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Should America ban the AR-15?

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Started: 3/18/2019 Category: Society
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A lot of people in America see the AR-15 as the weapon of choice for mass shooters, And banning the firearm would reduce the amount of mass shootings. Seeing as the AR-15 is as effective as most other firearms, I do not see as to why people would choose to single out the AR-15 and attempt to authorise a ban on it.

Information about the firearm.
- The AR-15 chambering is a. 223 (5. 56 x 45mm) which is very common in hunting and target shooting.

- There is a common misconception that the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle. This is incorrect. The AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle, Which is the company that manufactures the weapon.

- The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. Not a fully-automatic as some people believe. Fully-automatic rifles have been banned in America following the federal assault weapons ban of 1994.

What I do not understand is that there are other weapons similar, Or more powerful than an AR-15. An example of this would be the Ruger mini 30. That weapon has the same caliber as an AK-47. (7. 62 compared to the 5. 56 in the AR) So why does no one want to ban the Ruger?

A social experiment by Steven Crowder showed that the people in support of banning the AR-15, Usually does not no much about the gun itself. Those in favour support the banning of the gun, Yet have absolutely no problem with the actual caliber of the weapon. (https://youtu. Be/SqJ_4YhYMhE)

The actual gun itself is extremely popular for both hunting, And home defence. The compact, Lightweight design means that it is easy to use and is favoured by small game hunting. Store and home owners also use it for self protection in the event of an attack because it is compact, Lightweight, And easy to use.

Although people see the AR-15 as a dangerous weapon. At the end of the day, It is just as effective as other firearms available to the public. There is no reason to ban the AR-15.


I've never heard people singling out the AR-15 vs. Other comparable guns (excuse me: "firearms" to be politically correct about it). Generally, There is a push to ban assault rifles and the AR-15 is the most popular one and therefore gets the most attention.

Assault rifles are a class of guns that are particularly suited to taking on a large number of targets simultaneously. This makes them particularly suitable for combat situations or for mass murder. It's not a situation typically found while hunting or stopping crimes. In order to forgo precise aiming, The AR-15 has an extremely high mussel velocity, So that the bullet creates a shockwave in the body tissue of the target, Leaving a cavity rather than a bullet hole. This is not the result you want when hunting, Because you want the animal's flesh intact for fur, Display, Or food.

Assault rifles can also have large magazines for firing many many rounds. Again, You don't want your hunting catches riddled with exit wounds, So this is not a great feature for hunting. Since criminals don't do crimes in groups of 10 or more, It's not great for defending yourself either, Especially since the gun is too large to have handy when you don't expect to use it. Innocent people do often show up in large groups, So assault rifles are particularly good for mass killings.

Because of their unique suitability for this purpose, And because people use it this way, Assault rifles should be banned.
Debate Round No. 1


Just so I can understand, Are you for banning assault rifles in general? If so, What do you define as an assault weapon?

Weapons like the Ruger mini 30 has a very similar functionality compared to the AR-15, Yet has the same design as a common hunting rifle. I am unable to provide a link to an image so you will have to have a look online. The gun has a very similar functionality to an AR-15. The gun is a semi automatic, Fires a higher caliber than an AR-15, And can be fitted with a large magazine. The problem is, Almost all guns are the same. Common hunting rifles are the same as an AR-15 or the Ruger Mini 30. It all comes down to what you like to shoot.

The reason people like to hunt with an AR-15 comes down to a few small factors. One is that the caliber is typically a. 223 which is commonly used for small game hunting. Because of this, The ammunition is cheaper and easier to access. Secondly, It all comes down to personal preference. People like to hunt with an AR-15. People also like to hunt bolt action, Pistols, Even crossbows or recurve bows. This is also the reason there is a lot of people who disagree with banning the AR-15.

