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Rap Battle

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Started: 2/24/2019 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Just a little rap battle lol. Minimum of 10 lines just so that we're not having super short rounds. No maximum lines, Rap as much as you want within the given characters

The first round is NOT an acceptance round because I don't want to go first XD so please start your rap in the next

And please leave the last round blank so that it's an even amount of rounds. Have fun!

Also, Judging should be off of who was funnier and had more lines that made you go OOHHHHHHH XD lol, Also off of who had more consistent rhyming/pattern, PLEASE rhyme in some way because I can't stand raps/poems that don't lol

That's it



Now whether [weather] or not you ready, I'm gone strike you with some lightning. I'm getting so many wins [winds] my reign [rain] must be frightening. Jus' know [snow] I'll hit your granny missed [mist] to get her a cane cause if I heat wave, A shock will twist her [twister] now hail to the king, I see [sea] why you mad, Don't cloud my judgement, I took the game by storm.

Lightest round. Practice. Your turn.
Debate Round No. 1


*Just for future's sake, Please include each line on it's own separate line so that it's easy to read, Thanks! *

My dude, You thought you could actually win?
I hoped I would never be hearing that one again
You mesh your lines in the hopes that I'll be confused
Psyche! , I'll both and win and leave you bruised

My lines have so much fire, It's like they are aflame
I bet that this loss will leave your win ratio in shame
I can't be beaten, I am the lyrical master
The only thing your good at is making a disaster!

You rap with homonyms, You think that that is clever
That attempt has failed, Because I endeavor,
to obliterate you, So I suggest you sever,
your ties to the world, Because you are never
gonna succeed here, Despite however
hard you try to pull the lever

that triggers a win, It just won't budge
As to the victory, It doesn't take a judge
to realize that at the end, It'll take a little nudge

to push me to the top, The place where I belong
since you don't belong in rap, Try a K-Pop song

I realize that it seems like I've been going on forever
So I pass the mic to you, Even though you won't win



Try me, I've been waiting to send your soul to Christ
Speedrace gone see guns singing like karaoke night
You know I'm nice, Say something my bros don't like
My crew start randomly spitting but this ain't open mic

You gone need an ambulance, Patients wait till we emerge and see
Beam on it, I take it off red like burgundy
I use the scope and go a long way like courtesy
Make him move, I'm waiting on the first to lie like April fools

I'm dumpin it, The D on silent like Django
Shoot a f-cking clip in the V like bang bros
I let that b-ch fly for cheap, That's Rainbow's
He can conversate from a box, Let's tango

If I surge in (Surgeon) on your General with no Warning it's a wrap though
My crew swishers in the back row and he'll let the mac blow
I told him to smoke every guy in your circle, No tobacco
Grab the cig, Let the second hand some make the witness go
Steal my weed, The glock will kiss you for the trees, That's a mistletoe

Your bars are meaningless, They're nothing but a weak threat
Try and walk on water like Jesus gone get more than your feet wet
Me and my crew can bust quick like brief sex
To expose the top of your chest like V necks
Just so he can leave with nobody like Keith Sweat
Debate Round No. 2


My dude, You rap like you lack common sense
You obviously need help, So here are my two cents

Stop talking gibberish and come down to earth
Your lines are wanting for substance and girth
Cause up there in space, We can’t hear you scream
Just like we can’t comprehend your delusional dream

You think you’ll win, But you’re a bit misguided
It’s set in stone, My guy, The winner's been decided
It's going to be me, So don't be intransigent
Get out of here, Before you're in an accident

But maybe my vocabulary is too big for you
Let me tone it down so you can understand too
Bo bo bo, Gaw gaw gaw,
That’s baby speak for leave before I beat you raw

You try to act all that, But you need to learn your place
it's underneath my feet, While I rise up to space
That's right, My guy, We're both gonna trade spots
Because the galaxies are only for trained astronauts

