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Should homelessness be a crime?

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Started: 2/6/2020 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Should homelessness be a crime?
-Think of all the illegal activities the homeless participate in
-or think about why they may be homeless (why are most homeless? )
-think about how the environment looks with them on the street
-how the percentage of homelessness has increased
-how it changes the city (world)


I don't believe homelessness should be a crime, Many homeless are not homeless by choice, And making homelessness illegal will not solve the homeless problem, In fact, It will only prove to create more problems, Allow me to explain. . .

Anti-homeless laws are counter-productive because you're only making it harder for people who are homeless to get back on their feet, Not to mention find a home in general. Homeless people are homeless because they have been evicted from their homes, They've lost their jobs, Maybe they have nowhere to go, Live in poverty, Are escaping an abusive partner, There are many reasons for one to be homeless. By creating laws that make homelessness illegal, You aren't addressing the real problems, Rather, You are only trying to stop a symptom of the real issues, The issues that made them homeless in the first place.

Making something illegal doesn't just mean the problem will automatically stop, Remember when alcohol was made illegal in the Prohibition era? The distribution of alcohol didn't stop, It only made things worse. Making things illegal doesn't mean the problem will be solved as we can clearly see with underage drinking, Speeding, Marijuana use, Etc.

In the United States, There already is a problem with overcrowded prisons, With the number of incarcerated persons reaching past 2. 3 million. And since 1970, The U. S prison population has risen 700%, And in the past 40 years, The number of people incarcerated has quadrupled per capita. If you insist on making homelessness a crime, The number of incarcerated persons will skyrocket, Especially seeing as there were 552, 830 homeless people on one night in 2018. Are you really suggesting that we put them all in prisons and see the overcrowding of prisons become even more of a problem in the U. S?

Let us say that we don't incarcerate them, We only fine them, This is still not beneficial at all. We are only making things worse for them, As they now have to pay pockets of money in fines and tickets, Adding to their list of poverty problems, Which in turn, Makes them even more poor, Unable to afford a home, And living on the streets. These fines and tickets would be impossible to pay since the "crime" was essentially being poor in the first place. We need to address the issues that made them homeless, Not criminalize people in severe poverty and inflate the problem.

Sources: https://www. Ohchr. Org/Documents/Issues/RuleOfLaw/OverIncarceration/ACLU. Pdf
https://endhomelessness. Org/homelessness-in-america/homelessness-statistics/state-of-homelessness-report/
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Posted by Chtholly 2 years ago
First off, I don't understand why this is a question. Like, Should you (Instigator) living in your own home be a crime? There isn't a difference.

Homeless people do not always have a choice in the matter. Sometimes it's their own fault, But mostly it's not their fault. If homelessness is a crime, It'd be great for homeless people, As they get free food, Housing, And medical care.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
Communities don't 'need big government to solve their problems.
Communities 'ought care about their own.
Communities 'ought be virtuous, Giving in hospitality and aid to the less well off, Travelers, Strangers, And Samaritans.
Generally, Being viscous and self centered is a short term and flawed methodology. That loses against empathetic, Altruistic societies.

It's not wrong to want the law obeyed, To want an orderly society.
But a lack of empathy, And refusal to heal the root of an issue, Make that difficult.

Though, I am a hypocrite. I've never liked preforming volunteer work. Still 'am an individual who likes himself 'far better than others. Plenty of talk, Theoretically of what I believe 'is a better way for society to go about it. But no action I expect.
Posted by anc2006 2 years ago
I think no. They are poor enough to live on the streets, Yet they are breaking the law. Do you know when this is solved, How much of the US's economy will go down?

And what is prison to them? Free shelter? That'd be the only correct definition.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
The homeless 'can be a problem in urban areas.
Possible solutions (Guesses from myself, As I haven't read anything about the subject really)

Having campgrounds/RV parks/Parking zones in which a person is allowed to stay up to a duration of say six months? Before being 'kicked from the city.
As that time period would have ideally allowed them time to gain employment and more permeant housing.
Social workers to monitor said locations and residents.

Community efforts toward soup kitchens.

Volunteer efforts to aid in medical needs.

Laws 'against panhandling, Loitering, Camping in public spaces.

Heavy crackdown of drugs and violence.
Possibly more manageable if homeless location organized, Also possibly more dangerous for officers.

Places made available in which laundry or showering can be done.

'Would all require 'effort by the community, Or cash.
Same in a way.
Posted by Leaning 2 years ago
I'm conflicted on this subject.
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