently answer all the question then you win. If you think one of these points clearly is a fact. Quote it and tell me why.

Series about hardwork overcoming natural gift while also having the main character be the most priveleged child to have ever existed.

The lesson Naruto is trying to preach is that even if you aren't born with amazing gifts. Hard work and ingenuity overcome these things. The series proves the opposite is true.

Naruto is super priveleged. The series makes a big deal on how many gifts were given to him as the story goes on. The Nine Tails Fox is one such gift.

Chakra is physical stamina. When Naruto deplete all of his Chakra. NTF gives him more. How much more does he give him? However much the plot needs (Deus Ex Machina).

Everyone acts like Naruto is strong but the viewers know the NTF is supplying him with plot convience Chakra. Naruto is not a good fighter without the NTF since he relies on it when he is losing the fight.

Examples: Naruto steal something from the library. Learns the signature move to make the shadow clones. He learnt it in a few minutes. Shadows clones are supposed to be really difficult to create but he creates a lot of them. Why is it difficult? It uses a lot of Chakra. Where does he get all the Chakra? NTF.

Naruto can make Shadow Clones but cannot make normal clones. Shadow clones were invented by the best hokage (Tobirama). Shadow clones are more difficult to make and is only teached to high ranking Ninjas. Naruto basically cheats to make shadow clones but when it comes to his skill alone he cannot even make normal clones.

Naruto can say he tries really hard but we never really see him trying really hard. The only example was a flashback of him doing crunches but in the same flashback he has a pile of books around him, Trying really hard to use Chakra but he couldn't.

He wants to be Hokage but does not know the fundamentals of being a Ninja.

End of the series they lock him up and force him to study. He does not realise Hokage requires to know the fundamentals in order to do your job properly.

He relies on his gifts to do everything (NTF). If he did not have NTF he would have died a lot earlier in the series.

He has the ultimate biological privelege in the Universe (Bloodline). He was born better then everyone else.

He is most important person in the history of his village. He also the reincarnation of one of the most importnat person ever lived (Twin sons of the mother of all Ninjas). No one else reincarnated apart from Naruto and Sasuke.

Rock Lee is only one that you can point that is hardworking whereas everyone else is born better.

The moral of Naruto. Either you are born better or you are useless in a fight.

Fight 10: Rock Lee vs Gaara. Gaara is so gifted he does not even need to move to even throw an attack since the sand does all the work for him. Rock Lee had to damage himself just do stand a chance against Gaara. Rock Lee opens the gates to even stand against Gaara. Rock Lee almost beats him but did not do enough damage and Gaara finsihed him off by closing his hands. Lee is more relatable in this Arc then any other character in the series. Naruto is supposed to be about hardworking overcoming obstacles but Rock personifies it.



You basically used a whole video to cheat on this debate. This is about your opinion. Not another person's opinion via a Youtube video. But since you stand by that video so much, I'll go ahead and respond to the video's points now

You seem to have changed up your debate quite a bit. I'll point them out and debunk them.

In the last debate you said "Naruto is wrong" please explain that.
You also say that he is a god. So I will include that in my response.
My response to him being a god was "That's what he deserves, He worked hard up to that point. So by that, Does that give me the right to say that "Luffy from One piece started out strong (which he did) so that makes Luffy wrong. He should start off as an underdog. "
You also said "Naruto is stupid and never studies" I responded with: Welcome to A Shounen MC. Most MC's are dumb and clumsy but get better & improve over time.
You said "At one point he did not even know what Chakra was. " - I responded with: That's what the ninja academy is for. To teach young ninjas about what chakra is, How it works and how to be a ninja.
You said "Naruto is only being Hokage for the attention. " Please explain that.
You said Naruto is born with kekkei genkai which is not true at all. Proof: https:// anime. Stackexchange. Com/questions/19111/why-doesnt-naruto-possess-any-of-his-clans-specific-jutsu

Point 1) "privileged" - Naruto isn't super privileged. I would describe Sasuke or Neji as privileged. The Nine Tails gave Naruto hell at first, It was the reason for his sad childhood and that's why everyone hated him. I wouldn't call that a gift, I call that a curse. But Naruto eventually gained control of the Nine tails and they are both friends and he now uses Kurama for positive reasons to protect the village. All the villagers trust him now. The way you talk about Naruto makes it seem like he started off strong and perfect, Which he did not. He wasn't born with talent. Naruto always messes up and is clumsy. He failed the graduation exam 3 times. He isn't perfect.

