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Real Madrid is better than Barcelona

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Started: 10/13/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Real Madrid is definitely better than Barcelona for an infinite list of reasons. The players are better, The club is richer, Etc. Barcelona is nothing without Messi, And that shows when Barcelona lost to Granada and was drawn by Osasuna. Even with Messi, They had a difficult win against Villarreal. Look at the other players at Barca. The "main" goalscorer Luis Suarez, Who is very good. . . . . . At biting people. He needed a doctor to settle his mental problems when he joined Barca! Then Pique, The guy who supposedly has an IQ of 150, But makes the worst mistakes. Alba, Who is a guy who should be a winger, A defenceless defender who is always being passed. Dembele, Unable to regain his super power, Speed-and-shoot move. Griezmann, A person who became so much weaker compared to his time at Atletico. Busquets, Who always give away free kicks around the penalty area. And Barca fans say that these are the star players of Barca. Then Arthur Melo, Semedo, Sergi Roberto, Umtiti Rafinha are so much worse.
Then let us look at Real. Hazard, Finally gaining his consciousness after scoring a goal and making an assist. The dribbler who cannot be followed along the left aisle. Varane, The fast CB who is so strong and so fast at stopping counter attacks. James Rodriguez, The playmaker, Controller of the attacking midfield, Creating goal tries and scoring, Too. Benzema, The perfect finisher who is always scoring and completing hat tricks. Bale, With unexpected long range goals and beautiful free kicks. Casemiro, Almost unable to get past in midfield, And with a strong foot that is perfect at sudden far shots. Kroos, The great free kick taker and creator in back field. Modric, The greatest Croatian footballer of all time, Good at both attacking and defending. Rodrigo and Vinicus Junior, The double Brazilian superstars who are so fast they always get you lost with perfect dribbling skills. Isco, The invincible substitute who changes everything on the pitch. Ramos, The "nobody can get past" CB, Who is the best penalty taker in the world. Marcelo, The best left-back who supports the left winger so perfectly. Carvajal, Always protecting the open goal. And the rest of the players are also great. It is just a fact that Real Madrid is better than Barcelona, So they deserve the La Ligations champion this season.


Fake news
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