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Pedosexualiy equals love, So Is a person sexuality wrong when it contradicts conservative ideology?

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Started: 12/28/2019 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Pedosexuality is perfectly fine because just like every other sexuality that is not heterosexuality, Has been hated by the right. Yet homosexuality isn't bad, Therefore neither is pedosexuality


Ok, So I'm genuinely not sure if this is a troll post or not, But for the sake of argument I'll treat this as a serious argument unless given reason to do otherwise. We don't measure something is right or wrong based on if the right or conservatives are against it, That's an insane stance to take. What makes any sexual relationship ethical or unethical is whether or not both parties are capable of consent. That's why we would argue adult homosexual relationships are ethically fine but pedosexual relationships are unethical. In the former you have two parties capable of consenting to sexual activities, And in the latter the child would be incapable of giving consent as they do not yet have the mental ability to understand any of the possible consequences of said relationship and are subject to being easily manipulated by the adult in the relationship. This is why we also we don't allow children to sign contracts. This is also why we would say entering a sexual relationship with someone who is severely mentally handicapped would be unethical, Because they would be incapable of giving informed consent.
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Posted by Phil-E-CheeseSteak 2 years ago
First off, Whether or not your more likely to get an std following a conservative or secular system has nothing to do with whether or not said system is right or wrong, There are way more factors you would consider. Secondly, You can follow a secular system of ethics and still practice safe sex, And pragmatically, Pushing more conservative beliefs like only teaching abstinence when it comes sex-ed leads to far poorer outcomes statistically as opposed to more secular-progressive ideas like comprehensive sex-ed programs and the proliferation of contraception. Third you use the words "conservative" and "secular" as if they necessarily can't co-exist, Which isn't true considering there a plenty of secular systems of ethics that apply many conservative standards to themselves. Finally, The idea that secular morality just "throws all restraints to the wind when it comes to sex" is ridiculously stupid, I'm secular in my morality and in this very debate I gave the secular argument for why we would put restraints on certain forms of sexual engagement, Your attacking an insane straw-man of what secular morality entails.
Posted by mixerdriver 2 years ago
Pedosexuality is sexual perversion run wild. It's not about conservative ideology, But about what's best for the child, And no child is ready for sexual relations, Much less with an adult! God only know what diseases that adult has, And it's unconscienable that it be passed on to an young, Naive, BOY. Conservative morality is affirmed in that if you live your life, Sexually speaking, By their mores and standards, You have virtually zero chance of getting any std, Hiv included. Secular morality is shown to be intellectually wrong because showing all restraints to the wind when it comes to sex opens up the practitioner to a pandora's box full of std'd, Hiv included, Not to mention oral and anal cancers, Etc.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Pedosexualiy lacks the key element of consent
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