Point 2) Nine tailed fox gives him more chakra, Okay and? That's part of him, It's his power.

Point 3) He is a good fighter without the 9 tails. Again, The 9 tails is just apart of him and it's his trump card. It's his power so he has the right to use it. Just like Goku has the right to turn Super Saiyan. (My next point covers both of your paragraphs at the same time regarding Naruto not being able to use clone jutsu and "cheating" using shadow clones)

Point 4) If Naruto is able to make so many clones due to his ridiculous amounts of chakra, Then the likelihood of him knowing how to do the normal clone technique is quite high. Shadow clone jutsu is a more difficult and higher level jutsu than clone jutsu. So he can do clone jutsu. We just don't see him do it since Shadow clone jutsu is his signature technique. (That's a fact. Look it up. You can't deny facts and research) You act like it was Naruto's choice to have the Nine tailed fox. He didn't have a choice. His parents gave him it. So it's not fair to say he's cheating.

Point 5) Of course. That was just in the beginning. He's an underdog. He sucked at everything and worked his way to the top. He does try hard. But didn't you say he's a privileged god? Oh. That flashback wasn't the only thing they showed regarding him training and working hard. He trained with Jiraiya to work on his rasengan, He then went away with Jiraiya for 2 years to train, And after that he trained with Kakashi for his new jutsu, Rasenshuriken and the one arc in Naruto part 1 where Tsunade was meeting up with Orochimaru, Naruto was training super hard in his rasengan training and Shizune caught him training and Naruto collapsed, And he got taken back in the hotel room and Tsunade said he's gonna be out a couple of days. And even Lord Fukasaku trained Naruto to learn sage mode, And many more training before that. Naruto wasn't born knowing everything and he didn't get things just handed to him. Yet again. . . You say he's privileged and gifted? Oh. "He is basically trying really hard by force instead of using his brain. " - How could you prove that? Perhaps in the beginning he worked harder not smarter. Well he is stupid which you said earlier, So you answered your own question.
"Physical activity is what Naruto is good at. " - Well yes, Ninjas are supposed to be physical it isn't just about the books if that's what you're referring to. Physical activity involves going on missions, Training, Fighting, Etc.

Point 7) "He wants to be Hokage but does not know the fundamentals of being a Ninja. " He learned how to be a ninja. In this whole argument you're being way too critical. Or rather, The video is way too critical. You act like Naruto is supposed to be born smart and know everything. (You did say he was born gifted. . . Remember? So much contradiction) Back to what I was saying, You act like he's supposed to be born smart. No. This applies to the real world. For example, Some young children want to be someone when they grow up. Say a doctor or a nurse. But you have to go through training for all of that. You must go to medical school. If you want to be a lawyer, You have to go to law school. When you're born you won't automatically know every single thing, You are just a baby and you must be taught life skills. Naruto wants to be Hokage because he wants to become the strongest ninja of his village and to protect everyone. Naruto also quoted "So everyone can stop disrespecting me to look up to me like I'm somebody, Somebody important. "

Point 8) Exactly he is being taught how to be Hokage.

Point 9) He doesn't need Nine tails for every single thing. Doubt he would even die since MC's don't die.

Point 10) How? If anything, I would say Minato is since he's one of the strongest who's ever lived.

Point 11) There are plenty of other important characters in Naruto. Just because they aren't reincarnated after someone doesn't make them not important. Of course Naruto & Sasuke are in the spotlight more because they are the main characters.

Point 12) Because he doesn't have ninjutsu or genjutsu. Prime example about Lee and Neji. Neji is born gifted and talented and Lee has to work for it. But even people who are born with talent, Such as Kakashi are still humble and acknowledge Rock Lee. Just because someone else has Ninjutsu doesn't make them gifted because some people trained to improve as well. It's all about their personality. Just as long as they aren't cocky.

Point 13) That moral is misconstrued. Again, You're going based off of a video.

You're very contradicting, Or should I say the video you sent - but I'll just say you're contradicting since you stand by the video behind someone else rather than your own words. You naively believe in everything in that video which is full of misguided beliefs and opinions about Naruto which are extremely subjective.

