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Should Students Have To Wear Uniforms

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Started: 3/1/2018 Category: Fashion
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Schools uniforms don't allow students to express themselves in a way they are comfortable with. They don't stop bullying. Bully's will have the advantage to talk about the name brand uniforms and the non name brand uniforms. Uniforms can cause families to not have that much money because they are high. They are considered the most expensive pieces of clothing because most are name brand. At the time when Ed White had to wear uniforms many people didn't have money, the uniforms didn't have the right school colors, they didn't come in the right sizes and etc... The Khakis pants are high then Jupiter's moon.


School uniforms CAN, in a way, stop bullying. For example, kid goes to school (he comes from the average middle class family) wearing his favorite mickey mouse T-shirt and red sweatpants. A bully walks by wearing HIS favorite Microsoft sweater and blue shorts. The bully looks at the kid, and starts making fun at him for his sense of fashion and what he wears. If the two kids were wearing the same thing, though, the bully would be unable to make fun of the kid without making fun of himself.
Thanks for the debate.
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Posted by AmericanNick 4 years ago
@Amphia It depends on the school. Some school only require certain types of items. For example, button up shirt in white, skirt of a certain length, etc.
Posted by Amphia 4 years ago
"Bully's will have the advantage to talk about the name brand uniforms and the non name brand uniforms."

Is this really a thing? I thought all uniforms were the same, everyone bought uniform through the school who bought it from the same company...
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