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Participation trophies

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Started: 3/14/2018 Category: Sports
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Young athletes should not get participation trophies. Because they are not meeting their original purpose, these young athletes should not be awarded for simply participating, and losing is a more important lesson than winning. Some may say that participation trophies are good for kids because then everyone can be a winner. Others argue, that participation trophies are doing that because the lesson of losing can be more important to learn at that age so that they get it in their little heads that it is ok to lose.

Kids should not get participation trophies because they are not meeting their original purpose. Evan Grossman"s article " How participation trophies are making our kids soft," discusses how, today"s young athletes are celebrated just for showing up, as youth sports programs now universally award trophies no matter if your kids won or lost. This means that the players that are putting in the extra work/practice at home are getting awarded just as much as their teammates on the bench that just sit there. Meanwhile, if you"re one of the star players that you are basically ranked on the same level as your teammates on the bench. This is unfair treatment to the star players because they deserve more credit then their teammates that are slacking. Ashley Merryman, the author of "Losing Is Good for You" she said that the self-esteem movement failed to teach kids how to succeed, and giving kids a participation trophy stunts their competitive edge. This just goes to show that the participation trophies have forgotten about their original purpose. Part of the original purpose was to improve self-esteem. Obviously, this isn"t being met if these kids are turning out this way.


Young athletes should most definitely get participation awards. Participating whether or not you win shows bravery and willingness to try even if you know you will not win. Sociologist Hilary Levey Friedman said,"That first participation trophy, it does mean something, especially among the younger kids. The children see them more as symbols and remembrances of an experience,". Winning also isn't as important as hard work and determination to show up to try, which is what these trophies are symbolizing. Self-esteem is also extremely important. Many kids nowadays feel upset because some other kids are naturally better at some things that they put so much time in and feel like "losers" when they don't win. These participation awards boost self-esteem celebrates trying something when you know you won't win so that is why I believe in participation awards.
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