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Restricting social network services in the Middle East is a desirable policy

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Started: 8/23/2017 Category: News
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Many countries in the Middle East are stopping social network services such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These countries are prohibiting communication sites such as the Internet for political or religious reasons.
I think it is not a good policy to stop social network services. This is a violation of freedom of expression, one of the universal rights that people will pursue.
Also, the reason for prohibiting social network services is to prevent spreading the thoughts of corrupt government's atrocities or religious skepticism. But this is a case of violating the principle of freedom of religion as well as being deprived of the right to know as a citizen. Therefore, I think it is not a good policy to stop social network services.


I think that it is a good policy to stop social network services.
Many people get bullied over the internet, which is called cyber bullying. Personally, I don't see the point of social media anyway. I think that the only point of it is to watch people fail, take a video and make it viral so that everyone in the world can see what is happening and can laugh at it without anyone knowing about it. Also with social media, it is just another place where bullies and hackers can hang out and stalk people. Also, social media can result in more people going to prison for saying something about the king or queen or just someone with a lot of power. just a couple of weeks ago a man was jailed for 35 years!!
that's right, he was banned just for saying something mean about the royal family in Thailand. he got sentenced in 10 courts and was originally going to be jailed for 70 years, but they reduced it in half because he confessed about it.
so overall I think that these people in the middle east made the right decision to ban social networks.

read this article for more information about the man being jailed for 35 years
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