I'll explain the contradiction: One minute, He's privileged, He's a god and he's gifted. Next minute, He's stupid and doesn't know anything. Well, If he's privileged and gifted and things like that, Then explain how he's stupid then and how he couldn't use chakra at first and everything else? Come on now.

So by this argument, Do you say the same for Gaara since he has the One tailed beast (Shukaku) sealed inside of him? So is he born privileged as well? Also, He became Kazekage. Him and Naruto had very similar sad childhoods. So tell me what you think about that.

I will include my Neji angle since you brought it up first: As far as the Neji fight, Neji himself said being Hokage is all about destiny and that it doesn't matter how hard you work. But Naruto CLEARLY proved Neji wrong and Naruto indeed became the Hokage. Naruto even changed Neji after he defeated him. He changed his beliefs and his views. That's also the big thing about Naruto, He has the power to change people.

Correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember right, You even said you dropped Shippuden so your argument isn't even possible for me to take that serious. You don't know ALL about Naruto. The series, Not the character. You're going off of a video. I'm challenging you to reply to me now. Meaning reply with your own words now, And don't find a video to rebuttal with or to help you out. That way it shows not only me, But the public that you are credible and confident in your words. You used someone else for this argument which is unfair. All of this honestly just comes off as a personal grudge against a fictional character which I find very disturbing. I've seen Naruto about 10 or so times, You can't just say these types of things so loosely and thinking they are true. The funny part is 90% of your whole argument is just your opinion on how "bad" Naruto is as a character. But the debate is about Naruto the SHOW. Sure Naruto the character should be talked about and brought up but that's literally all you're talking about. . . On top of that, You used this whole debate from a video instead of your own words.
Debate Round No. 1


Pro is not accepting the rules of this debate. I have nothing to reply to given by my sufficient definition which was meant to be followed.


Let me post Con's rules: "This is going to my arguments which hopefully Pro sufficiently argues against them. What I deem sufficient is facts not opinion. When I states facts. I simply what Pro to show opposing evidence that clearly states why the fact is wrong. No opinions. Try to list examples why these points are not the case. "

Before I continue, This will be my last time debating with this individual.

I clearly followed every single rule. Everything you listed was not a fact, It was more so an opinion and as a matter of fact, It's from a Youtube video, Not your own words. Which is not fair. This shows that you are not credible.

I did list examples. Most notably on my points 5, 7 and 12.

What really is happening is that you can't handle the heat and you know I am winning. I am no longer giving you anymore energy. I'm over the situation and I tried staying civil, But now you're just being really annoying. So I am now leaving the situation.
Also, I'm going to reply to the comments you posted on the last debate:

"Naruto is gifted with the NTF does not mean he is clever. That was my point. Gifted I used was the NTF not him being born intelligent. It is not a contradiction" - Okay thanks for clearing that up because the way you were typing at first came off that he was born smart, Clever & intelligent.


"I said he was gifted and was stupid which he is. Does he knows the fundamentals of being a ninja? No. When he becomes Hokage is he not forced to learn them? Yes. So even though he was a living God he still did not know the fundamentals. " Your whole argument makes it seem as if you hate Naruto. Again, This is what the academy is for. So Naruto can learn the fundamentals of being a ninja. This applies to real life, When a baby is born and growing up, They don't know everything right off the bat. You slowly learn everything. He learns about being Hokage - what's wrong with that? Just like you have to learn and train how to be a cop, How to be a nurse, Or how to be a lawyer.


I answered all of your rebuttals. I posted about 7 comments responding to them.


"Yeah Naruto is a god in the end. And? That's what he deserves, He worked hard up to that point. " - Yes that's my rebuttal.


"Naruto was born gifted, Did he deserve that? No. " It was beyond Naruto's control that he got the Nine tailed fox. Minato sealed it inside of him, Minato even said the reason why he gave Naruto the Nine tailed fox is because he thinks that one day, He will be able to use the power for good reasons. Which indeed happened. So yes, Naruto does deserve the Nine tailed fox.

There will be no longer any communication between us whatsoever. I shall block you. You can block me back. I'll have fun showing my friends all of our debates so they can laugh at how stupid you sound. Thank you for the entertainment
Debate Round No. 2


I simply what Pro to show opposing evidence that clearly states why the fact is wrong. No opinions. Try to list examples why these points are not the case.

