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Should it be legal for a person to change their gender

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Started: 10/9/2019 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance only. Below I will elaborate on the debate topic and define some terms.

As of now in the United States, It is legal in most states for a person to change their gender. In this debate my opponent and I will be debating on whether or not it should be legal to change a person"s gender. I will be arguing that it should not be legal, And my opponent will be arguing that it should be legal.

Gender; either of the two sexes (male and female).
Gender dysphoria; the state in which a person believes that they do not identify with the gender that they were assigned with at birth.

If you choose to accept this challenge, Please be willing to finish the debate.

https://transgenderlawcenter. Org/resources/id/state-by-state-overview-changing-gender-markers-on-birth-certificates


What about surgeries that can change the reproductive systems? That is still normal transgender without dysphoria.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting, And I look forward to this debate.

1. A person legally changing their gender is misleading.
Gender is determined by the 23rd pair of chromosomes (X, Y). If a person were to decide that they do not identify with their chromosomes, Their decision would be false. A person is not legally able to change their age, As a person is not legally able to change their gender. Age is defined by how many years a person has been alive, As gender is defined by your chromosomes. If a person were to say they were an age that they are not, They are lying. If a person were to say that they are a gender that they are not, They would be lying.
2. There is no reason a person should be able to change their gender.
If a person is legally able to change their gender, Does that mean they have the same permissions as the gender they claim to be? If a male who claims to be a female were to legally change their gender, Does this mean that they are able to enter a women only restroom? I would hope not, Because that is absolutely disgusting. There would be no stopping some creep from just walking into a women only restroom, And the same goes for a women who claims to be a man.
3. Schools have already begun to push these views on children.
Schools are beginning to teach children that there are more than one genders (male, Female, Transgender, Etc) out of fear. If a school were to dare teach children that there are only two genders, And that it is impossible to change your current gender, They would be slammed by the LGBT community for discrimination. Teaching children that it is possible to change their gender is teaching false information, And should not be allowed.

I thank my opponent for taking up this debate, And I look forward to seeing their arguments.

https://www. Genderspectrum. Org/explore-topics/education/
https://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/books/NBK22266/


1. Not now, But possible for the future.

you can change every of your cell and change your genetics in chromosome. That is possible to change your gender.

2. Doesn't mean it is impossible. There is no reason one should drive thru a restaurant for 1000 times a day, But Mrbeast did it.

3. You can certainly change your gender, Especially mentally.
Debate Round No. 2


This one will be a short one, As my opponent has not given me much to counter.

1. If it is not currently possible to change a person"s gender, Why should it be currently possible to legally change a person"s gender?

My opponent has stated that it is not currently possible to change one"s gender, So there is no need to further this counter argument, As they have already done that for me.

2. No, A person cannot change their gender gender.

My opponent has stated that it is possible for one to change their gender, But has not given any evidence why. This makes it incredibly hard to counter this argument, As there is no argument to counter.

I will not be responding to my opponents second argument, As I genuinely have no idea what it means. If my opponent would like me to counter it, I suggest they rewrite it.


"https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Transgender"

Don't tell me it should be illegal. There are people that did it and they are successful, And this time you hold it down is basically to make a fraction of population suffer, And you don't want that.
Debate Round No. 3


I"m just going to wrap this up. These "successful" people that my opponent talked about are not the gender they say they are, So we really shouldn"t hold whether or not they have gender dysphoria accountable to their success. The only reason these people are "suffering" is because people won"t buy into their delusions, Or put shortly; because people don"t agree with them. I would also like to note that my opponent didn"t really counter my arguments, Which is disappointing.

Conclusion: I believe I made valid arguments, And successfully countered my opponent"s arguments. I apologize for any grammar mistakes in my writing, As I rushed a bit on some parts. However, I still urge you to vote CON. Thanks to my opponent for taking up this debate.


"https://www. Quora. Com/Is-it-possible-to-biologically-switch-genders"

It is impossible for you to change "sex", And that is what you are arguing for, But the genitalia can change via surgery.

that is what defines a gender, Not sex.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Philip_McCormick 2 years ago
"2. Doesn't mean it is impossible. There is no reason one should drive thru a restaurant for 1000 times a day, But Mrbeast did it. "

Yikes, Not a good example. There should most definitely be a reason for why we enact national laws. (And on a side note Mr. Beast had very good reason to drive thru the restaurant as he was able to get 21 million views on Youtube. )
Posted by Kaiser_Wilhelm-II 2 years ago
Why would you want to be a second hand woman instead of a first hand man (or vis versa)?
Posted by NathanH12 2 years ago
transgenderism is the illusion that sticking male body parts on a woman or vice versa somehow logically makes the person the other
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Reasons for voting decision: This debate never really went anywhere because of poor definitions at the start. Sex and gender were confused. However, in round 2, Pro seemed to concede that changing "gender" is currently impossible, from which con concluded that it makes no sense for it to be legal, which pro did not refute. Therefore con wins on argument.

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