Regarding the claim that the gun creates a cavity rather than a bullet hole, This is a common misconception. The gun does not leave an unusually large hole in its target. A quote from Dr. Judy Melinek, A forensic pathologist reads, "The exit hole from an AR-15 round would not be that big. " She is speaking about an image circling around Facebook of a protest sign where someone has drawn a circle on a piece of paper showing what a hole from an AR-15 would look like. Https://www. Snopes. Com/fact-check/ar-15-bullet-hole-size-wound/

When you state that assault rifles have a large magazine, This is correct. However, All guns can have a large magazine, And it is not rare to see hunting rifles with 15-20 rounds. This is evident especially in bird hunting as they need to take down as many birds as possible before they fly away. Claiming that the only use of a large magazine is for mass shootings is incorrect. The columbine shooting, The most recognised shooting in America, Used a 10 round magazine. For comparison, Most handguns have an 8 round magazine.


The problem with guns is that they are inherently risky. The purpose of gun control is to mitigate that risk.
This may or may not mean banning all assault rifles. If certain guns are particularly problematic, In your example, The AR-15, Then you could ban that specific one. The going rule should be whatever is most effective and least intrusive. Banning assault weapons is relatively unintrusive because assault rifles are primed for activities that aren't legitimately practicable in the lives of citizens -- making war.

I define an assault rifle as a rifle with characteristics uniquely suited to combat situations. Those characteristics include high velocity, Maneuverability, Rapid fire, And high capacity. All guns have some balance of those attributes. But assault weapons are optimally balanced for taking on multiple targets simultaneously.

Therefore rifles are not equally similar. You should read your own snopes article. It totally verifies my claim about mussel velocity and cavitation.

One tactic of gun-rights people is that their arguments are self-contained and don't relate back to the larger picture. If all rifles are basically the same, Then what's the problem with banning the AR-15? None, Because you can get a mini 30 which is the same thing. In reality, The AR-15 is actually closer to the M-16, But has a restricted firing mechanism. Therefore gun control is acceptable, Since gun rights people are okay with this and very proud of their controlled weapons.
Debate Round No. 2


Multiole firearms fall under your definition of assault aeapons, Including handguns. Although handguns do not have a high velocity, They do have high manoeuvrability, Rapid fire, And can easy be fitted with a magazine with a high capacity. Standard magazines have ~8 rounds in each mag. What is stopping someone from doing a mass shooting with a pistol? Nothing. That explains why handguns are responsible for 80% of all gun related homicides. (2016 FBI Investigation)

If you do choose to ban the AR-15, What is the next gun on the list? The Ruger? It is very similar to the AR so it would make sense that you ban both. Then semi-auto shotguns are very powerful, Maybe ban them. Guns are killing tools. It does not make sense that you choose to ban something because it is better at doing its job compared to others. Do you want a gun that is unreliable? Do you want to use a. 22 for hunting? Trust me, It will not do too much damage to the deer. But according to you, That is a good thing because at least it can not harm humans. You can argue that you can still use hunting rifles such as a bolt action. But then people can simply use them for mass shootings, Homicides, Ect. It won"t stop people from killing other people.

Can you tell me, If the AR-15 was banned, What law would prevent people from simply choosing a different method of killing a large number of people? If "assault weapons" were banned, They can use handguns. If all guns were banned completely, There is not much stopping a terrorist from using a vehicle from killing a large number of people. This is evident in the 2017 Melbourne car attack which had 1 fatal, And 18 non-fatal injuries.
https://en. M. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/December_2017_Melbourne_car_attack

There is also nothing stopping someone from simply using a knife to attack members of the public. After setting fire to his car, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali continued to attack nearby people with a knife, Killing 3 people, Before he was shot by police.

A solution would be to focus more on the growing drug problem in America. Another investigation by the FBI shows that 80% of gun related homicides are drug related. Focusing on drugs in America would reduce that number. Focusing on mental health would also help prevent school shootings as the shooter would have access to support, And would have no reason to attack the school. Banning guns would not fix this problem.

Thank you for a very interesting and engaging debate. Good luck in the voting period.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dr.Franklin 3 years ago
People saying we should ban AR's don't understand that 85% of gun crime come from handguns. They don't care about kids being shot in Chicago by handguns but want to take weapons away used against tyranny and the small mass shooting that don't happen anymore because the FBI does their job now, Not guns.
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