If you did not go by my premise why did you accept this debate? I said the points I made were facts. You did not counter my claims with facts of your own.

Side note: You put too much emphasis on how I say something instead of what I actually said you were typing at first came off that he was born smart, Clever & intelligent and Your whole argument makes it seem as if you hate Naruto. This would not be a problem if directly refutted my points instead of thinking how he meant. That is not important.

You are also targetting quotes that were not made in the debate. If it was used as facts to prove my facts wrong then I will allow it but you didn't. This was a new debate with new arguments. Examples I said he was gifted and was stupid which he is. Does he knows the fundamentals of being a ninja? No. When he becomes Hokage is he not forced to learn them? Yes. So even though he was a living God he still did not know the fundamentals.

You comments were not sufficient proof of non-existent facts that proved my facts wrong.

Example of opinions which I did say I wanted:

That's what he deserves
He worked hard up to that point.

Examples which Pro thinks he rebuts my claims but he doesn't:

It was beyond Naruto's control that he got the Nine tailed fox.

Don't care if you block me and I am not going to do the same and why did you not explain yourself in the comments? Maybe I have backed you up in a corner and stated what wasn't proof and what is fact.



"How is Earth being spherical a fact? " I'm not gonna have a debate with you about the earth. If you need some information on earth, Look it up. If you don't think the earth being round is a fact, Then okay.

I'm not bias. I pointed out Naruto's flaws. Not just a great things about Naruto. I've been proving you wrong this whole time, But you don't see it as that, You just want me to kiss your a**. No thanks. Naruto isn't a religion to me. Hopefully you learned your lesson in the future to have a proper debate. How are you going to debate on a topic that you don't know 100% number 1. And number 2. You use a Youtube video as your argument? Use YOUR words, Not someone else's.

You need common sense.

I followed all of your rules, For the 20th time.
Replying to your debate: I did go by the premise.

"targeting quotes that are not made in the debate. " well you made them last debate, And now you want to switch things up and take certain things out of your debate on this page. I suspect you took them out because I called you out on them and you had no rebuttal to it. Examples: "Naruto is wrong" "Naruto is born with kekkei genkai" "Naruto wants to be Hokage for attention" you never added those back in. I put those back in for you so I can prove to you how they are not true. Yet all you keep saying is that I never counteract your claims. Yes I am.

This technically isn't a new debate. It's the same debate as before but on a new page. You put your same argument and I put my same response in a proper, Appropriate manner.

Sidenote: This website is about debates. Not every single thing are facts or has to be facts. Humans have opinions and we voice them. My opinions about Naruto happen to be valid and have some truth behind them, Which in turn makes them a fact. For example, I provided proof that Naruto isn't born with kekkei genkei with the link I sent.

I don't have to keep explaining myself in the comments. This point of all this is to DEBATE. On THIS page. You started the whole commenting thing which was stupid.

You're being a hypocrite. How are you going to try to preach to me about me not counteracting your claims (which I am) yet you haven't even proved my points wrong on my last response (Points 1 through 13) and all the questions I asked for you to answer in the beginning of my response to you still haven't answered. Like "Naruto is wrong" I told you to please explain that. Also the "Naruto wanting attention from being Hokage. " thing. And everything else.

Practice what you preach and don't be a hypocrite.

I was interested in continuing this debate and I wanted to see where it goes but your childishness prevented this debate from being a success. All you've shown is your ignorance.

This is a debate. No one has to kiss your a**
Debate Round No. 3


Still has not responded sufficiently.


With that being said, I'm done. Don't be a hypocrite and don't be contradicting.

You titled this "Naruto is a good show" but not once ever have you talked about the show in any of our debates. You started this debate off talking about Naruto. And I even listed a golden list of why Naruto is great in our last debate, It's no need for me to put it again.

There is nothing else to talk about.

I'm new to this website and you're the very first person I had an open debate with and you handled everything very poorly. I hope future debates I have on here will be with mature people who know how to debate, Who uses their own words and who goes with the topic at hand instead of commenting something completely different that had nothing to do with the debate, In order to make the other person mad. Hopefully I don't run across another dumb person like you because this was ridiculous.