When you mess with the best, You end up like the rest
In the bottom of the ocean, Devoid of all emotion

Sans words, Sans feeling, Sans any type of creature
Oh, And sans means without, I guess I'm your teacher

And while class is in session, Let me make one thing clear
If you don't give up, You'll end up a smear

You can't handle these bars, This absolute fire
As soon as you accepted, Your situation became dire
And now you're scrambling, Trying to escape
When I'm done with you, Off of the streets they will scrape

Your lines, Your raps, You'll just become a void
Because, Guess what my dude, You got completely



Chill my dude, Keep running your mouth
I'll put money on your head like a GoFundMe account

Kvng's bars are cheat codes and his journal is full of cheat sheets
And I'm about to take a clean win, I'm a neat freak
Get a glimpse a second before it land, Thats a sneak peak
You are delusional, Against me you have no feat

My wordplay is out of this world, But yours is simply not
In this game, You need to prove yourself, This is the shot clock
You can get the whole cartridge, This when the game stop
Switch blade through your mid section, That's a crop top

Masked up, Shots fired you ain't gone know who to blame
If I hit you, Then I come back around like a boomerang
Your city full of hustlers? Is that where those shooters hang?
Well your circle if full of pvssies I call y'all the Nuvaring

I'm laughing how these dudes be acting I'm twice as real
If I ain't got it, I'll reach for your gun, Like I like the steel/to steal
Y'all like that ignorant sh-t, But I'm righteous still
The left keep the peace but b-ch I got a right to kill

You leaving here Scared Straight I'll make this an awful state
Book you in Bate's Motel now he's Norman Bates
50 in the clip, Get hit with the First 48
If you don't duck, Die nasty (Duck Dynasty) you'll have a horrid fate

Scared Straight, Bate's Motel, First 48, Duck Dynasty, Play with me
Your life can be an original series from A&E
If the views 20/20 hittin' y'all like ABC
You walking dead out of here you are not f-cking with me

You wanna step up to me? Please, This isn't smart
Now you dead, Black panther's head in here get picked apart

You G? Watch your back or it's off with your head today
Time to clean house get these frauds out, It's time to renovate
Put my kills heads on the wall, That's how I decorate
From here on [heroin] you'll get smoked into a veggie state
Debate Round No. 3


My dude, Your predicament is unbelievably sad
So desperate that you copied a whole stanza, Comrade?
Yes, I noticed, My memory's too good
One glance at your debate with BossChick_23 and I figured that you would

Nevertheless, It doesn't matter, Your attempts will fail
Copying the lines of those better than you won't bring you up to scale
You try to set off, But I've prevented you setting sail
Just stay here a while while I tell you a tale

You're curled up, All pale
Quivering like a quail
My raps are like brimstone, Raining down like hail
I know you want to bail
You know you can only fail
I'm just rapping like I was educated at Yale
You'd rather be in jail
You fight, Scream and flail
It's so sad I'm embarrassed to be called a male
You know you can't prevail
So, Like a coward, You turn tail
Because your rhymes are as bad as Trump, And you have an ego like a whale

And don't come at me, Saying my ego's like that too
Unlike you, I don't lie, Everything I say is true
Sure, I'll admit you might have more rhythm, But I'll give you a clue
It's only because I toned mine down to make it easy for you

But no, Not even me conceding would help to amend
The weak lyrics and bad raps that you try to defend
I feel a little bad, So allow me to recommend
that you Raise your hands, Wave a flag, And stop trying to condescend
'Cause I'm already on top, You're looking up at me,
I stare down and wish I was higher than you could see
Even your gaze is worse than anyone could bear
The eyes of someone who obviously, If anything, Is not aware
Who can't comprehend that his existence is a scare
And thinks that others somehow enjoy his glare
Just not a common guy, You're mega-ultra rare
Newsflash: if you keep at it, You'll end up in a square

