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Rap battle

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Started: 7/23/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm back, I'm bored. Just as much as the whole reason is rather self-explanatory from the title, The rules should be pretty obvious as well. Go hard, Try not to forfeit and wreak havoc. Good luck.

*Note: If you decide to start the battle, You must pass the final round per rules. *


I accept your Rap Battle
Debate Round No. 1


If it isn't the newcomer, Challenger Wynton
Accepting the battle, Yet he can't even win one
Mayo (May y'all) eat this little guy like he's a wok full of dim sum
He's a puddle to my flood, A bat to my machine gun

It's a new day to battle and rattle some bones
I'll grab all your metal turn it to hard rock and stones
When it comes to hip-hop, I'm a leap year ahead
You can't battle me and win even with a clear head

I keep my bars in a safe, My supreme powers in check
I don't use my trump card, I bring in the deck
When you rap, The building simply bends on it's back
Falls to the ground because you're wack, You holes land in cracks

I'll start with sixteen bars and will increase from between
You'll need a lot to comprehend the rhymes on the screen
I'll pass it on to you, Even if we haven't met
Notice this battle's an obligation you kept


I'm a newcomer but I'm coming with some news
Try to machine gun me
And I'll have you in a noose
I'll take that bat to your head for free
Like I'm batman I'll accept no truce
Why'd you even bother to make an entry
You're verses came off like you were dropping a duce
Your pull rhymes from your backside
Call you the rap-caboose

I'm the public forum shark
Don't compare me to no puddle nark
You can flood me with contentions
But I don't need to get aboard the ark
I laugh at your low fact retention
I write a better verse in the dark
Step off like your headed to detention
Beating you is like a walk in the park
You couldn't beat me with a ten-day extension
Your verse was worse than your bark

Your garbage rhymes have got me board
You flow is less elegant than a zombie hoard
I've been debating for ten years
My team won the Ziggy Award
My cross-exes will be your worst fears
This verse'l land you in the burn ward
Rhymes burning off your ears
Like you crashed in a recalled Ford
Too bad text can't convey your tears
But it will be reflected in your win/loss score
Debate Round No. 2


I've seen batman, A shark, They all came from a madman
You use all of those again, It's not original but a bad plan
If you thought anyone could beat me, Trust me, It ain't that man
I'm a nuclear power plant, You're at most a gas can

Enough playing around, Your bars just ain't reusable
If you thought you could win this battle, You're simply delusional
Your bars are composed of shjtty insults, They're simply presumable
Let's conclude this point a little, My raps are pretty deducible

When rhymes from my backside are better than yours you know it's over
Quit trying to come up against this poetic soldier
A ten-day extension, What a boaster
I could beat you in a day man that line's a joker

I'd carry you across the sea like your team carried the tourney
Only problem is for both, You didn't help with the journey
I spit only the truth, Before that call me sojourney
How could expect to win when you can't even assure me

I'm a walk in the park? You're a chair to sit on
If you thought I wouldn't par up to Wynton
If you bring up detention, I will bring up the principal
Don't sing up the tension when your foe is invincible

My win loss is a majority, Why do you even care
The ones I lost was when I was a little, Young trainee there
I would say I was a lot like you but I have ever since grown
You're a young, Wack version of me, Run back to your home

Run and cry to your mommy like the sore loser you are
The differences between a kayak and a cruiser are far
I'll put you behind bars everytime you spit a bar
Screw it, You can't even spit, You spent it to kiss the tsar

Now I glow with brightness call me a glistening star
When I'm done, You'll exit with a viscous scar
When I'm through, You'll die without your silicon valley
How can you rap like a shark if you can't even bear me

I'd hang you from your neck above the ledge, Barely
I deal with this battle calm and collected, Carefree
Your ark is just an arc that misses, You don't scare me
You rap slower than my 89 year old granny
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Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 4
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