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Neurodiversity: Mainstream in Psychiatry

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Started: 7/20/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This is an extremely controversial issue, And that's why I ask this question. I believe that neurodiversity should be accepted as the mainstream perspective in psychiatry for three reasons.

First of all, I believe that stigma is implicit to a mental health condition being pathologized. The medical model compares mental health conditions to physical health conditions, But it neglects the fact that people with mental health conditions are often seen as having something "wrong with them" or being "crazy" whereas people with physical health conditions are, For the most part, Seen as not. This influences how people treat patients, How the patients feel about themselves, How likely patients are to seek help, And the life outcomes of the patients.

In one study, A correlation was established between people with autism feeling like their condition wasn't necessarily bad and high educational performance. This correlation could indicate that there's a confounding factor, Such as self-esteem, At play, That the idea motivated autistic people to believe in themselves, Or that autistic people who achieve more are less likely to see their condition as a bad thing. For the first two scenarios, Increasing neurodiversity in psychiatry would directly benefit educational achievement. Fr the third, Autistic people could still believe in themselves and thus be more motivated to achieve more if they didn't believe their condition was inherently bad. This could apply to other mental health conditions as well.

A second reason I would support neurodiversity is that it has mounting scientific evidence. To touch on autism again, A myriad of alleles that seem to exist more in autistic people. This means that there is no one gene that causes autism but that it's influenced by a variety of genes, Just like height, Intelligence, And pigment are influenced by a variety of genes and can be described by a Gaussian distribution. Neurodiversity would, Thus, Lead to better understanding of and treatment of mental health conditions for those who need/want it.

Thirdly, There's social model of disability. According to the Mental Health Foundation, "The social model of disability proposes that what makes someone disabled is not their medical condition, But the attitudes and structures of society. " Think of left-handedness, For example, Not being innately bad, Yet most things are built for right-handed people and people once tried to find a cure for left-handedness. Another example is homosexuality. One could argue that it led to "impairment and distress" because they couldn't feel romantic attraction to people of the opposite gender and couldn't raise a heteronormative family. And a cure for homosexuality was searched for in the United States, Resulting in boys and men having their testicles shocked to "shock the gay out of them. " Now homosexuality is just accepted as a natural part of human genetic variation.

In summary, Because of the effects and moral wrongness of stigma, Scientific evidence, And the social model of disability, I think that the neurodiversity should be accepted as the mainstream perspective in psychiatry, Even blended into the medical model.


I state that there is only one medical dysfunction which is vitamin deficiency disease. Vitamin deficiency results in all body dysfunctions and mental disorder conditions. The medical system tries to complicate disease and mental disorders into subcatergories in order to confuse people and make medical science sound important and complicated. This is not so. Once you avoid certain foods like grain, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol, Fat and salt, You can avoid all diseases and mental conditions. Eating grain food causes the brain to become over excited because it is a high octane fuel which is suitable for animals that can fly. When humans eat grain, It causes anxiety, Phobias and other mental health issues associated with autism. Thus, We don't need any neurodiversity or any other kind of complication because true health and mental balance can be maintained with a proper or paleo diet.
Debate Round No. 1


I need sources for this. It sounds a lot like anti-intellectualism and pseudoscience to me. I'll agree that mental health can influence physical health and vice versa as this has been well-established in the scientific community. But the burden of proof is on you for your claims. I need sources with credible, Scientific, Unbiased studies with properly framed results. Note: if any advertisement tells you that there's an "ancient remedy doctors don't want you to know, " it's probably a scam.

According to Webmd, The causes of mental health conditions are genetics, Brain injuries, Infection, Prenatal damage, Substance abuse, And "other factors" such as nutrition and exposure to toxins that play a role in the development of mental health conditions. Other things like trauma, Loss, Neglect, Or cultural expectations also lead to the development of mental health conditions. This means that a combination of environmental and genetic factors cause mental health conditions. Most of the environmental and none of the genetic factors have nothing to do with a Paleo diet"mental conditions can therefore develop with or without a paleo diet. Adopting a paleo diet is not the solution to every medical condition, Even if it is a healthy choice for some people.

Therefore, You premise that the Paleo diet is needed as opposed to the mainstream application of neurodiversity is unsupported and, In fact, Countered by the medical model (against neurodiversity) itself. Let's debate opinions and not facts.
https://www. Webmd. Com/mental-health/mental-health-causes-mental-illness#1


The problem is that the medical system is essentially a gigantic fraud against humanity. Ever since the begining of human evolution somebody has been trying to scam somebody else with a cure for their maladies. The problem goes all the way back to the beginning of the agricultural revoltion where humans got really clever and discovered that some wild plants could be grown on a massive scale using tillled soil. This led to the mass production of grain foods which were able to be put into storage for long periods of time and could sustain a civilization during the winter or periods of drought. But, Unfortunately, This trick against nature had a hidden cost. The grain food is not a natural source of food for the human digestive system and caused all manner of vitamin deficiency diseases to occur. This effect was highlighted when people used boats to travel long distances. Thus, When you travel by sea in the old days there were no refrigeration systems to keep the food fresh. This resulted in the travellers becoming sick and many died in transit. The people in authority had come to the conclusion that some invisible germ was to blame for this occurence. Thus, To this very day, People still believe that invisible germs (viruses) are the cause of disiease and that a lack of vitamins has little to do with it. Now, The medical system is essentially a money making enterprise which requires lots of sick people for it to work. Thus, The medical system has no incentive to find a cure for any disease because it would mean that they would be cutting their own throats and making no money. Thus, The medical system is not about to spill the beans and let every body know how to fix their medical problems so that they never ever reoccur again. Thus, The problem is that can I provide any evidence of this occuring to prove that I am right? Well, The medical system isn't about to refute hundreds of years of research which is based on one false assumption which is based many other false assumptions.
Thus, The medical system is about making money and complicating the science so that the averge person on the street can't understand what the so called "experts" are talking about. So they just nod there sheepish heads in agreement and take their vaccinations, Medications and other unnecessary surgeries without bothering to dispute the doctors authority.

References -

Wade Fraziers - The Medical Racket
and Leaky gut syndrome websites
Dr Stefan Lanka - virus fraud
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 2 years ago
Could you explain exactly why neurodiversity is so controversial? It seems rather common sense to me to consider that there are dispositional variations in how the mind works and that certain institutions and policies might be more conducive to certain temperaments above others. What research is there allowing psychiatrists to assume a universality where all humans are born with the same neurobiology which then adapts and changes given environmental and experiential factors?
Posted by Akhenaten 2 years ago
Sorry that you can't accept the reality of enormous medical fraud that has occurred since the beginning of time. I just hope that all the poor unfortunate fools who have been misguided by the medical system have learnt something and that they too may start a Paleo diet so that they can avoid all disease and the evil medical system that so many people have been brainwashed into believing.
Posted by Anonymous03 2 years ago
Can't you f*cking read? This clearly isn't a debate that someone of your caliber can just butt in and deny the existence of in the first place. The instigator is clearly looking to debate someone who knows what they're talking about not some deluded conspiracy theory that argues about something entirely different. You ruined a well-constructed debate and wasted peoples' time.
Go away. The half-year in which you weren't present on this site was a great time filled only with the rants of backwardseden and his ilk, Which were still less autism-inducing than your retarded chatter about unhealthy delusions.
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