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People who swear/curse/cuss are lowlives who should be shot and killed.

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Started: 12/21/2019 Category: People
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Profanity makes you dumber and makes you sound dumber, And it is filthy and completely offensive. The person who shoots you for swearing has much higher morals.


That's your own f*cking opinion. Morality is based on your own sh*tty f*cking feelings too. F*cking shooting a person has worse f*cking morals than the person that f*cking swore in the first f*cking place. Swearing is a form of f*cking slang and if you're going to f*cking shoot a person for speaking in a particular f*cking way you're a sh*tty human being.

Tell me why I deserve to get shot. Profanity doesn't make you dumb and I saw a few surveys saying that people who swear regularly tend to have higher mental ability.

Asterisks to get around the curse filter. This was only in the spirit of this debate and I don't really feel that terribly towards my opponent, Just wanted to trigger someone and to make a point.
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Posted by Brendo 2 years ago
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
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