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Rap Battle Part 3

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Started: 3/30/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This is an acceptance round, I'll actually start this time >:P

We're doing something different this time. You have to still diss me, But every time we finish, You have to give me a theme to make the rap about. Nothing vulgar or weird. It can be something like "environmental" or something like that lol. If you don't like someone's theme, Send me a message and we can negotiate on something else.

Make you sure you give me your first theme when you accept.

Have fun! :)


I accept. My theme is going to be animals. Go ahead and rap about your theme first. Good luck
Debate Round No. 1


You come at me thinking you can do the deed
I’m a lion, Dude, I’ll roar until I succeed
I’m powerful, So my warning, Heed
Keep going and you’ll be a horse on my lead

I’ll be nice and lead to the river for some water
You’ll need it because my raps are getting much hotter
You better run, Don’t wanna be in this slaughter
My raps are smooth, Like a bird or an otter

I’m on the cover of NatGeo, At the top of the chain
Keep going and you’ll get a world of pain
I will tower over you, I’ll make the fire rain
You don’t stand a chance, There’s nothing for you to gain
I’m glorious, With my paws, Teeth, And mane
You’re small, Like a bat, Is your last name Wayne?

I understand that you’re trying to do the best
At least that’s what you say, Like all the rest
Turn around, You’re a mouse on a quest
Leave the adventures to predators, They’re not for a pest

I’ll keep it short, And hand it to you
You small little thing, You won’t survive past round 2
You might try it all, But you can’t get the chicken dinner
Even if I do nothing, I'll still be the



For you coming with that bull, I'll show you that Kvng's the goat
This cat'll (cattle) die here from my gun tucked in my over coat
I bare (bear) arms and get the doe once I reach the toast
So if you dare (dear) snake my dogs might as well go for broke

You take me as a to joke? This theme will break you
But since you washed up, We'll travel the seas, I'll take you

My bars are too ill (eel), That's a bad trick
Fish for thought, I'd brag about my bars but I'll keep my lips sealed (Seal)
My rhymes rip you like a shark, You'll need a doc to heal

That's land and that's sea, Let's leave out the lair
To show how fly I am, I'll take you to the air

You're just a chicken. Shut up, Go eat a cock or two
While I'm sippin' Hen' Ima have my pigeons hawking you
You better duck if them two cans (toucans) squawk at you
Two techs, I'll (owl) pair it (parrot) and watch it talk to you

You want people raving (raven) like you go hard
You'll see hawks cause being foul can (falcon) get your throat scarred
Start robbin' (Robin) snatch ya canaries when I bougard
Sick flow, I just hit you with some crow bars

(Environmental theme so I just used animals since they are in the environment)
Debate Round No. 2


You say you're not a joke, But you know you're super goofy
Your catchphrase is "hot dog, " and your hair is super poofy
You got a pet named Pluto, Kicked from the planet list
I guess he's the real joke, He won't be missed

If I'm a chicken, Then you are a turkey
Fire up the burner, Cause you'll make some nice jerky
What else are you good for? Certainly not rapping
Please surrender, Before this becomes a kidnapping

I'll take your children too, The ones that you bred (bread)
Make sure they don't whine (wine), Or I'll eat them instead
You think you can stop me, But get out of my way (whey)
I've got lots of time (thyme), But you only have days

I am obviously superior, You're a little slow
I've got good rounds in a pair (pear), While your ratings are too low
If anything, Your raps are like a snail, Not a crow
I can have my cake and eat it too, You cannot though

Since you're here, Get me a #1 combo
You're a lowly servant, I just won the lotto

So as you try to recover from what is quite the disaster
Just remember, Like Gordon Ramsay, I'll always be the



For Presidence, I'm bringing war
If his men roll, I'm washing ten (Washingon)
Get me mad, A son (Madison) brought more shells
You sell bush? (Bush) Well if it's true man (Truman) then that haze got a poor smell
You getting pairs, But you'll feel more (Philmore) pokes than a door bell
Your girl well, She hop on my pole (poll) Lewinsky
My bars Trump yours so give it up

Your theme: school
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
I remembered to give you yours as soon as I clicked Submit xD

Yours is politics
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
damn sorry lol theme: food
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
What's my theme?
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Oof I forgot to add it, Do environmental :D
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
So in R2 I rap about my theme, Animals right? The one I chose? Or do I rap a different theme? If so, Give me one
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
I accidentally posted this to another one of my debates XD
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Read our previous ones, They're fire :D
Posted by WrickItRalph 3 years ago
I intend to watch.
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