With that being said, I clearly won this debate and had this debate gone normally and been a success, I still would have won.

Have a good day.
Debate Round No. 4


You did not follow my rules. I clearly stated why your opinions are not facts. You did not win because you did not meet the rules of this debate.


Round 2, I pasted your rules which shows and proves that I read the rules.
And in Round 2 I PROVED that I followed your rules.
What the heck more do you want from me?

That's why I said you are a hypocrite. Don't preach to me saying how I haven't responded to your points which I did TWICE. I did in this debate and our last debate.

You haven't even counteracted my claims in my points nor have you answered any of my questions that I respectfully requested for you to explain to me. So don't put it all on me.

This is embarrassing.
Debate Round No. 5
43 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Darckshado exactly u just stated everything perfectly. Thanks for the feedback
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Good points. I think a large part of the problem is that the debate system just isn't set up in a friendly way toward several debates all working in tandem and effecting each other. Debate system on DDO better for single debate. Private messages and forum section better for really long running discussions.
Personally I'd say private message system is the best for cordiality, Since the people aren't discussing things in public and there's that hint of worry about pride in public/public image. Though that could be opposite if person decides be jerk safely without others to call him out.

Not a disagreement, But a curiosity. Pretty much all art let's call it is subjective. How does one decide bad art? Whether it's paintings, Food, Games, Or movies and books, So to speak.
Posted by Darckshado99 3 years ago
I can't Vote unfortunate, But its clear that pro won, At least he attempted to debate. I don't like Naruto but its a question about taste and to say no opinions and then deny debating when its un-avoidable is just bad manners. Frankly there are better topics to do if you don't want to use opinions Omar, But this certainly wasn't one of them
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Now you know why I mocked and insulted the opponent. Regardless I will apologize to both of you that voted, I never imagined that it would turn out like this and it wasn't my intent for this to be an argument. I only wanted this to be an open, Mature debate especially being that this is my very first time debating on this website.

@Thoht Exactly, That has been my point the entire time. He uses a Youtube video of describing the Naruto the character. The debate is about the series, Not the character. Plus he doesn't use his own opinions that he types himself, He got it from someone else.

Again, On the link I just put on my last comment, We actually debated about Naruto on there. We just continued on here which didn't go so well. (After round 3 is when the Naruto debate began) My "Round 4" is me explaining why Naruto is good.

My apologies again for this not being cordial. It's a big mess. I will take this into consideration. Thanks again.

You guys don't have to vote on my debate page that I sent at all, Don't worry. I only sent that so you guys can understand the entire situation of what was going on between me and omar that led up to this situation.

Another thing, Me and omar always went back and forth in the comments, Which added more fuel to the fire. He would always comment first which is only making things worse, When everything he has to say needs to be said on the debate. Most of everything he puts in the comments were argumentative and out of emotion.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
@Leaning, Yes, This was a continuation I apologize for the confusion. Con did say in the beginning "Follow up on another debate. " but he probably should have provided the link.

The link that started everything is here: https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Should-Anime-Be-Watched-In-Sub-Instead-Of-Dub/1/

I created that debate. Then things took a wide turn because omar2345 made an unnecessary comment that had absolutely nothing to do with the debate. Which made a sticky situation.

Go ahead and look at "Round 3" and see what I said. That explains everything that happened. So now, We switched about debating over Naruto.

His "Round 3" is the same exact thing he posted "Round 1" on THIS debate. Instead of repeating his argument, He could have just continued where we left off after "Round 5" but for some reason he didn't.

So he posts his same exact argument on this debate page and I have no clue why. I followed his rules as stated. So when I replied it's such a problem and I'm not following his rules? Makes no sense. I honestly don't see how I didn't follow his rules.

Also, Take a look at my response on "Round 4" that's my stance explaining on why Naruto is good. I wanted to add that to this debate but I couldn't because I only had room to reply what he was saying about Naruto as an individual, Not the series.

Honestly on: https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Should-Anime-Be-Watched-In-Sub-Instead-Of-Dub/1/ we actually had a proper debate about Naruto. When Con made this debate I was hoping he do a continuation but instead he was being repetitive which wasted my time.

