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Started: 5/22/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Heya Cakerman, long time no see. Lets take a look at our old battles and see how much we have improved. My usual rules apply, don't forfeit, and you can start and pass per rules or let me start first. Good luck.


alright, let me get back into the swing of things

the skeletal remains of this fool still linger
unethical killings while a witness points a finger
I'll put down old yeller with little more than a whimper
you are a cuck, but you say you're a swinger
I got you trapped on the bait hook and sinker
noone yells "TIMBER" when your wood falls, more like a splinter

I don't rhyme with that much complexity
it's more about comin' at fools aggressively
I put dudes down record times incredibly
hide your body in Yellowstone or Yosemite
change the flow unexpectedly

hit you up because you know we got alotta history
styles are still shrouded in mystery
you drop a couple bars think you're dissin' me
but every bullet you fire just keeps on missin' me
I own your whole life and charge you for a pissing fee
needed a battle on urgency
i was out on emergency
but now im re-emergin' see?
these new cats never heard of me
ruin you like the Holocaust did to Germany
really could murder wordlessly
but I won't hurt you externally
just fill you up with uncertainty
my bars rule universally
send you to the infirmary
words stay with you eternally
you're lookin around observantly
scared from the absurdity
your style lackin diversity
I can go commercially
disrespectful on purpose see
wish you could be me makin' bank on cryptocurrency
you'll be bleedin' internally
taken away on a gurney despite adversity
maybe you can admit you took this L deservedly
Debate Round No. 1


My words aren't just a dagger with a jagged edge
They strike back, straight against the catholic pledge
With rapid sledge, hammers coming straight down your skull
Trust me, I break down your case setup like a parted wedge

You try to curse, you spit a verse
Hoping things will turn for the worst
You try to run hoping that I ain't first
But you drink water to end in thrist

I'm the ultimate rapper, the sword almighty
Tell me, if people don't really like me
What about all the others that talk to you?
Your foolish bars that you think you spew

It comes out as vomit, don't pout you'll plummet
Straight down the abyss and like I want it
You motherfvcker, I'm the mother earth with its summits
You're just a little wannabe who has nothing more than puppets

So despite our history, you'll be history
When this battle's ended it will only be the gist of the
Feeling I get, when you think you're strong
It only provides a sense of bliss to me

Who needs a kiss to see?
Who can wake up after death when you got NDECD
The man who makes kiss-@$$ DVDs
I'm slicing and dicing Blade Trinity

Now who's to say my style lacks diversity
When you haven't found an adversary
Who you can beat in your rap anniversary
Needing for your voice box to go through surgery

I'm John A.Macdonald, call it a BURGERY
When I'm ripping education from you like its tertiary,
I'm stealing then I'm staying on DDO debating
Until Cakerman comes up and starts all the hating

I may not be as good as a couple of people
But I'm bad enough to do crimes illegal
The time's a prequel, the grime the sequel
Chopping your head off with my bars like you're a seagull

It's the cringe that kills, proven through despacito
Or it's the casual swag, killing people in a gazebo
You could use an Asus, Dell or Lenovo
Hell, type through your phone, use a Vivo

But you could NEVER come close to the emcee on the podium
I'll make you salty, its found with sodium
I'm a rapper who isn't at least named after a baked product
In this battle, Cakerman is the one way more fvcked


*WARNING half the sh-t I say makes no sense WARNING*

if you want me to lose you'll have to pay me
i'm goin platinum and capturing babies
I be slingin' coke like it's the 80s
im a woman magnet, attractin' all your ladies
no matter how long I do this I'm never fading
I spit controversial and get the crowds conversating
I come and beat your a$s while the surgeon is operating
I never slow down, only accelerating
my future is bright as f-ck, illuminating

lookin at you feels like gettin' pepper sprayed
you're messin' with a missing pin hand grenade
I'll devastate your career i'mma demonstrate
I can't live with myself being in second place
are you famous? My resume is heaven's way
hit you and run with a California license plate
you don't know what its like going from penny pinchin' to private planes
residin' on a plane the sky is my domain
I won't play gamma rays, spray ray he tried to pray
been from Maine to Spain
and now things changed and no I ain't the same

Thinkin' you're gonna beat me B you're dreamin'
you'll be found inside a 4 seasons
with a 13 reasons why tape found in your luggage
I'm a little much to stomach
like a bucket of hummus or Chris Columbus
I'll cancel you, make your career plummet
faster than the North Korean summit
when everything is lookin' good and all of a sudden
once again both sides are willing to press the nuclear button
you've got me p-ssed off like a demon just got summoned
from a long nap by little kids makin' ruckus
eat em up like chicken nuggets sh-t is kinda luscious
I took a read at your bars and they gave me a little chuckle
but after I drop this verse you'll be dead like Ugandan Knuckles
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by cakerman 3 years ago
>tfw your opponent tries to rhyme tertiary and burgery
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