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Salvation is necessary to get to heaven

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Started: 2/25/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Salvation is needed because you can't get to heaven by just being good. No one is good except God alone. So if we accept Jesus as our savior, We go to heaven.


1) Prove why heaven is good, And prove why christianity is correct. So far I am eager to go to hell and change the whole situation. Also prove why god doesn't just make us free of sin, As what he possibly can do.
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Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
Ah yes the idiot's delight fauxlaw thinks that there is the actual messiah without any evidence whatsoever to support his jellybean dance of rump roast pet rubber ducky fame that he calls a god that HE wants to meet up one day with because "I am the power" He-Man rather than saying "I don't know".
The pale wounded horse tries to lecture, Obviously, Who he thinks is under his scrotum about "sin". But sorry, Nobody can sin unless there's proof of a god's existence in which case there isn't, Especially for his black belt bible bruise tummy tuck that he seems to be so fond of.
So first things first fauxlaw, Prove that an actual god exists. Test it, Demonstrate it, Assert it, Then declare it. Then present a paper (because NOBODY else has in the entire existence of the human race) to ---any--- scientific community of merit from around the world (that is not theistic, After all you cannot be biased in which case not only are you biased in every way imaginable but completely racist also and you know it, So that stops = IF YOU CARE to prove your god's existence. If not, The what gives to the right to PREACH from the wind from something in which you clearly know absolutely nothing about and yet you pretend you do? Yeah, You can give up every single genuine friend and loved one, That is if you have any a HUGE red flag. You really don't think I know a tiger like you pookey? And yeah, I'll call you out every single time as will others before you can collapse into a rolled up fetus. )

Here's a video to help you. . .
https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=1UtgI3qvwz0&t=2929s - Sin - 44:30 (the call starts), 48:30 (gets REALLY good)
Yep. The hosts of the show know (and so does ---EVERYBODY--- else) one helluva lot better than a completely ignorant plastic innertube bubble boy puke such as you who clearly has done no research AT ALL as it's all guesswork within your fried eggbeater salad picnicking on bathroom bacon bits and calling it macaroni. Wow does it show. Have fun.
Posted by fauxlaw 1 year ago
I am in the unenviable position of disagreement with both debaters.
With Anna because there is more to getting to heaven than just accepting Jesus. Having once accepted Jesus, We are not forever more absolved from committing sin. Combatting sin is a life-long effort that is ot interrupted and absolved forever just because at one point in time, We accept Jesus as our Saviour. Acceptance of Jesus is acceptance, Or should be, Of his Gospel, Which requires that we repent of sins. If the Lord's Prayer [Matt 6: 9-13] were all that is necessary, Offering it once would suffice, But clearly, Jesus taught that our acts of repentance must be life-long [John 17: 3, 4]

I disagree with anc because if God were to just "make us free from sin. . . " He removes our entire purpose of being: to live our lives by our free agency. If we are coerced to be sinless is no better than being coerced to sin. What do we gain in the process? Nothing.
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