Hope all of that cleared everything for you @Leaning. That's why I brought the other debate into this one. If you have any questions, Feel free to ask on here or message me. Also, Your vote is just fine and I understand it, Thanks for voting. First time on this website, So thanks for both of you guy's insight.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
"This technically isn't a new debate. It's the same debate as before but on a new page. You put your same argument and I put my same response in a proper, Appropriate manner. "
I have to disagree Pro. I don't recall either person saying in round one that this was a continuation. Your use of previous debates muddles your argument for me, And makes your argument overall of lower quality.

For his argument Con does use examples that make some sense such as bloodline, Gifts, How much of the main character goes against what he sees the story's moral as "The lesson Naruto is trying to preach is that even if you aren't born with amazing gifts. Hard work and ingenuity overcome these things. ", Yada. I don't think theses and other statements that Con made are Terrible arguments, Though they can be argued against without too much difficulty.

Pro makes reasonable arguments about how that fox spirit thing could be seen as much of a curse as a gift, If not more so. Notes how Not Privileged Naruto was as a child growing up. Points out that there are other characters in the show and so on.

Honestly what messes Pro up the most is the use of previous conversations and debates with Con. This Really muddles up his arguments for me. Also the insults.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Honestly both guy's I'd just say break ways for now and enjoy life. If you step on a jellyfish at the beach, Why go into a rage pounding it with your bare fists and getting stung more? Then the pulp remains fly here and there, And some get's in your eyes, And the you your friend p***-. Er, Never mind that part. Personally I don't care much about Naruto, I did read it though I never really bothered with the anime. I thought it was alright. There are books and movies I hate, But I usually try to avoid talking about them out of fear mentioning them will only give them more audience and strength. Ho hum. If you don't like my vote, Let me know why, I'll try to do better in the future. And for this debate if asked I'll help trying to get other people to vote on it to outweigh my vote if you don't like it.

Pro mentions many arguments and issues that are not in this specific debate. I didn't see Con mention Naruto being a deity in this debate, Didn't see Con mention any video in this debate. Also haven't read the other debates, Yet.

Pro loses points for conduct. Partially not following the rules stated in 'this debate and bringing in outside debate discussion, Other part for mocking and insulting his opponent.
"There will be no longer any communication between us whatsoever. I shall block you. You can block me back. I'll have fun showing my friends all of our debates so they can laugh at how stupid you sound. Thank you for the entertainment"
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
The debate topic should have clarified what this debate was about. Naruto as a show was not the debate topic here. Most of both of your problems with this center around this.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"Example of opinions which I did say I wanted:"
Example of opinions which I did say I didn't want:
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago
"The way you speak about Naruto is that he started off strong and he didn't. "

It is not about how I said it, It is about what I said. I never said Naruto started off strong. This is a bad rebuttal to my claim.

"Yes the earth is round and that's a fact. But Naruto being privileged is not a fact. "

You did not answer my question. How is Earth being spherical a fact?

"Hopefully you learned your lesson. I am done communicating with you. "

It should be said to you because you do not like your ideas tested and like confirmation bias. If you wanted to engage in a conversation you would concede on some points and prove others to be wrong but you didn't. Hopefully you learned your lesson that Naruto is a religion to you. You are not judging my points fairly instead you write it off as an opinion even though you cannot explain to me what is fact or an opinion. You really wanted your ideas tested? So much so that you refuse to agree with my premises and still take up the debate.
2 votes have been placed for this debate. Showing 1 through 2 records.
Vote Placed by Leaning 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Reason for vote in comments.
Vote Placed by Thoht 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: The debate seemed to be less on Naruto as a show and more about whether or not Naruto had to work for what he got. Pro brings up NTF did not like him at the beginning. That his excellent character brought him friends and even the tailed beasts to his side. Naruto suffered endlessly trying to deal with NTF chakra throughout the series, which was not brought up. But the time Naruto had to spend to master the Rasengan was brought up by Pro. This, among other things, counters Con's point. The debate topic should have been clarified to what it actually ended up being. Conduct was poor on both sides with emotion running high. I submit this was almost entirely due to a failure of the topic. Opinions were used on both sides. Afterwards, a big deal was made out of these opinions. However, the facts are on Pro's side. Naruto was gifted with NTF's chakra seeping into his but this made Sage mode more difficult. Controlling the chakra was difficult. This debate could have been cordial.

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