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Rap battle

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Started: 1/3/2019 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 563 times Debate No: 119744
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1. Someone who knows how to rap
2. Must be your own raps don't steal stuff from google
3. Round 1 is acceptance. Do not rap in Round 1
4. Round 2, The battle will be begin. I will rap first. That way its 3 rounds for the both of us and it will be fair
5. Voting rules: vote Pro if i rapped better or vote Con if they rapped better
may the best person win


I accept your rap battle challenge good sir.
Debate Round No. 1


God, Look what you got him into

The grave ima guide him into

When you die, You better hope that you sent to that God I'm into

If God ask why I did it, Ima say "God I meant to"

Blade on my waste, Slice him in half now I got him in two

Test me, Get a cracked head and a neck shot

Paralyzed from the neck down, He can't even play his X box

You think your gonna beat me? You will get head locked

DDT'd, Leg dropped then get beat with a pad lock

There's wins under my belt, You're another

I take the strap, Sean Paul make it clap on a buster

You're a sucker, Idgaf about you or your mother

They say I'm looney, And a maniac I tried to warn a brother

You're not a crook, Think I'll get shook till your top get pushed

I'll get this b*tch bagged with the strap, Thats a pocket book

Come on my block, You'll chain get snatched, Watch get took

You don't have a hard bone in your body, Octopus

Your turn.


Hey that's real poor,

Bringing those lines to a lyrical war,

Your ego won't fit through the door,

But your whole vocabulary could fit in just one tweet,

On the screen it says you are "pro"

But anyone who sees your bars would look at that and think "HELL NO! "

I'm sure your life is one big mistake,

But having a rap battle with me will really put you to the steak,

If you were presented in the Ireland abortion referendum,

The vote would of been a 100% yes vote landslide NO QUESTION!

Your turn now good sir.
Debate Round No. 2


You aren't worthy of being an opponent, You're just a punching bag

How you gone dodge a bullet but you can't dip or jab

You can't bob and weave these haymakers, I got the gift of gab

First you'll get an uppercut and then a blade cause dudes like you who try to box get stabbed

My 38 got a long nose I call it Gonzo

It crash down on this whore net like its alonzo

This bird a lucifer out in the morning like a junco

One shot to your maple leaf now you blue like Toronto

Lead pop, I doubt that i miss a head shot

Like if I was down with the mug, Thats a red dot

The mac will leave a piece of your apple on the desktop

Bird, Snake sleep with the fishes thats a pet shop

The pistol is long, My temper short enough

My bars cold, Hot-headed dude but im just warming up

Your turn


Calling my bars bad,

What the hell is up with that,

Your raps are just sad,

Mine will give you a big slap,

On this verse I'm going to absolutely roast YOU'RE WEAK,

By doing so I could feed my family for a week,

As your body has so much meat,

Listen up hot stuff you're not the best rapper here,


You ain't the star here,


Hey here's a riddle for you that's impossible to work out,

Why the hell did a poor rapper choose to start a rap battle,


Your move
Debate Round No. 3


I'll sit you down with this 88

Wanna know why? Cause you (shoe) plastic like bathing apes

Im a chicken? Well im covered in bread like Shake n Bake

And you can get smoked in the morning like Wake n Bake

You've made mistakes, But I must say this worse

And he'll disperse once you end up in a hearse

Go ahead and test my G and you can get hurt

You'll be standing by your organs like a church

When I give him hits that'll leave his body bubbles popping, I'm testing him

Leave each body part separate I'm testing him section him

This situation should tell him don't f*ck with me because

I'm pulling up with twin glocks: replicas

Just like Bonnie and Clyde, You'll see a couple shoot

I'll put you over a cliff like Clair Huxtable


Oh looks its already the last round,

And just like that you have been crushed down to the ground,

It is pretty safe to say that I have destroyed you,

So just give up AS YOU ARE POO,

On the bars front you've come up a little short,

I've thrashed you even while on the snort,

I think it is about time that you just shut up,

When I look at you I just think "wow I guess God just gave up",

You are the perfect advertisement for contraception my man,

To save everyone's sanity you should be put under a rap ban,

As we approach the end of this rap battle let me say just two things,

What on earth were you even thinking you can't even sing,

I'm as good as Google, YOU'RE AS USELESS AS BING
Debate Round No. 4
5 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 5 records.
Posted by TheLiberalGeorgist 3 years ago
Please. My bars were incredibly complex and makes you think about life. VOTE COOOON.

Cheers man, You did a good job too :D
Posted by omar234 3 years ago
you don't gotta explain your bars cuz your bars simple. My bars so complexed and good that they gotta be explained cuz of the double entendres and people might not understand and it will go over their heads :D VOTE PRO. Also CON did very well good job my man!
Posted by omar234 3 years ago
Posted by TheLiberalGeorgist 3 years ago
Fam my bars are so good they don't have to even be explained.
Posted by omar234 3 years ago
To my opponent and for the voters: To explain my bars in R3 if you don't understand

My 38 got a long nose I call it Gonzo (38 is a gun ~ Gonzo is a muppet character that has a long nose)

It crash down on this whore net like its alonzo (Alonzo Mourning is a retired basketball player that drafted the Hornets, The sports team. ~ whore net/hornet)

This bird a lucifer out in the morning like a junco (junco is a bird. Used that to rhyme since other words end with o)

One shot to your maple leaf now you blue like Toronto (Toronto's flag is blue)
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Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:07 
Reasons for voting decision: Omar has challenged me to a vote off, apparently. If at any time he wishes this to stop, he should let me know

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