A square cell, That is, Like the jail that I said above
A place stewing in hate, One sucked of all love
But, For you, It won't be too bad, It's just like your heart!
Squeezed long ago, And emptied of all good parts

You think you're so cool, But it's a no brainer
Our debates are only so cool because I'm the entertainer

So stop trying to win, Go get your lyrics checked
Because, As long as I'm here, You'll only just get


Oh, And the part about him copying a stanza was true, This is the rap battle he copied it from, It was her second stanza in the third round

https://www. Debate. Org/debates/Rap-battle/337/


You need a round of applause, This was a test
I was seeing if you'd notice her bars, Wow I'm impressed
Time to hit the deck and take some of your cards
She's my friend and she let me use a few of her bars

I'm very glad that you take your opponent seriously
This time, Your death will become unsolved like a mystery

A really nice attempt but look pal, You'll soon fail
As you can see from these bars, I'm a rapper as well
You think you exposed me when you really exposed yourself
Time to take you out with these fire lines, Welcome to the gates of hell

Since you think you got drive, Let me hit you with these car rhymes
Because this final round, I'm leaving you on E, Yeah this the gas guzzler
That engine roar I'll exhaust pipes when I muffle him
No windshield, But you'll see the road and gotta steer clear
I'm automatic, Manual rules if we switch gears
Give you the grill, That headlight got a high beam
Y'all gassin' this hybrid thinking he ride clean
Lift up that hood and have his battery laying in the trunk
And how he dead cause that battery couldn't get the jump
But if I ask, You'll probably say you keep the wheel straight
Long as it's strapped in with an airbag then you feel safe
Well I'll have Geico Progressive and leave in All States in the road side
Cause if we collide, Don't let the pump break

Remember in Round 2 I said I'll send your soul to Christ?
That was just a foreshadow to your death, Time for sacrifice
Right now I'm feeling holy, Real spiritual
To get my point across, These bars is like a spirit to all
He'll need Matthew, Mark, Lucas, And St John to school me with the words
It'll take God, Kvng_8 is the truth, Ima disciple
The spirit told me cock the hammer once, In your sight, Pull
That fight scale? I'll say ten (Satan) I'm devilish with these hands
I come across Christian but religion ain't in my plans
I'm hitting him with the cans, My mans he close
And once he squeeze that pistol, Holy Ghost
No, Once he squeeze that pistol that he hold, He ghost
You better cruise if I pop off, Fvck tryna forgive him
Shots break Speedrace up, Y'all better pray Christ in him
I'm a sinner, No; Ima send him to that sky where that protection waits
When I come around with this metal like collection plates

What you lack is street feel
Your bars got you feeling yourself like drug pills
Gun hidden, I run up on him like steep hills
The buck make my adrenaline rush, That's a cheap thrill
I sleep with two ARs, I keep steel
I menage with my guns, These my Meek Mills


Thanks For The Rap Battle!
Debate Round No. 4


My guy, Unlike you, I'm actually observant
Now remember who you are and make my coffee, Servant
'Cause I copied a line too! It was my retribution
Now go get the axe, So we can start this execution

You're obsessed with guns, You think they make you great
All they do is distract you, So you just gon' be late
to your job, Of keeping people straight
But who am I kidding? You're not cut out to berate
If not a manager, What could you be or do?
Maybe bars exchange for those who can't rap, Like you!

But, Here, Let's be honest, I'm not even trying
Yet I'll still be victorious and leave you crying
But you're not completely bad, You're at least good at lying
But it's not nearly enough, 'cause my heat is intensifying
AKA getting hotter, You're welcome for clarifying
When we're done, The voters will be disqualifying
you, Of course, It must be terrifying
Psyche, Just kidding, It's really gratifying
So I suggest, When I speak, You try complying
Or you'll get an early grave, While like a zombie, I'm undying

How many times do I have to say it, All you can do is bawl
I can fight, Kick, And shove you too, And leave you in freefall
Don't try to join this brawl, You'll only end up mauled
I'm so ablaze you'll be forgotten, The voters will be enthralled

I know I'll win, That fact is assured
'Cause through the grip of time, My raps will have endured!
As I already said, Your memory will be lost
I'm driving into the distance, You can taste my exhaust

And now, Finally we're ending, And as I have stated
You've been




As Pro sound in Round 1 "And please leave the last round blank so that it's an even amount of rounds. " This round is blank so it is an even amount of our rounds.

