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Should Trump be re-elected for 2020

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Started: 2/14/2020 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Voting Period
Viewed: 514 times Debate No: 124039
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Trump has been by far one of the best presidents that our country has had in quite a while. Here are some key things he has done during his Presidency:

"Since Trump has been elected, Over four million jobs have been created
"More Americans than ever recorded are currently employed
"Economic growth has reached four point two percent
"Unemployment rates have hit record lows for the first time in forty-nine year
"Household income has hit the highest level ever recorded
"Almost three point nine million Americans have been lifted off food stamps
"Record number of regulations have been eliminated
"Increased our coal exports by sixty percent
"Withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord
"Secured seven hundred billion dollars in military funding
"Moved U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem
"Started building the wall to keep our border safer

If you accept this debate, No insults please. Please keep this an actual debate. Thank you


The man has done so much damage
the fact that some Republican are considering voting for a democrat
the fact that honest brave conservatives speak out is proof enough of how damaging
the man is, We may never be able to repair the damage he had done
Debate Round No. 1


Your opinion is not what is going to win you this debate. You need to find facts that support you. If not, There is no reason to for you to have accepted. You claimed Trump has done much damage. List me what he has supposedly done and cite your resources please. I cannot rely on just your opinion, I must have proof.


No my opinion won't but the fact bear me out
look at all the experts who say he has violated the constitution
and if you look at statistics
more jobs were created per year under obama once the recession ended than under trump
and also the evidence shows he betrayed the usa by working with foreign nations
did you watch the impeachment
all the witnesses that said he abused his power
the facts are on my side
Debate Round No. 2


Still, Can you rely only on the opinions of experts? What evidence is there, You will need to state it, Not just say that there supposedly is evidence. I did watch most of the impeachment trial, Though some may not believe me. You claimed that he betrayed our country by working with other nations. Do we not work with other nations with trade, Help each other in wars, And give aid when a crisis occurs? Of course the witnesses are going to say that because they wouldn't have been asked to testify if they were not going to oppose Trump. "The facts are on my side". I do not believe you have given me any facts still. Like I have said, Please cite where you get your information from.


well first experts are smarter than you thats why they are experts
and experts almost always base their opinions on facts you don't
i mean why do you think they call them experts? Because they are smart and you are stupid
Debate Round No. 3
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Leaning 1 year ago
If I bothered to vote, I'd vote for Pro in this debate.
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Fake news and bad news are a lot better then no news, (the zombies). . Only human. .
Posted by Hezikiah 1 year ago
If Donald Trump is so wonderful. . .
Hw come Kim Jung Un of North Korea has made Trump look like a fool?
How come Trump's relationship with our allies is so bad? Think of Trump slamming phone down a few days ago in talk with Boris Johnson of Britain. Now Johnson will not travel to USA to meet Trump.
Trump predicts that Corona Virus will go away by April claiming warm weather will stop virus, Tell that to the people of Hong Kong and Singapore.
Think of Trump's comments about Africa and Latin America. . . Insults don't win friends.
Posted by canis 1 year ago
But "the rest" is just a bunch of zombies. . .
Posted by canis 1 year ago
Think he will be dead by then or shortly after. .
Posted by backwardseden 1 year ago
@Phil-E-CheeseSteak - Wow! You actually struck one helluva lot of things on the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar right. What's the occasion? But you are correct in saying "I could go on forever" because you could especially with its fake and fraudulent christian values "I am the chosen one" that he expects everybody to believe. Remember that cowboy hillbilly love song? One thing for sure is if that thing is reelected by the fraud that got it there in the first place with another undeserved second term in the big white barn, This country will be in dire need of the Red Cross to put bandages across the steel wounds that help keep it together.
Posted by SirDale 1 year ago
I've always found that sometimes the country might have idiots for president but has never broken because the president doesn't really run the country, The government keeps the country head above water.
Posted by Phil-E-CheeseSteak 1 year ago
5. Pulling out of the Iran Deal, (something that even Trumps own administration was reporting as functioning well) did a demonstrable harm to our relationship with harm to any chance of us establishing any healthy relationship with them and has sent them back down the road to developing nuclear weapons, Not to mention the incredibly flawed way we went about the assassination of Soleimani (to be clear I have no problem with us assassinating him, Just with the fact that the manner in which we did so probably wasn't great since we killed an Iraqi Official in the process and seriously harmed our relationship with Iraq as a whole possibly moving them closer to forming a substantial coalition with Iran) have been horrible examples of Trumps foreign policy.

6. Revoking DACA when these are some of our highest educated most underrepresented in crime immigrants who were literally brought into America as children at no fault of their own and have lived here for the majority of their lives is insane.

7. The caging and separation of children at the border which has led to some of these kids and infant literal death is something I would expect to see in a third world nation, Not the UNITED STATES, And makes me embarrassed to even tell people I'm an American.

8. The hilariously botched attempted to destroy the affordable care act only to reveal that they had no alternative even when the republicans had both the house and senate.

9. The fact that tariffs have destroyed our agricultural industry to the point were we have basically has to put in on government funded life support via stimulus packages and hardcore deficit spending.

I could go on forever, Basically Trump presidency has been defined by blunder after blunder and I'm convinced the only reason he hasn't caused the collapse of the entire country is because our institutions which keep checks and balances for our government have remained strong
Posted by Phil-E-CheeseSteak 1 year ago
1. A lot of these economic pros were thing that were already trending in that direction since the Obama era and could be attributed to a lot of the legislation past during that administration, In order to give any credit to Trump for a lot of these you would have to establish a link with any of the economic gains to actual policies Trump has put in place.
2. Unless you don't believe in climate change, Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord was an incredibly embarrassing mistake, One of many that has caused a lot of the other first world countries to lose faith in America as an international leader.
3. The idea of the wall is unbelievably stupid, No respected economist supports it as a sound financial investment, The majority of illegal immigrants come in via overstayed visa "about 60%", Most drugs are smuggled in at point of access. You can dig under it (tunnels have already begun to be discovered in places the wall has been built) climb over it, Or go around it by water. The amount of money we put into it, Not only for the initial building but also for maintenance far out weighs any small reduction we would see in illegal crossings into the U. S. , Not to mention the huge damage this does for our relationship with Mexico especially considering they are one of our biggest trading partners, And the fact that said funds could go to revamping our immigration system, Streamlining our ports of access and registrations for entrance into the U. S. Especially since our current waiting list can take up to 20 years and since immigrants, Even illegal immigrant, Tend to be net gains to our economy.
4. Coal exports may have gone up, But coal jobs sure haven't, Trump promised to get all those jobs back but the reality is even in china, Were workers get paid literal pennies for this kind of labor, Automation is rendering these jobs obsolete, It's just the nature of technological advancement and is why we have largely moved from a production economy to a service base one.
Posted by anc2006 1 year ago
"Withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord"

Don't include this.
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