Again, Thanks For The Rap Battle! This Was Fun, I Hope Everyone Enjoyed Our Battle!
Debate Round No. 5
23 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
What he said xD
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago

I've always sensed bullsh-t coming from you. Yep I just cussed right there. Oh well. First off, I'm barely even cussing in this. It's 2 cuss words in my R2, It's 4 in my R3 and only 1 in my R4 and they aren't even that extreme. It's not like I cussed every single bar. I also barely even cussed in our Round 2 rap battle. Another thing, I can say whatever I want. If this was a debate, That's different since conduct is involved, But this is a rap battle. Anything goes. You expect this to be a nice friendly back and forth? No, It's a diss to one another, So if there's a little bit of cuss words then so what? Cussing can add a nice flare to things, It shows that you didn't come to play. I love to cuss and I shouldn't hold back because of anyone. In real actual rap battles, There will be some cuss words between opponents (actual battle rappers) some of them are also music artists as well. If Speedrace didn't want any cussing he would have put it in his rules here. Even afterwards, He seen me cuss on here, So if he didn't want any more cussing then he would've put "No cussing" in one of his rules in his Part 2 of our rap battle. You don't make the rules and you don't decide for Speedrace. "Just be more careful and considerate next time. " Careful about what? Considerate about who? You're 16 years old, How are you the one complaining when Speedrace is a year younger than you? Where is a DDO policy that prohibits profanity? Nevertheless. Anyways, I know you're going to vote/like Speedrace bars better anyways just because I cussed. Even now that I'm saying all this you're going to lean more to Speedrace which is fine. I held back earlier but I can't anymore. Having less and less patience with people on this site. Plus, I even put a disclaimer. This means that I'm not truly attacking him or threatening him foreal. Me talking about his death and killing him, I don't mean that at all, It's all just for entertainment for the battle.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
This also means that the cuss words aren't meant to offend him. If mere words happen to you offend you then anyone else -- words that you aren't even being insulted with, Then I don't care that's your business and it's not my fault.

Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
*calms down* enjoy le battle. .
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Already have a Part 2 and it's almost done. I've already been cussing lol, That's just how I am lmao but it's not like I'm cussing in every single line. It's rap dude, Anything goes. But, Sorry again if it offends, I just love to cuss. I know younger people or teens may be watching and it may offend them so yeah
Posted by Eugenious 3 years ago
IT WAS AMAZING! You guys were soooooooo entertaining. Could you do another one? (Maybe with a rule of no cussing? )
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Haha, Thanks! I've never formally done a diss battle with anyone before so I'm glad that people enjoyed it :D
Posted by Eugenious 3 years ago
That's ok. Just be more careful and considerate next time. Other than that, You did great! Both of you did! Very entertaining!
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
*Disclaimer, I don't mean to offend anyone with my cuss words! *
Posted by Speedrace 3 years ago
Thanks, Eugenious!
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Vote Placed by EverlastingMoment 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Well I must say that was a pretty interesting debate. Now I'm not all too sure how to score rap battle events because rap certainly isn't my forte. So I'll just be honest with what I thought. I felt that Pro certainly came off with a stronger rhythm and his insults were harsher and more direct. Stanzas were well organized too. Con did a good job too but the tempo felt inconsistent and a lot of the insults weren't as direct or intense. Also, copying stanzas from other rap battle debates doesn't exactly score you much on the originality scale. So conduct points are deducted as well for plagiarism. Therefore a clear win for Pro in my book.

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